Using Kratom to Treat Drug Addiction & Detox Symptoms

kratom drug addiction

Are you considering using kratom to help get over a drug addiction? If so, get acquainted with how and why people are trying this revolutionary theory before you apply it in your own life. The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree have been providing relief for drug addictions and opiate withdrawal symptoms for hundreds of years as a folk medicine. Now, more and more modern drug treatment programs are exploring the use of this all-natural medicinal to ease the suffering of drug users and help them begin a new, drug-free life. With minimal side effects, using Kratom for drug addictions is a proven treatment that may be the ray of hope you’ve been looking for.

Why Detox Programs Are Using Kratom for Drug Addiction

While many fall victim to patterns of drug abuse, for many different reasons, just as many decide to improve the quality of their lives by leaving harmful drugs behind. Whether you are addicted to opium, heroin or any number of other illegal narcotics, take this step is not easy. This can be a difficult path, but a deeply inspiring one, that can positively impact the life of not only the drug user, but all of the people who care about them.

There are countless treatment programs available, geared towards every different type of addiction. The only problem with many of these programs is that they offer very limited options to the average person suffering from addiction – quit cold turkey and deal with horrendous withdrawal symptoms, or perhaps worse yet, transfer the addiction to another pharmaceutical substitute. We see this most often when heroin addicts are put on methadone programs which could then last a lifetime.

Using kratom to treat drug addiction offers a healthy, natural way forward that doesn’t involve terrible withdrawals or new chemical addictions. By dramatically relieving withdrawal symptoms, kratom therapy lets you ease down off of an opiate addiction gently and painlessly. This vital transition period can make all the difference between sticking with a program versus relapse. In extreme cases, withdrawal symptoms from hard drugs can be so intense that relapse seems like it provides the only relief for sufferers. Now, the herbal medicinal kratom drug offers a powerful alternative to relapse that works.

How it works:

Once ingested, the powerful plant compounds within kratom, called alkaloids, go right to work soothing and healing cell receptors that have been damaged by opiate abuse. The opiates stoked endorphin production to levels that cannot be sustained without perpetually increasing the dose and feeding the body more and more opiates. When kratom enters the body, it temporarily acts as an opiate agonist in these cells, in a sense plugging up the holes left by the opiates.

Using kratom for drug detox prevents the onset of withdrawal symptoms, even while the body is busy detoxing. Instead, a patient feels calming, soothing effects in the mind and body, promoting the conditions wherein every addict can begin to address their addiction and gently revise their relationship to drugs. In time and with the proper support, the addiction can finally be put to rest.

History of Using Kratom for Drug Withdrawal

As early as a century ago, medical journals in 1897 began recording the benefits of kratom for drug addiction treatment. Modern researchers at the National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine in Bangkok have identified 7-hydroxymitragynine as a potent weapon in the fight against opiate addiction. The use of this treatment has also recently become popular in detox programs in New Zealand.

Does Kratom Eliminate Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal?

Every body is different, and factors like overall health, severity of addiction, and type of drug abused will all play a role in the efficacy of kratom treatments. However, across the board, kratom has been shown to generate the following soothing effects in most users suffering from withdrawal:

  • Reduces mental anxiety
  • Soothes stomach
  • Calms jitters
  • Eases feelings of despair
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Allows for normal sleep patterns
  • Inspires feelings of optimism and even euphoria

Just these simple benefits will have major power for anyone suffering from a serious opiate withdrawal. Using kratom for addiction withdrawal will not add any additional side effects, nor create new dependencies. You will not need to begin taking another harsh drug like methadone. Furthermore, kratom is completely legal in the USA and the world, allowing you to safely and legally treat your addiction at your own speed. Kratom will help naturally bridge the gap as you begin to successfully quit opiates, expel toxins form your system and move towards new lifestyle patterns that are free from harmful drugs.