What are the Cheapest Kratom Prices? A Detailed Fact Sheet

cheapest kratom

Where can you buy the cheapest Kratom products? Don’t forget, when you’re looking for ultimate value, you have to weigh the quality of product right alongside price. The best deal in the world is no deal at all if the herbal remedy you buy is ineffective or doesn’t contain the contents as advertised. So, doing a little extra research before you buy is critical. Here is a handy guide to help you find the latest and best deals on the highest quality kratom prices – by strain, by format, and by vendor. Consult it as a reference to see if you’re getting the best prices on kratom available.

Kratom Cost Comparison By Strain

One of the most important factors when choosing kratom is strain. This identifying info lets you know where the leaves were grown, and what effects you might expect. It’s also helpful when comparing vendors to find the best deals. Here are the cheapest going rates we could find, by strain, as of today – note how the prices go down when buying in bulk:

Products sold by the ounce:

Maeng Da – $21.99/ounce ($149.99/8 ounces)
Premium Indo – $10.99/ounce ($67.99/8 ounces)
Red Bali – $12.99/ounce ($69.99/8 ounces)

Products sold by the gram:

Green Borneo – $10.00/28 grams ($125/454 grams)
Green Malay – $15.00/28 grams ($300/1000 grams)

Best Value: White Borneo – $9.00/28 grams ($32.00/114 grams)

Is crushed leaf the same price as powder? Yes. It’s important to note that all of the above prices offer a choice between the 2 formats, so feel free to choose whichever works best for your needs, at no difference in cost. Typically, crushed leafed products will be cheaper than powder formulations because they require less processing. However, if you buy bulk Kratom powder you can achieve some fairly significant cost savings.

Prices of Powders vs. Extracts vs. Capsules

As we see above, powder prices can vary from about $12-$21 per ounce. How does that compare to prices for capsules? While the contents of each capsule are identical to loose powders, the added convenience of being able to take pre-measured kratom in pill form generally makes capsules slightly more expensive. But as we’ve seen before, buying in bulk cuts the total per-dose price back down, making capsules very similar in cost. So, let preference be your guide more than budget, as both come out to roughly the same price.

Typical Kratom Capsule Prices:

Red Bali Capsules – $15.99/1 ounce bottle ($99.00/8 ounce bottle)

Typical Kratom Extract Prices:

For extracts, what are the cheapest prices? These super-concentrated preparations are more expensive than regular powder initially, but they require a far smaller dose to be effective. In most cases, a full dose is .5 grams – 1 gram. So, the price ends up being very similar to powder, per dose.

Kratom 15x Powder – $14.99/4 grams ($69.99/24 grams)

Again, we find that the best deals are always achieved by buying in larger quantities and even wholesale supplies.

Is Cheap Kratom Necessarily Lower Quality?

Here’s a question for the avid kratom shopper – does the cheapest product indicate that the product is not as effective? Not necessarily. We’ve found that reputable, trustworthy vendors often offer deep discounts on very high quality product when you’re willing to buy in slightly larger quantities. The quality of the product is the same as at lower quantities. Of course, use common sense and lean heavily on user reviews, selection, and return policy when choosing a vendor.

Online Vendor Reviews

After studying pricing on a broad range of popular kratom products, we’ve found that the two vendors who consistently offer the best deals are Arena Ethnobotanicals and Bouncing Bear Botanicals. These two five star sites are regularly voted at the top of user reviews for selection, reliability, and most importantly, price. For that reason, we’re happy to link to their products and help get the word out about excellent deals.

As you can see, cheap kratom prices can go hand in hand with quality product, if you do your homework and follow the trends. Furthermore, when you buy in bulk there is little price difference among the many formats of kratom, so you should never feel limited when choosing which strains and preparations are exactly right for you.