Kratom Cats Reviews from Former Customers

kratom cats review

Kratom Cats bills itself as a seller of kratom incense. It is very unlikely that the vendor actually expects anyone to use the plant-based herbal remedy in this way. As far as we know, the medicinal benefits of kratom cannot be experienced simply through scent as an aromatherapy or incense. You must ingest the leaves in order for them to boost wellness and elevate mood. However, some vendors and head shops, nervous about issues of legality, will present kratom as an incense to evade any conflict with law enforcement.

This marketing strategy by Kratom Cats is not really that disingenuous, but it does indicate a certain lack of confidence in the product and its authentic role in the culture. It is unclear why these Cats feel they need to hide or apologize for their products. Kratom is safe, broadly beneficial to people, and has been used harmlessly for hundreds or even thousands of years. But let’s take a look at what products are on offer at this site.

Product Selection Review

Kratom Cats’ product line is divided into basic sections based on region, with products from Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Within each category, they offer Super, Deveined, and Enhanced harvested products, though only a couple from Thailand are organized via leaf color. For experienced kratom fans, color is the only reliable way to predict if the product will be more energizing (white), more relaxing (red), or a hybrid of the two (green).

The option of De-veined products (also known as Premium) is definitely appreciated. Believe it or not, these are technical, industry-wide terms that let us know exactly how the product was prepared. We don’t always see this indicated on kratom vendor sites. Unfortunately, one wishes it would be accompanied by leaf color and effect information.

For an example of a more balanced and interesting product selection, check out the inventory at Bouncing Bear Botanicals. This comprehensive ethnobotanical vendor offers a great selection of both the classic kratom strains, as well as many unique herbal remedies you just can’t get anywhere else. You really get the sense when you look at selections like these that you are dealing with vendors who have a broad knowledge of the entire alternative herbal medicinal universe. This is an exciting new community to be a part of. Unfortunately, Kratom Cats does not give off this impression at all. Instead, we are offered a ho-hum selection and not a lot of enthusiasm or wisdom to share.

Kratom Cats Pricing

Quantities: The products on this site tend to only be offered in larger quantities and sometimes even wholesale amounts. Decent pricing is available at the bulk levels, but we miss being able to try every single item at the “entry level” size, especially as not quite enough detail is given on strain. This can also make it harder to build out a diverse collection of Kratom leaves and can make it more likely that you will experience tolerance or Same Strain Syndrome.

Those De-veined products mentioned earlier do come with a higher price tag – as much as 15-20 percent higher than the traditionally prepared powder. Some extract-infused “enhanced powders” also get a significant price hike at up to 40 percent higher than unenhanced. These are not outrageous leaps relative to other vendors, but for that price every user wants to be assured they’re getting truly high end product which serves the specific needs they’re looking for. You can occasionally find Kratom Cats coupon codes available online, so make sure to look for these when buying.

Kratom Cats User Reviews

Users online have praised Kratom Cats for excellent shipping, customer service, and in most cases, product quality. They are an honest, reputable seller who delivers what they advertise according to customers.

We are hearing comments though that place this site firmly in the middle ground of the vast number of kratom vendors. Nothing too serious to complain about, but nothing exceptional about the site is mentioned either. That kind of middling reaction probably isn’t going to cut it, given the competitiveness of the field.

Final Grade

Overall, Kratom Cats has not provided a selection, prices, or product descriptions that really dazzle the user. Considering how popular buying kratom online has become in recent years, consumers are justified in expecting enthusiastic sites with diverse selections, as well as great prices. Perhaps this site’s decision to refer to their products as “incense” does tell us something after all. One always wants remedies that have been prepared and sold with confidence, deserving of our trust and excitement.

Final grade: B-