Captain Kratom Capsules and Product Reviews

captain kratom review

Captain Kratom is the popular name for a line of products made by the company known as Captain Amsterdam. The merchandise is famous for its very colorful, pouch-like packaging, which always features an illustrated pirate character. But is what’s inside the pouch as vibrant as the drawings on the outside? There is not a lot of reliable review information out there on their Kratom caps and other products, so let’s go over the facts of the brand and see if it’s worth your money. Otherwise, we just might ask this Captain Kratom to walk the plank.

Captain Kratom Product Types

Captain Kratom features a line of 10 kratom products. There are 3 pouches of capsules – Thai, Maeng Da, and XL Maeng Da, 3 pouches of regular powders including Vietnam strain, plus extract, resin, and a Kratom FST tincture. Excellent marketing has given the brand a decent presence online, but as you see, it actually is a very limited and small selection of goods.

The capsules, at approximately a gram per capsule, are the most popular, but aside from very general region info, we are not give a lot of detailed information about their contents. The same goes for the powdered items. No facts are offered about the leaf color or potential effects, other than general statements that the product will be “strong”, etc.

We have seen this phenomenon before. A business comes up with a clever marketing hook or packaging, in this case the pirate, and puts most of their resources toward building brand recognition, as opposed to developing product quality. It is an unfortunate side effect of the recent boom in kratom popularity. There is much money to be made by savvy entrepreneurs, sometimes at the expense of quality product. The consumer does not benefit from flashy labeling – what the consumer needs is clear, factual, honest, and helpful information about the products. Nothing else should be reason enough for a buyer to spend money on a product.


Captain Amsterdam seems to have two price levels for their products. The Thai powders are retailing for $15.99 for 15 grams, while the more intense Maeng Da powders are going for a much higher $27.99 for the same 15 grams.

How do these prices compare to top online kratom vendors? We shopped around over at Arena Ethnobotanicals and found Red Thai powder for $13.99/ounce. That’s about twice as much product as you get at Captain Kratom, for 2 dollars less. Why is the Captain’s product so expensive? All of those colorful packages must cost a lot to produce. Most kratom users don’t care about packaging – all they want is reliable, quality product at a price that won’t break the bank.

For this reason, shopping at a site like Arena Ethnobotanicals is clearly the better price choice.

User Reviews for Captain Kratom

captain kratom capsulesThere are a few candid user reviews of Captain Kratom that can be found on YouTube. One of the great features of the kratom community worldwide is that users do freely share their opinions of products and vendors, and they don’t hold back. You can generally get an honest, constructive opinion from the people who are actually using kratom in their own lives.

Those who have tried the Captain’s products described them as authentic, but not very strong. One user described having to take twice the recommend dose of capsules to feel any effects at all. Of course, this lowers the cost-effectiveness of the products by half.

Some report that they purchased the colorful products strictly because the packaging stood out when viewed on a web page. Well, when you buy a product for surface looks alone and don’t inquire about quality, some disappointments are to be expected.

The Maeng Da capsules were given higher marks for strength, though the “XL” size was noted to be too strong, and an awkward-sized dose for most people.

Final Grade

Captain Kratom looks good “on the shelf” – it has a fun and carefree vibe which many kratom users can appreciate. But when you take a closer look, this product is all flash and no substance. The web selection is one of the most limited we’ve seen, with only 3 powders to choose from. Captain Kratom prices are nearly double that of authentic kratom bought from vendors who don’t spend time and resources on drawing cartoon characters, but instead prioritize delivering the highest quality product that exists to their customers, at fair prices. While there are occasionally decent discounts and coupon codes offered, the prices still cannot compare with other Kratom vendors online Save the cartoons for the kids – instead, spend your money on quality herbal remedies that you can trust.

Final grade: C