Kratom Canada: Is It Legal to Purchase Kratom in This Country?

kratom canada

The statistics for Kratom use in Canada are quickly growing. In a global movement that has no national boundaries, the great North American country is poised to become the latest area to experience a huge popularity boom among kratom users. Many who are new to the herbal remedy have general questions about safety, efficacy, and legality. Here’s a primer on the use of the exciting plant-based medicinal known as Kratom in Canada.

Kratom in Canada

Canadians are naturally interested in quality products which are ethically produced. Of course this extends to their herbal remedies, and kratom is no exception. One of the most appealing components of the plant-based medicinal is the way it’s produced. Kratom is not manufactured by a giant corporate agriculture system. Instead, the entire industry is fueled by experience, caring, local farmers, some of whom have been working with kratom their whole lives.

Here’s how kratom is produced: The Mitragyna Speciosa tree, indigenous to the jungles of Southeast Asia, grows abundantly and without any cultivation – as it has for thousands or even millions of years. When the tall, sturdy trees are mature, farmers hand select individual leaves from the trees. These leaves are the key to kratom’s all natural power. Without any refinement, all natural compounds called alkaloids form inside. When dried and crushed, the organic matter becomes a fine powder which can then be consumed raw. The entire harvest is very low impact on the planet, and contributes greatly to local economies before export to the West.

Which Strain of Kratom Should I Choose First?

For the new Kratom powder user, a few quick tips can make navigating the wealth of products available a lot easier. Kratom is labeled by the region it was grown in and the color of its leaves. Though there is much variation from plant to plant, in general the red leaves provide more relaxing, sedating effects, white leaves inspire more energizing, stimulating effects, and green leaves bring together a synthesis of all of the benefits kratom has to offer.

Recommendation: Time and again, new users report starting their exploration of kratom with an all-around great green leaf strain like Green Malay. This all-time classic provides the best benefits that kratom has to offer, including smooth energy, euphoric mental effects, dissipation of stress, and relief from pain and tension in the body.

Most newer users are drawn to the more dramatic products. Questions like, which is the strongest strain and which is the most relaxing strain are common. It’s important to explore the full range of plants that form the online kratom community. You’ll find that every region produces many strains which have their own unique character from Sumatran Kratom to Vietnam Kratom. The best ways to tell which one is right for you is to try them. And before you do that, be sure to consult with the wisdom of the many users who have posted their opinions about different strains across the net.

Legality of Kratom Canada

The great news for Canadian kratom shoppers is that this plant is completely legal throughout the country. There are no limits on what you can buy or how you choose to consume it. Kratom leaves are generally both accepted and protected as a legitimate medicinal remedy throughout the world. At this time, only a few countries have put a ban on kratom use, usually for strictly political reasons. Canada has a long history of progressive attitudes about healthcare and alternative medicines, so it’s no surprise that kratom is safe and legal to use here.

Where to Purchase Kratom in Canada

As many trustworthy online kratom vendors now have offices in North America, it’s never been easier to order kratom and have it shipped anywhere in Canada. Great vendors like Arena Ethnobotanicals have already done the legwork for you to handle customs and export out of Asia. With same day shipping usually available, most Canadian residents can enjoy kratom in their own homes just a few days after ordering.

There are a whole world of Kratom Canada products to explore online, from traditional powders to extra-strength extracts to liquid tinctures and more. The savvy shopping will want to take their time trying out preparations from various regions, hand-crafted to produce unique and wonderful physical and mental effects. This humble, health-boosting, mood-enhancing plant will help forge new connections across oceans and continents, from the remote jungles of Asia all the way to Canadians.