Kratom Black Label Review, Experience and Effects

kratom black label

Kratom Black Label, one of the newer brands to hit the net, is the latest mystery product tempting kratom fans to take a chance on the unknown. Beyond a stylish package and a catchy name, little information is available anywhere about the quality of this product. Like so many hip brands to jump on the kratom bandwagon, it could be another case of flash over substance. Is it worth your money? Here is a compilation of what we know so far about Black Label Kratom capsules. Check it out and then make up your own mind as to its value.

Kratom Black Label Ingredients

As far as we can tell, Kratom Black label is an enhanced powder. Just a quick recap on the terminology – “enhanced” refers to any kratom product that has extract powder added to it. Rewinding even further, “extract” describes a production process wherein bulk kratom leaves are boiled down into a more concentrated form. Once they transform into a hard, dry resin, the substance is ground down into a new powder. So, when this extract is added to a conventional kratom powder to create an enhanced product, the intensity of effects is going to be a lot stronger. Some of the variables include what kind of leaves are used, and how the extract is prepared. So, what kind of leaf is used in Black Label and how is its extract prepared? Unfortunately there is absolutely no way to tell, because that information isn’t given.

This presents quite a dilemma for the kratom user who wants to try Black Label extract. Without knowing the source strain, we have no idea if this will be a relaxing red leaf or an energizing white leaf. We don’t know what region of the world the product was produced in – each area has its own character and produces different effects. Finally, we don’t know if the extraction is full spectrum or not. “Full spectrum” means that care was taken to preserve all of kratom’s bioactive alkaloids in the extraction process. Without this, effects may be very weak.

Many user reviews suggest that this product features a 60x extract potency. One very brief press clipping alluded to a 40x extraction being used in this product. This claim raises suspicion, as true extracts can only be produced up to 20x (meaning that 20 times the leaf was consumed to make the extract). So, we’re starting to sense a growing list of omissions and exaggerations with this product before even trying it.

Black Label Effects – Positive and Negative
We do have some user reports to explore concerning the effects of this product. The consensus is that Kratom Black label tea and capsules do provide good pain relief. It tends towards more of a relaxing effect. Unfortunately, the product has gotten low marks for mood-enhancement, as it is lacking in the famous kratom euphoria that so many users enjoy. Also, overall effects seem to be on the very short side, lasting only a little over an hour at a standard dose. For these reasons, it’s hard to recommend trying this product.

The Problem With Brand Names Kratom

As we see with this example, trendy brands of kratom are typically not well-labeled or documented online. This seems to indicate that the products are more concerned with cashing in on the Kratom plant’s recent popularity, but very little with quality, or respect for the true kratom fan. These products often appear in head shops, perhaps hoping to increase sales with walk-ins who don’t yet know a lot about kratom.

How To Purchase Kratom Directly From The Source

The savvy kratom user will probably want to avoid the hastily thrown together marketing of brands like Kratom Black label and go straight to the source. At reputable, trustworthy online vendors, you can find a complete selection of real kratom products straight from the growers in Southeast Asia. At well-known wholesale sites like Arena Ethnobotanicals and Bouncing Bear Botanicals, you’ll be able to choose from a broad range of products, well-labeled as to region and leaf type. Bulk specials are often far cheaper than overpriced head shop brands, making for an all around win-win. So, stick with quality products and honest packaging, and avoid the hype.