Kratom Benefits for Energy, Relaxation, Pain and Stress

kratom benefits

Kratom is the latest herbal buzz supplement that is being both glorified and admonished in the media. While some cannot say enough about the positive benefits of this supplement, others remain wary of this natural plant. All of this noise has made it difficult to get a clear picture of what exactly Kratom does and the advantages it offers. The benefits of Kratom are extensive for anyone suffering from pain, anxiety, depression or stress. This ethnobotanical is described by many as helping them feel better generally, giving them a brighter mood, and promoting the release of tension and worry.

We can broadly describe four different categories of Kratom Benefits: Mental Energy, Relaxation, Sociability, and Pain Relief. One of the unique things about the Mitragyna Speciosa plant is that its effects are dynamic. Depending on how you use this supplement, it can either act as a Central Nervous System stimulant to heighten your natural energy or it can calm and relax you, in some cases making it easier to fall asleep. The dual nature of this activity comes from the alkaloids in the Kratom plant. The leaves of this tree contain mitraphylline, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine as well as a number of other beneficial compounds which activate nervous system receptors throughout the body. Because of these active ingredients, Kratom produces a wide arrange of benefits for the user, though not everyone will experience the same results.

Kratom for Energy and Focus

Not many people know that the original use for Kratom was as a mind enhancing stimulant that could give someone increased energy without making them feel like their heart is racing or lightheaded. Mitragyna Speciosa leaves were customarily consumed by agriculture workers in Thailand to help them work for long hours in physically draining jobs. Kratom was found to prevent fatigue and keep the brain sharp much like caffeine when engaging in tedious physical labor. Present day users find that drinking Kratom Tea or consuming it in powder or capsules will make them more alert as well as help them to concentrate better for long periods of time. Another benefit of Kratom is that it can boost motivation and increase your emotional drive so you are inspired to work intently for hours at a time.

Relaxation & Stress Relief
It might seem surprising that an herb that can make you more alert can also have the opposite effect, helping you relax and feel calm. Once you surpass a certain threshold dosage with Kratom, the effects of this plant start to change and it can promote a feeling of serenity and tranquility. Reviews say this ethnobotanical works to clear negative thoughts from your mind and develop a sense of well-being or satisfaction. It can be used to overcome anxiety, as a sedative to help you fall asleep faster and as an anti-depressant with almost euphoric qualities. If you take too much Kratom at once, it can be very sedating and cause you to fall into a deep slumber or to alleviate insomnia.

Social Anxiety
Kratom is sometimes taken as a recreational drug or “party drug” by individuals who want to feel more at ease in social gatherings. It also has a legitimate medical benefit in treating instances of social anxiety. Many have said they are better able to communicate and experience less anxiety when talking with others after taking a capsule of this herb. It seems particularly adept at improving verbal and linguistic abilities and helping to remove inhibitions or hesitations that might make it difficult for you to express yourself. Some reports suggest that Kratom can be used to overcome shyness and self-consciousness so that your speech flows more effortlessly. A clear Kratom benefit it increased confidence so you can talk to the cute guy or girl in your class or give a presentation in front of your boss at work.

Pain Relief

Another benefit of Kratom that has been explored by the public is to relieve pain symptoms in a safe and side-effect free manner. Most prescription pain medications can interfere with cognitive function and cause you to feel sluggish or foggy. Kratom can stimulate pain relief receptors in the body without causing a decline in brain activity. Studies have shown that Kratom is highly effective as an analgesic, working on some of the same pathways as opiates like morphine and your body’s own endorphins. There are hundreds of reviews online from individuals saying that Kratom helped them to overcome back pain, muscle pain, pain from after a surgery or pain following an accident. It can also help treat headaches, arthritis and even improve severe pain related to chronic or end-stage illness.

Other Kratom Benefits

The list of positive effects does not end there. Other medical benefits can include weight loss, increased athletic performance and endurance, lower blood pressure, diarrhea relief, and as an adjunct treatment for diabetes. Kratom has also proven highly effective in the treatment of addictions to certain illegal street drugs as well as dependence on opioids and prescription pain killers that can carry significant risk of abuse and side effects. This herb can make it easier for addicted individuals to stop using the harmful drugs and slowly wean them off of their habit without experiencing withdrawal. Of course, these benefits will only apply to certain individuals and for the most part people taking Kratom are using it for relaxation, energy, and pain relief. The best way to understand Kratom benefits is to try this herb for yourself following proper directions for safe use.