Bouncing Bear Botanicals Review – Selection of Kratom and Ethnobotanicals

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A standout among online kratom stores, Bouncing Bear Botanicals is known as the place to go for the most diverse selection of herbal remedy products on the web. In addition to the great lineup of classic kratom strains, Bouncing Bear Botanicals also offers connoisseur grade rarities that don’t show up outside of Asia very often. For this reason, they get very high marks from users and review sites alike. Excellent price deals and a strong track record of product quality reliability also earn the company kudos. Here are some of the main points that make this Kratom vendor recommendation-worthy.

A High End Specialty Kratom Selection

The most important criteria when searching for a kratom supplier is obviously selection. And it’s in this department that Bouncing Bear Botanicals really shines. While you may find some of the “greatest hits” of kratom sold in various outlets, only a specialty vendor like Bouncing Bear offers some of these highly unique strains, preparations and blends.

Browse the full product line and you’ll see what we mean. There are plenty of classic favorites, like Maeng Da, Indo, and Bali strains. But you’ll also find a rare Borneo Blend which synthesizes the best of multiple strains. There is also a highly prized mitragynine-only 10% extract, the very rare Sakae Naa Kratom substitute, and even live kratom plants for sale.

Then click over to the main ethnobotanical selection and prepare to be blown away by dozens of rare herbal remedies, seeds, and plants. Items you may have only read about in herbal journals like Yohimbe, Sacred Lotus, and Mandrake are suddenly available for easy purchase. This is an incredible resource for anyone who’s interested in exploring rare plants and herbal medicinals.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals – Part of the New Breed of U.S. Based Kratom Vendors

Not that long ago, if you wanted to order kratom you’d have to track down selles from abroad and simply hope that they would deliver the products they advertised safely and truthfully. It was not uncommon at that time to have to wait months while packages went through customs, if they got through at all, only to find that your order was incorrect, or worse yet, fraudulent. No one wants to take those chances, especially when dealing with health remedies.

Now, a handful of vendors like Bouncing Bear are based in the U.S. This is an excellent development for kratom enthusiasts, because it adds a new level of security and confidence for all purchases. Here are some of the benefits of a U.S. vendor:

  • Legality – Based in Lawrence, Kansas, this vendor is in full compliance with current U.S. laws and ships 100 percent legal products.
  • Security – An excellent privacy policy is complemented by secure credit card checkout and discrete shipments.
  • Speed – With no international customs to worry about, orders from Bouncing Bear are often shipped same day.
  • Guarantees – There’s nothing more American than a money back guarantee. This is the ultimate symbol of trust with any online vendor.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals Now Offers Bulk Pricing Deals

Of course, every vendor review begins and ends with a discussion of price. There is no way we would recommend Bouncing Bear Botanicals if it hadn’t proven to offer some of the lowest prices in the business. Product for product, gram for gram, you won’t find prices this low for such high quality kratom anywhere on the web.

Classic strains like Green Malay are retailing for only $15 for 28 grams. That comes out to just over a dollar a dose if you buy Kratom powder. But here’s the real news story – for the same high quality product, you can get 1000 grams for $300 bucks. That comes out to around 75 – 90 cents a dose. Now, not everyone wants to stock up on so much kratom at once. But this is an example of the kinds of deals one can find on this site when you purchase in larger quantities. Even buying an extra month’s worth of bulk kratom product can end up saving you around 30 percent in some cases. These cheap Kratom deals are too good not to recommend.

With an excellent and unique selection, guaranteed security and satisfaction, and crazy good deals, Bouncing Bear Botanicals is sitting at the top of our lists of great online vendors. Compare them with other vendors and see if you agree.