Kratom Forest Store and Product Reviews

kratom forest

Kratom Forest is a minimalist vendor website devoted to selling kratom without a lot of frills. Unfortunately, we need at least some of those “frills” – like thorough product descriptions and good deals on products. Without these, it’s very hard to gauge if what is being sold here is worth the higher prices that are being charged. Many kratom sites have come up recently which have gotten on the bandwagon of this popular herbal remedy, but haven’t necessarily done the legwork to adequately represent their products. Let’s scan the inventory of this Kratom Forest and see if there are any good values for consumers.

Products Offered at Kratom Forest

Visitors to the Kratom Forest homepage will be treated to a vast collection of photos of the kratom powders they sell. Lined up in nearly identical looking plates, the products represent some strains and regions we know well, like Borneo, Bali, and Thailand. There are also a large number of products with names that are not widely known, like “KX,” “ZK,” “Majestic,” and so on. When clicking through to find out more information about these mystery products, we are given only a brief marketing phrase boasting platitudes like “Wow!” or “Best ever!” That’s all well and good if it’s true, but no serious kratom connoisseur would ever buy a product so poorly described. We have no idea what these powders which make up the bulk of Kratom Forest inventory are, or what to compare them to.

Instantly, we are forced to ask these basic questions:

  • Are these mystery products safe?
  • How do I know what dose to take if I don’t know any info at all about the strain?
  • How can I tell if it’s worth the money?

Given the expense and time involved in having any Kratom product shipped over the internet, is it really worth risking getting a product that either doesn’t do what we want it to do or doesn’t work at all? Obviously not. Compare the Forest’s vague descriptions with a proper kratom vendor like Bouncing Bear Botanicals’ clear and comprehensive product listings. The difference is very obvious, which is why we absolutely trust a site like Bouncing Bear but are rightly suspicious of Kratom Forest.


Kratom Forest offers most of its products in very large bulk quantities, like quarter and half kilograms, with many products over the $100-200 line. Some are going for as high as $380 for a kilogram. This could actually be a good deal, again, if we knew more about what the product was composed of. As is, it’s just a guessing game.

This site does have some familiar product strains in very small quantities for reasonable prices. But what are we to make of a kratom simply labeled “house” at $10/ounce? Maybe it’s a deal, maybe it isn’t. The description only notes that it is “nice.” To truly analyze pricing, it would be nice if this vendor would treat its customers like adults and tell them what is in the products they are selling. The lack of detail on basic sites like this certainly contributes to kratom not being taken seriously in the mainstream media or medical community. Kratom is safe and effective, so why hide the product info? Unfortunately, the only conclusion for a smart shopper is – this brand has something to hide.

User Reviews for Kratom Forest

What are the users saying about Kratom Forest? On each and every listing on their website, there is an area for user comments and user star ratings. This would actually be a very useful bit of information, given the scarcity of info provided by the vendor.

Well, guess what – these review sections are blank. All of them – across the whole site. Not a single product has been rated or given any stars. This leads us to believe that either not a single user was motivated to give their opinion (which would be frankly shocking in this day and age) – or this site was only recently and hastily thrown together, and is not meant to be a part of the true kratom community. With exactly zero reviews to go on, we cannot grasp what consumer reaction is to this product, and it would therefore be impossible to recommend it.

Final Grade

While Kratom Forest does seem to sell legitimate products of some kind, we have absolutely no idea what a lot of those products are, including where it was grown, strength, and value. There is also limited selection in terms of Kratom capsules, extracts, resins or tinctures. We are supposed to just trust the seller that the products are “nice” without any real information to back it up. This is unacceptable, especially in the community of legitimate herbal supplements and remedies. As is, purchasing from this site seems like it would be a huge risk – both health-wise and financially.

Final grade: D+

Kratom XL Reviews and Product Effects

kratom xl

Several stores online stock versions of products carrying the Kratom XL name. It is unclear if this is indeed a trademarked brand, or simply a descriptive term that is being used haphazardly by a variety of sources to describe all different kinds of products. For this reason alone, every buyer should use caution when trying these types of flashy hyped brands like Kratom XL capsules or powders. Never forget that true kratom is simply a humble leaf that has been growing in Southeast Asian forests for thousands or even millions of years. It is not made in a factory, and thus brand names should always carry very little weight – they are usually just a marketing scheme and not an indicator of quality.

Kratom XL Effects

When researching this review, we were very surprised to find the main producer and vendor of Kratom XL to be marketing it as a supplement for muscle-building gym workouts! This is definitely a new twist on the marketing of this ancient herbal remedy, which existed millennia before the first dumbbell was ever lifted.

Does kratom have health benefits that fit the lifestyle of someone who works out at the gym? Yes, definitely. The more energizing strains can boost both motivation and muscle response, encouraging you to go for it, on the track or in the gym. More relaxing strains can have the reverse effect, helping you calm down after a day of intense physical activity.

Unfortunately, the products marketed on this website appear to be of unknown quality. Zero information is given on where or how the products were cultivated. There appears to be almost no specific knowledge about the real history, chemistry, culture, and use of kratom. There are no other products offered, and the few Kratom XL versions that are for sale are all re-branded with very generic labeling.

Overall, the presentation is very suspicious, and does not represent the kind of informed medicinal use that true kratom fans all of the world participate in. This is clearly a cash grab moneymaker site thrown together by business people who don’t know very much about what they’re selling – they simply were able to come up with a marketing hook, and hoped that some people would be too uninformed to ask questions first.

Kratom XL only comes in capsule form. The standard price seems to be around $30 for 20 capsules. This is roughly double what you would pay for a comparably sized bottle of capsules from a well-known and established vendor, like these Red Bali Capsules from Arena Ethnobotanicals

The wild overpricing of XL Kratom products seems to go hand in hand with the rest of their website and concept – squeezing as much profit as possible from newer users who don’t yet know they have better options. This is really too bad, because price gouging like this will unfortunately turn off a lot of people who would really benefit from kratom but don’t want to pay high prices to website that doesn’t feel completely authentic.

User Reviews

A funny thing happens on user-driven kratom message boards whenever someone new offers a review of Kratom XL. More experienced users are generally hip to newfangled marketing schemes and can tell the difference right away between authentic product sold straight from the source, and bad rebranded products from unsure sources. In general, the reviews of this product are quickly dismissed, before discussion returns back to reviews of true kratom powders and extracts. This is not exactly snobbery – it’s more a case of experienced kratom enthusiasts trying to keep the discussion serious and informative, for the betterment of the total global community.

That being said, does Kratom XL work? The results seem to be hit or miss. As it is unclear where the products were grown or what exact strain they are, users are left to guess at dosage and how to set other conditions for a kratom session. Some report generally good effects from some Xl products, but not from others. Without being able to calculate precise dosages, effects are all over the map. One thing is for sure – not one user review mentioned using the product as the website suggests, as a workout enhancer.

Final Grade

Kratom XL doesn’t present itself in a serious way that is respectful to either the history or modern community focused around kratom. With very high prices and a bizarre main website, there is no way to recommend using or even trying this product. Your money would be far better spent by patronizing a well-known and proven vendor for the classic range of true kratom products, straight for the jungles of Asia.

Final grade: C-

Review: Is Lucky Kratom a High Quality Product?

lucky kratom review

Lucky Kratom is the private brand name for a line of kratom-based products, as well as the website which sells them. Branded kratom is a relatively recent phenomenon. The herbal remedy from Southeast Asia has primarily only been available in a more raw form directly from growers and traditional farmers. Lucky Kratom offers liquids, capsules and other formulations of some of the best-selling strains of Mitragyna Speciosa. Are products which receive additional processing, labeling, and the like here in the U.S. as pure and trustworthy? Unfortunately, it seems like this site makes consumers pay through the nose for the privilege. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this commercial supplier of “candy” versions of a classic plant-based health supplement.

Update: We have recently become aware of reporting that the owner of Lucky Kratom, Lincoln Park resident Michael Pilney, was recently arrested for solicitation of murder charges. According to, “Michael Pilney, allegedly offered undercover DEA agents seven pounds of cocaine to kill [his business rival]… Pilney was charged in DuPage County and is currently free after posting an $800,000 bond. Pilney distributes Lucky Kratom, and police sources said they found illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy in a home he was using to store drugs in suburban Lincolnwood this past June.” Given this development, we recommend that you avoid this vendor and do not place any orders with Lucky Kratom for the forseeable future.


The old fashioned styling of the labels on Lucky Kratom products makes them easy to identify on the shelf of a head shop or on a web page. This company has branded a few dozen products with their logo, but the branding doesn’t stop there – apparently they process, extract, refine, and re-package all products after they’ve been exported from Asia. Not a lot of information is given as to procedures and goals of these processes, so we are a bit in the dark as to whether quality standards are maintained.

Lucky Kratom’s selection is divided between a range of liquid extracts, jumbo sized capsules, and traditional powders.

Buyer beware: Most of the packaged capsules on this site come in very tiny quantities. For example, the Maeng Da Full Spectrum product only has 2 capsules in the package, and the mysteriously named “Full Spectrum Alkaloid Capsules” only has three. That can’t be more than a dose or two at the most, with prices in the $16-26 dollar range. The image of the package looks very large, so we wouldn’t blame any buyer who just clicked on it and expected a traditional jar full of capsules, only to be terribly disappointed when the tiny dose arrived.

Lucky Kratom Pricing

Price conscious consumers are warned to stay very far away from Lucky Kratom liquids and capusles if getting a good deal is important to them. Frankly, we were shocked by the high prices this site charges for just regular, traditionally prepared kratom powder. Check out the difference between this site and its nearest competitors:

Lucky Kratom: 25 grams of red vein Borneo kratom for $27.50.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals: 25 grams of Red Borneo
kratom for $10.00.

Lucky is charging nearly three times the price for the same product! You’ll find this type of extreme pricing throughout the Lucky website, on products that carry their brand name as well as on the basics. There is no reason to ever pay prices like these, especially from a site that is based in the U.S. and has substantially lower import costs.

Unfortunately, it looks like Lucky is leveraging its social media presence to promote paying more than customers have to. If someone who is brand new to kratom sees an ad on Facebook, they may not know that there are many, many better options out there. It just takes a tiny bit of research, though, to uncover the truth.

User Reviews For Lucky Kratom

Lucky Kratom has built a brand and respectable presence on Facebook and other social media. By most accounts, they practice fair business procedures, and will not scam consumers out of money. But this should not be an extreme claim – we expect that all kratom vendors conduct business professionally and respectfully. What do users say about product quality?

The ratings are in: The Lucky brand kratom products do not get very high reviews for effects and potency. This is possibly in large part to the exaggerated claims on products like 30x strength extracts or 1 ounce tinctures which claim to be as strong as 36 grams of Maeng Da. While these extracts no doubt are potent, true extractions are simply not possible above about 20x, and any more than that is just marketing and hype. So, is it any wonder that consumers feel let down by Lucky Kratom products?

As far as Lucky Kratom’s signature products like the Lucky Lotus pink lotus flower extract, zero information is given as to contents, and many user reviews note that this makes them afraid to try the product. With good reason – when was the last time you took medicine without knowing what was in the bottle?

Most significantly, kratom fans do not like Lucky’s prices. With so many choices online, there’s no reason to pay the exorbitantly high prices on this site.

Final Grade

While we give Lucky Kratom points for investing in a good-looking marketing plan, with clever matching labels, we cannot recommend their product line. Heavily inflated claims of efficacy and strength on extracts and liquids are a bad sign. The traditional kratom powders that are offered seem like they are of decent quality, but for some reason they are priced as high as triple their competitor’s prices for the same strains. Perhaps all of the marketing and label design was expensive, and that cost is now being passed on to consumers. True kratom fans are wise to the flash and dazzle approach and would prefer very pure, raw kratom leaf and powder straight from the source, with no intervening processing once the material is imported.

Final grade: C

Krypton Kratom Review – DO NOT purchase these Pills

krypton kratom review

Buyers should be on a severe safety alert for any products marked as Krypton Kratom. While on the surface this product seems like it just might be one of the new branded kratom extract labels that importers are slapping on head shop products, the truth is far worse. Thanks to user reports and much sleuthing, it has been revealed that this product is not what it claims to be, and is in fact, quite dangerous. Read on to find out why Krypton Kratpm pills are indeed a huge health hazard and should be avoided.

Krypton Kratom – Dangerous Ingredients?

It has been uncovered that the Krypton Kratom drug is not a traditional kratom powder or extract and may in fact be dangerous to use. In fact, it is a blend of caffeine and O-desmethyltramadol, a synthetic opioid. This is a shocking bit of information. Real kratom is made from the unrefined leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree of Southeast Asia. The leaves are dried, crushed, and then ground into a fine powder, which is consumed orally. Used safely for thousands of years, this herbal remedy is known for many health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and cutting stress.

Well, disingenuous marketers have tried to pull a fast one on the public by using the kratom name on a product that is not kratom. This blend of synthetic opiates is extremely strong and some say extremely toxic. In fact, taking just .5 grams of Krypton is said to be the equivalent of 60 grams of morphine. This is an extremely dangerous dose and could lead to severe health problems.

O-desmethyltramadol is a tramadol analogue that binds with mu-opioid receptors at 200 times the strength of tramadol. This is an instantly, dangerously addictive substance.

An Extreme Danger for Current Opiate Addicts

One of Kratom’s many uses is as a helper supplement which aids in the quitting of opiate addiction by cutting down significantly on withdrawal symptoms and placating damaged cell receptors. It is very unfortunate to report that anyone who takes Krypton Kratom 50x extract for this purpose, for example to ease off of a methadone addiction, will be seriously exacerbating their problem and creating a very harmful, far more addictive cycle.
For this reason alone, we find the false marketing of this fake kratom product to be very irresponsible.

Legal Repercussions

What happens when the market is flooded with these impure, dangerous, fake kratom products? The legality of kratom is put into jeopardy. Lawmakers will find it even easier to group kratom leaf with dangerous “legal highs,” and ban it. Of course, we all know that Mitragyna Speciosa is not dangerous, addictive, refined, or cut with chemicals. That’s why it’s very important not to support bogus and harmful products like Krypton pills.

A Healthy Alternative to Buying Krypton Kratom

If you are looking for a concentrated kratom experience, stick to safe, all-natural products like extract powders and tinctures. You’ll find that these ultra-powerful formulations will give you the intensified effects you’re looking for, without the terrible dangers of synthetic opioids and chemically cut products.

This 15x Extract is highly rated and completely natural. A true extract is made by boiling down raw leaves directly from a kratom tree into a dense resin. The hard substance is then ground into a very fine powder, which we call extract. Extracts are rated according to strength and the amount of plant matter used to create them. So, in this example, at least 15 times the amount of kratom leaves were used to create each gram of extract. That’s extremely potent material, more than enough to dramatically intensify effects for almost all kratom users. There is no reason to experiment with dangerous synthetics when excellent natural products like these are available.

Krypton Kratom Final Grade

It can’t be stressed highly enough – Krypton Kratom is not real kratom, and should be avoided. It is unclear if the manufacturers are knowingly trying to jump on the coattails of recent kratom popularity when they falsely name their products like this. It is not our place to determine if their products should be legal, however, it is unfair and dangerous to give consumers a harsh synthetic under the name of kratom. If you are looking for kratom, do not ever buy Krypton legal high pills. This is especially true is you are currently battling any form of opiate addiction. Real kratom can offer you a way out – but please don’t get suckered by fake and dangerous products like Krypton Kratom opiates.

Final rating: F

Kratomite Review – Do Kratomite Shots and E-Cigs Work?


You may have seen the obnoxiously bright ads and in-store displays, but as this Kratomite review will suggest, avoid this questionable product at all costs. Anyone who knows the long history and traditions of the famous Mitragyna Speciosa tree from Southeast Asia can appreciate the incredible cultural and medicinal benefits of kratom leaves. However, due to the recent upswing in worldwide popularity of the remedy, some clever companies including Kratomite have tried to get on the bandwagon by marketing kratom products as some kind of party drug.

Kratomite is the perfect example of this strategy with both their Kratom shots and e-cigarette offerings. You can see it in their advertising and website design, as well as in the faux-psychedelic packaging of their products. Any true kratom enthusiast should run in the other direction when they see these things. Real kratom, from the source, is a complex, natural, ethnobotanical remedy that deserves the respect of its users – and its vendors. Here’s a quick breakdown of why you should never waste your time and money buying products like Kratomite.

What’s Inside? Contents of The Shot

Herein lies the central mystery and biggest complaint of this Kratomite review – we have no idea what exactly is in the shot. The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to produce an eye-catching, swirling and colorful label. However, they have chosen not to give very specific information anywhere on their website as to what type of kratom is used in the shot and in what amount. This seems like an important omission for a health supplement. Instead, the label promotes the “party” content of the shot – a childish marketing hook that denies true kratom lovers the ability to judge if the contents are safe and in what dose they should be taken. For this reason, any users are instructed to proceed at their own risk.


Here we have the next sub-par aspect of Kratomite – the taste. Users have widely reported that this concoction has a famously foul flavor. Most say it is quite difficult to get down fully without gagging. Now, kratom is known for the bitterness and strength of its taste. However, we suspect that Kratomite’s nasty taste is a result of chemical additive and artificial flavors. Natural kratom powder may be a strong and acquired taste, but it is never toxic and chemically processed. You must listen to your body when it tells you that a commercial product you are consuming is foul.

Kratomite Review – User Effects

What about the effects? Most Kratomite reviews rank the product as producing very weak effects. There is mild relaxation and mild stimulation at best, but no user has described it as strong or potent.

So, here is a summary of user’s opinions on this product:

  • Unknown ingredients.
  • Chemical additives.
  • Terrible taste.
  • Weak effects.

That’s a terrible report card for any product.

Kratomite Review – Final Recommendation

Taking kratom as a shot or beverage is a very fun way to experience the plant’s amazing benefits. Taking an herbal supplement doesn’t have to be a chore. But one should always know exactly what ingredients are contained in medicinal products they consume – that’s just good common sense. Here’s how to make your own delicious kratom liquid shot:

  • Add 3 grams of powdered kratom to a third of a glass of warm (not boiling) water. Stir it up gently.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir.
  • Now add a little more warm water and keep stirring.
  • Add a generous splash of your favorite soft drink – orange or grape soda work very well, but you can experiment with colas or ginger ale too.
  • Drink quickly, like a shot.

This super delicious quick drink will be just as potent as any other method of consumption. Most importantly, you get to choose what strain of kratom you like, what dosage is appropriate for you, and what mixer suits your palette. There will be no surprises – just a delicious and fun drink!

As this Kratomite review has pointed out, no one who is really interested in exploring the comprehensive body and mind benefits of kratom should waste their time on slickly-packaged products like these. The classification of kratom as a party drug is insulting to the millions of users worldwide who employ it as part of a thoughtful therapy for total wellness. Products like Kratomite also contribute to a misperception in the media and among lawmakers which could threaten all of our civil liberties. It is always better to patronize respected, trustworthy kratom vendors who sell the real thing.

Kratom Infusion Review – Tea Bags On The Go

kratom infusion review

Kratom Infusion places a full line of standard kratom products in the background behind its most hyped offering – pre-made kratom tea bags. This product is a unique twist in the marketing of this much sought-after ethnobotanical. We all know that brewing a hot mug of kratom tea is one of the most celebrated ways to ingest Mitragyna Speciosa. The beverage is actually quite simple to make on your own. So is this pre-packaged variation worth the price? In this Kratom Infusion review, let’s see what’s in the box and hear what people are saying about the latest spin on an ancient herbal remedy.

Infusion’s Star Product – Kratom Tea Bags

Traditionally, kratom tea is made by simply boiling leaves or powder in a kettle, then simmering for about 15 minutes. Then the liquid is poured through a strainer into a mug and is ready to drink.

The technique is the same if you are using a tea bag. Kratom Infusion is designed to be placed in a pot of water, brought to a boil, and then simmered on lower heat for about 15-20 minutes. The main advantage of this method is not having to strain it. After the time is up, you simply remove and discard the tea bag. This does lead to less work and less mess for the average tea drinker.

What’s inside a bag of Kratom Infusion tea? This product is said to contain a blend of three different strains of kratom – Red Thai, Indo, and Maeng Da. No doubt, this blend will produce a potent effect, but here we see a significant limitation of the product. Most of us have very particular likes and dislikes as far as kratom strains go. We also have different needs based on time of day, our emotional state, and what activities we’d like to do after taking kratom. When you are making your own tea, you can modify the ingredients to your precise needs every time, every cup. With Kratom Infusion, you are 100 percent locked in to their very specific blend, every time you want to drink the tea. So unfortunately, the gains in convenience are cancelled out by the losses in choice.

  • More convenience.
  • Less choice.

Kratom Infusion Review of Pricing

Does the price point of these tea bags help or hinder their desirability? A box of 25 Kratom Infusion tea bags retails for $29.99 plus tax and shipping. Each tea bag contains 2 grams of standard kratom powder. For most people, it will take 2 or more tea bags to brew a single cup. This is even pointed out on the website. So the total price comes out to around $3 per dose.

How much would it cost to make the same amount of tea on your own? Let’s check in with one of the top online kratom vendors, Arena Ethnobotanicals. On this site, we see Red Bali, a famously relaxing strain that is highly recommended for use in soothing cups of tea, selling for $12.99 for an ounce, which would produce 7-10 doses. That comes out to less than $1.50 per dose.

So, if you’re willing to hold a strainer over your mug as you pour the hot tea in, you can save half of your money when you buy loose powder! Our Kratom Infusion review suggests this not so much as an insider tip, but simply as common sense.

Users’ Kratom Infusion Review

Does the average user’s Kratom Infusion review paint a picture of a product that works? The reviews that have been posted confirm that this is a quality product. It delivers classic kratom effects as advertised. The only problem that users have pointed out is that the effects are not very focused in one direction or another. They are neither extremely energizing, nor extremely relaxing. It is a pleasant combination of the two which never really takes off either way.

The other problematic issue for some users is dosage when using tea bags. For more experienced users who want to take 6 or more grams in a single session, individual tea bags become quite cumbersome, and even less cost effective. Try squeezing 3-4 tea bags in a single mug and there will be no room for liquid. And they are hard to work with if using a conventional tea kettle.

Final Grade

Most Kratom Infusion reviews find the idea behind pre-made tea bags to be a good one. We like anything that cuts down on mess and trouble. However, there are several impracticalities connected to pre-made tea bags which make this product difficult to recommend. Users are locked in to one tri-blend, which produces somewhat unfocused effects. Dose per dose, this product is twice as much money as loose powder, which has been easily brewed into easy Kratom tea recipes with a simple procedure for hundreds of years. The company is reputable, with good intentions and real kratom, but unfortunately these tea bags just don’t make sense for most users, who would be better off buying the loose powder of their choice, as described above.

Final grade: B

Enjoy Kratom Shots & Drinks – Reviews and Recipes

kratom shots

Kratom shots and drinks are a popular new way to take one of the world’s most widely used herbal supplements. For countless generations, local cultures in Southeast Asia simply tucked the raw leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree inside their lips and chewed them throughout the day. In the modern world, kratom connoisseurs have devised ever more creative – and tasty – methods for ingesting the plant-based medicinal. Famous for its strong and sometimes bitter taste, it’s easy to guess what drives this kratom innovation. Building upon the dreaded “toss and wash” method of simply swallowing dry powder, followed by a drink, the kratom shot elevates the experience to new heights of culinary pleasure and fun. But is it as effective? Read on to find out.

Commercial Kratom Shots & Drinks – Review

If you’ve visited a head shop recently or browsed some of the newer online vendors, you may have seen some pre-packaged kratom shots & drinks for sale. These often come in tiny bottles with very colorful labels and comical names. Are these products safe and effective? Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a grab bag. With sketchy labeling and very few product details offered, it’s hard for the average kratom user to know what to expect. Here are two recent products that have been making the rounds:

Mr. Smiley. This cutely packaged 2 ounce bottle has a rave-themed graphic and purports to contain 6 grams of strawberry-flavored red vein kratom. It also lists some chemical sweeteners and artificial flavorings. We are not told where the kratom was grown, so we have little to compare it to. Users report some light relaxing effects, but one very unwanted side effect – a stomach ache. Those syrupy fake fruit flavors can be a tad nauseating.

Aura Blue Raspberry Drink. This sport bottle-sized 8 ounce kratom drink has a thick blue consistency and a hyper-sweet raspberry taste. We are not sure what type of kratom was used or in what quantities. Users report good stress relief and light pain relief when consuming half a bottle. Most also say that the thought of finishing an entire bottle of this syrup-like substance would be too intense.

There are several other companies in this market such as the Kratomite shots which are becoming more widely available. Overall, it’s hard to recommend buying these products when we are not told what’s inside. It is a far most attractive option to buy your own high quality kratom powder and whip up your own drinks and shots. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what to expect. Why would you ever take a medicinal supplement not knowing what was inside? A cute label just isn’t going to cut it.

Make Your Own Kratom Shot – Recipe

Skip the potential additives and mislabeling of commercial kratom shots & drinks by making your own. This is an incredibly fun way to prepare kratom recipes. It’s very easy and can be infinitely modified with creative ingredients. Kratom shooters are especially fun if you are taking the remedy with a friend. Here’s the recipe:


2-4 grams of the kratom powder of your choice. (White Borneo or White Sumatra Kratom makes for an excellent “pick-me-up” drink.)
1-2 tablespoons honey.
Any soda – like a cola or fruit-flavored pop.
Warm water.

  1. Fill a standard size shot glass half full with warm water.
  2. Add in the kratom with a spoon and stir very gently so as not to spill. Don’t worry if it doesn’t dissolve fully.
  3. Stir in the honey. This will bond with powder and make it very easy to swallow.
  4. Now fill the shot glass to the brim with more water and stir lightly.
  5. Prepare a second shot glass full of your flavored soda.

One after the other, first take the full shot glass of kratom liquid, then be ready to very swiftly take the full shot of soda directly afterwards. The total effect will be effervescent and sweet! You won’t taste any bitterness, and the mixture should be quite easy to swallow.

Other Kratom Shots & Drinks


Regular juice is perhaps the most common mixer for homemade kratom drinks. As the favorite chaser for a “toss and wash” method of ingesting, orange juice is the go-to beverage for many kratom fans. Mixing the powder right into the juice has both benefits and drawbacks. OJ and grapefruit juice are thought to be potentiators for kratom – meaning they inhibit the body’s ability to metabolize the plant, thereby increasing the intensity and duration of effects. The experience of drinking this mix can be challenging, as most user report that clumping of the powder makes drinking a full glass a chore. You can also use a Kratom tincture to make the mixing process a lot easier.

Pro Tip: Throw kratom powder into a blender with fresh juice and dash of sweetener like honey or agave for a very drinkable, delicious juice with no clumps.


Kratom tea is a well-known way to enjoy the effects of kratom in an easy to drink format. On cooler days or in the morning, a warm cup of kratom tea will start comforting you with the first sip!

To brew: Add 1.5 times to double the dose of kratom powder you would normally take to a kettle with a little over one cup of water. Stir gently, bringing the mix to a soft boil. Then, turn down the heat and let simmer for about 15 minutes. Pour the liquid trough a strainer into a mug, add a spoonful of raw sugar or honey, and enjoy instantly.

Re-imagining your herbal remedy as the star ingredient of all-new kratom shots & drinks is a clever way to experience kratom’s world famous benefits for body and mind. There is no wrong way to make your own kratom beverages – the bottom line is, no matter how you ingest the leaves and powder, you are on your way to a deeply soothing, yet naturally energizing experience. Get creative and try blending kratom with whatever you’ve got in the fridge – then post your results for all of the other amateur kratom bartenders online.

The Kratom King Review, Prices & Coupon Codes

kratom king review

Check out what users have to say about a well-traveled online vendor in this Kratom King Review. This fairly simple, no frills web vendor deals exclusively with kratom and no other herbal remedies. Has this focus on getting back to basics created a wealth of good deals, or do the choices seem limited? Is the product authentic and trustworthy? Read on to find out if this King is worthy of the crown, or if it is just another fly-by-night seller cashing in on the kratom craze.

Selection of Products at Kratom King

As you browse the somewhat sparsely designed pages of the Kratom King site, you’ll find a pair of simple sections devoted to Bali/Indo and Thai/Malay strains, plus extra pages for extracts and blends. We’ve seen a few ethnobotanical sites online recently that offer outstanding selections not just of kratom but of a broad variety of popular and rare herbal remedies. Arena Ethnobotanicals and Bouncing Bear Botanicals are excellent examples of this. So, you can understand why the selection on Kratom King is immediately underwhelming. Most Kratom King reviews reflect this.

The site is kind enough to provide a very helpful stock report, which lets visitors to the site know if the product they want is currently ready for purchase. Often at kratom vendors, very popular items sell out and may take much time to replenish, as stock must travel from overseas. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, only 7 kratom powders were actually available. This does not constitute a very large selection.

There is also a small selection of capsules in some interesting strains. Bali, Maeng Da, Thai, and the mysterious “Gold Reserve” extract are sold in amounts ranging from 50 grams to around 250.

Product descriptions are comprehensive and intelligent, which is always appreciated, and photographs of the actual products are helpful for the consumer to know what they’re getting in advance.

Kratom King Review of Prices

For the items that they do carry, Kratom King does offer some good price deals. They have a couple of strains which sell for less than $10/ounce. Perhaps the site got a deal on these items, as the more popular Maeng Da strain retails here for at least $22 an ounce, which is a very average price and nothing unique among many vendors. At certain points in the year, you can also find Kratom King coupon codes and promotional discounts offered by this vendor. For example, you can get 5% off just by liking them on Facebook.

Capsules are also sold at prices which are comparable to most major sites. The Gold Reserve capsules are somewhat pricey. This is an extract that gets talked about online from time to time, but it is not clear what strain it is actually made from. At $75 for 20 pills, it’s hard to tell if consumers are getting a deal without more information about the product. Unfortunately, none is supplied.

This supplier does offer three blends at very low prices. The prices are so low, in fact, that this Kratom King review wonders if these blends are perhaps the unused leftovers from larger parcels of kratom that didn’t sell in another form. It seems like a bit of a risk to invest even a small amount of money in a hodgepodge of leftovers, so proceed with caution on this one.

User Kratom King Review

Just about every Kratom King review online praises the site for authenticity and trustworthiness. There are no accounts of any business improprieties, and they seem to deliver products as described.

However, many users complain about the very limited selection on this site. This element seems to be the main drawback for Kratom King, which is preventing it from being lauded as a favorite site. With so many options to choose from, limited or not very interesting product selections can be the difference between okay reviews and stellar reviews. We have yet to find any kratom fans championing this site as one of the best.

Kratom King Final Grade

There is not a lot to complain about in this Kratom King review. The site is fair and trustworthy, offering reasonable deals. Unfortunately, the limited selection is a major drawback which can’t be ignored. All of the good intentions in the world can’t overcome a modern consumer’s need for adequate choices. Check out one of the comprehensive ethnobotanical sites listed above the next time you’re browsing for kratom for sale or any number of other natural herbal remedies. Don’t ever sacrifice selection when it comes to your health.

Final grade: B+

Kratom Cats Reviews from Former Customers

kratom cats review

Kratom Cats bills itself as a seller of kratom incense. It is very unlikely that the vendor actually expects anyone to use the plant-based herbal remedy in this way. As far as we know, the medicinal benefits of kratom cannot be experienced simply through scent as an aromatherapy or incense. You must ingest the leaves in order for them to boost wellness and elevate mood. However, some vendors and head shops, nervous about issues of legality, will present kratom as an incense to evade any conflict with law enforcement.

This marketing strategy by Kratom Cats is not really that disingenuous, but it does indicate a certain lack of confidence in the product and its authentic role in the culture. It is unclear why these Cats feel they need to hide or apologize for their products. Kratom is safe, broadly beneficial to people, and has been used harmlessly for hundreds or even thousands of years. But let’s take a look at what products are on offer at this site.

Product Selection Review

Kratom Cats’ product line is divided into basic sections based on region, with products from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Within each category, they offer Super, Deveined, and Enhanced harvested products, though only a couple from Thailand are organized via leaf color. For experienced kratom fans, color is the only reliable way to predict if the product will be more energizing (white), more relaxing (red), or a hybrid of the two (green).

The option of De-veined products (also known as Premium) is definitely appreciated. Believe it or not, these are technical, industry-wide terms that let us know exactly how the product was prepared. We don’t always see this indicated on kratom vendor sites. Unfortunately, one wishes it would be accompanied by leaf color and effect information.

For an example of a more balanced and interesting product selection, check out the inventory at Bouncing Bear Botanicals. This comprehensive ethnobotanical vendor offers a great selection of both the classic kratom strains, as well as many unique herbal remedies you just can’t get anywhere else. You really get the sense when you look at selections like these that you are dealing with vendors who have a broad knowledge of the entire alternative herbal medicinal universe. This is an exciting new community to be a part of. Unfortunately, Kratom Cats does not give off this impression at all. Instead, we are offered a ho-hum selection and not a lot of enthusiasm or wisdom to share.

Kratom Cats Pricing

Quantities: The products on this site tend to only be offered in larger quantities and sometimes even wholesale amounts. Decent pricing is available at the bulk levels, but we miss being able to try every single item at the “entry level” size, especially as not quite enough detail is given on strain. This can also make it harder to build out a diverse collection of Kratom leaves and can make it more likely that you will experience tolerance or Same Strain Syndrome.

Those De-veined products mentioned earlier do come with a higher price tag – as much as 15-20 percent higher than the traditionally prepared powder. Some extract-infused “enhanced powders” also get a significant price hike at up to 40 percent higher than unenhanced. These are not outrageous leaps relative to other vendors, but for that price every user wants to be assured they’re getting truly high end product which serves the specific needs they’re looking for. You can occasionally find Kratom Cats coupon codes available online, so make sure to look for these when buying.

Kratom Cats User Reviews

Users online have praised Kratom Cats for excellent shipping, customer service, and in most cases, product quality. They are an honest, reputable seller who delivers what they advertise according to customers.

We are hearing comments though that place this site firmly in the middle ground of the vast number of kratom vendors. Nothing too serious to complain about, but nothing exceptional about the site is mentioned either. That kind of middling reaction probably isn’t going to cut it, given the competitiveness of the field.

Final Grade

Overall, Kratom Cats has not provided a selection, prices, or product descriptions that really dazzle the user. Considering how popular buying kratom online has become in recent years, consumers are justified in expecting enthusiastic sites with diverse selections, as well as great prices. Perhaps this site’s decision to refer to their products as “incense” does tell us something after all. One always wants remedies that have been prepared and sold with confidence, deserving of our trust and excitement.

Final grade: B-

Captain Kratom Capsules and Product Reviews

captain kratom review

Captain Kratom is the popular name for a line of products made by the company known as Captain Amsterdam. The merchandise is famous for its very colorful, pouch-like packaging, which always features an illustrated pirate character. But is what’s inside the pouch as vibrant as the drawings on the outside? There is not a lot of reliable review information out there on their Kratom caps and other products, so let’s go over the facts of the brand and see if it’s worth your money. Otherwise, we just might ask this Captain Kratom to walk the plank.

Captain Kratom Product Types

Captain Kratom features a line of 10 kratom products. There are 3 pouches of capsules – Thai, Maeng Da, and XL Maeng Da, 3 pouches of regular powders including Vietnam strain, plus extract, resin, and a Kratom FST tincture. Excellent marketing has given the brand a decent presence online, but as you see, it actually is a very limited and small selection of goods.

The capsules, at approximately a gram per capsule, are the most popular, but aside from very general region info, we are not give a lot of detailed information about their contents. The same goes for the powdered items. No facts are offered about the leaf color or potential effects, other than general statements that the product will be “strong”, etc.

We have seen this phenomenon before. A business comes up with a clever marketing hook or packaging, in this case the pirate, and puts most of their resources toward building brand recognition, as opposed to developing product quality. It is an unfortunate side effect of the recent boom in kratom popularity. There is much money to be made by savvy entrepreneurs, sometimes at the expense of quality product. The consumer does not benefit from flashy labeling – what the consumer needs is clear, factual, honest, and helpful information about the products. Nothing else should be reason enough for a buyer to spend money on a product.


Captain Amsterdam seems to have two price levels for their products. The Thai powders are retailing for $15.99 for 15 grams, while the more intense Maeng Da powders are going for a much higher $27.99 for the same 15 grams.

How do these prices compare to top online kratom vendors? We shopped around over at Arena Ethnobotanicals and found Red Thai powder for $13.99/ounce. That’s about twice as much product as you get at Captain Kratom, for 2 dollars less. Why is the Captain’s product so expensive? All of those colorful packages must cost a lot to produce. Most kratom users don’t care about packaging – all they want is reliable, quality product at a price that won’t break the bank.

For this reason, shopping at a site like Arena Ethnobotanicals is clearly the better price choice.

User Reviews for Captain Kratom

captain kratom capsulesThere are a few candid user reviews of Captain Kratom that can be found on YouTube. One of the great features of the kratom community worldwide is that users do freely share their opinions of products and vendors, and they don’t hold back. You can generally get an honest, constructive opinion from the people who are actually using kratom in their own lives.

Those who have tried the Captain’s products described them as authentic, but not very strong. One user described having to take twice the recommend dose of capsules to feel any effects at all. Of course, this lowers the cost-effectiveness of the products by half.

Some report that they purchased the colorful products strictly because the packaging stood out when viewed on a web page. Well, when you buy a product for surface looks alone and don’t inquire about quality, some disappointments are to be expected.

The Maeng Da capsules were given higher marks for strength, though the “XL” size was noted to be too strong, and an awkward-sized dose for most people.

Final Grade

Captain Kratom looks good “on the shelf” – it has a fun and carefree vibe which many kratom users can appreciate. But when you take a closer look, this product is all flash and no substance. The web selection is one of the most limited we’ve seen, with only 3 powders to choose from. Captain Kratom prices are nearly double that of authentic kratom bought from vendors who don’t spend time and resources on drawing cartoon characters, but instead prioritize delivering the highest quality product that exists to their customers, at fair prices. While there are occasionally decent discounts and coupon codes offered, the prices still cannot compare with other Kratom vendors online Save the cartoons for the kids – instead, spend your money on quality herbal remedies that you can trust.

Final grade: C