Kratom Black Label Capsules and 60x Extract Review

kratom black label capsules

Kratom Black Label capsules are the latest in a near epidemic of trendy new brands of the ancient herbal remedy. Passing through the shelves of an herbal head shop or browsing some of the hastily thrown together online vendors who sell this product, the uninformed consumer might not even realize that kratom has been used medicinally by humans for thousands of years. 60x Black Label Kratom and similarly packaged products treat the plant-based supplement like it was candy for children, or worse yet, a “legal high.” As we will see in this review, such packaging is often misleading, and misses the point entirely of kratom’s incredible, authentic healing and mood-lifting power.

What are Kratom Black Label Capsules Made Of?

The most important question to ask of any of these re-branded products is, what is it made of? Real kratom is made exclusively from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree of Southeast Asia. It is not refined nor cut with chemicals. Can Kratom Black Label say the same? We’re not exactly sure what it’s saying, because no detailed information about how it is made or what it is made of is given. We are simply told in generic text by vendor after vendor that it’s somewhat strong. In other words, “trust us.”

Some sites claim this is a 40x or 50x extract while others say it is actually a 60x extract, distilled from natural kratom leaves. We don’t know what region or strain, so effects cannot be predicted. Is it supposedly 60 times as stimulating or 60 times as relaxing? No one should have to roll the dice and take that chance.

In fact, it’s probably not 60 times anything. Real kratom extract powders are made by boiling down large amounts of leaves into a dense resin which is then crushed. But the laws of physics have imposed a few limits here – 15-20x strength is literally the height of what is physically possible in a full spectrum extract. More than that is 100 percent hype. This may sound familiar to anyone who uses sunscreen – recently it was revealed by several environmental watchdog groups that no more than a 30SPF was even physically possible – so all those 100SPF drugstore brands were pure hype. Well, it’s the same situation with a supposed Black Label 60x or 40x extract – it’s just not possible.

Kratom Black Label Capsules Pricing

Whether or not it is as strong as they say, one thing is clear – Kratom Black Label powders and other products are very expensive. Though prices vary across different vendors, the average price seems to hover around $50 for 7 grams. We can compare this number to other extracts, but once again, as exact strength is not given by either the original manufacturer or the middleman vendors, it’s actually impossible to make a totally fair comparison.

Here is a well-known 15x Extract product from established vendor Arena Ethnobotanicals which offers 12 grams for $35. That’s less than half the price, gram for gram. So the next logical question is, is Kratom Black Label worth the extra money? Let’s ask the users who know best.

User Reviews

There have been many first hand user reviews posted for this product. The faithful and curious kratom community has once again taken a risk on a new product and tried it out, sharing their findings with their global online group of peers. This is an invaluable service which is, comically enough, far more than what the actual manufacturer or vendors provide. One must ask, do they have something to hide? The users suggest that maybe they do.

Most people who experimented with Black Label Kratom products found it to produce “dreamy” and “euphoric” sensations somewhat quickly, but not very intensely. While not unpleasant, these feeling didn’t seem to last very long for anyone who used the product, fading away before even an hour had passed.

Here’s where we get to the problem of deceptive marketing. When users buy a product expecting 40 times the strength of conventional products, you can bet they’re heading for some major disappointment. No kratom FST or extract exists that is 40 times the strength of standard kratom, and we probably wouldn’t like it if it did. As has been shown across all products, too high of a dose creates an overly sedative quality that can be so strong that the user truly does not get to enjoy the experience of kratom’s benefits at all. We must remember that the goal of kratom use is a comprehensive list of body and mind benefits – not to try to crank up the dosage so high that nothing at all is felt. This approach is a great disservice to the millions of people who use kratom as it was intended – medicinally, and to make pain and stress more manageable.

Users who sincerely wanted the Kratom Black Label product to live up to the hype had to take excessively high doses, leading to some temporary but unpleasant side effects. When the effects wore off a few hours later, the users polled all said they wouldn’t be using this product again.

Kratom Black Label Review

Once again, we are seeing a branded kratom product with hyped, exaggerated efficacy claims, without the real product information to back it up. Users were less than impressed with the short-lived effects, and no one liked the price, at nearly double the cost of proven extracts of intense concentration. For these reasons, Kratom Black Label unfortunately gets very low marks. Consumers would be far better served by seeking out quality extract powders like the one mentioned above.

Final grade: C+