Using Kratom for Pain Relief – An Ancient Therapy For Modern Times

kratom pain relief

People around the world are beginning to use the all-natural analgesic kratom for pain relief. This unrefined, plant-based remedy originated as a tribal folk medicine in the Southeast Asian regions where it grows indigenously. As this part of the world began a more complex cultural exchange with the rest of the planet, doctors, scientists, and those interested in alternative healing methods took notice of the powerful medicinal applications of kratom. One of the chief uses for this herbal therapy is as a pain reliever. Is this a safe, affordable, viable solution for pain? Here’s why those suffering from all kinds of pain in the body have found great success with this simple plant.

Is Kratom For Pain Relief Safe?

People who are considering using kratom for pain relief need to feel confident that it will be safe as well as effective. Here are the very reassuring facts.

Kratom is not physically addictive. It derives its power from naturally occurring plant compounds called alkaloids. These compounds interact benignly with cell receptors in the body to create healing soothing effects. They do not, however, damage these receptors or create negative opiate-like relationships/needs within the cells.

There are few side effects. When using kratom responsibly, side effects rarely occur and when they do they are very mild. Some side effects have included light nausea, some sleeplessness, or a temporary feeling of mental fog. All of these symptoms go away rapidly with rest and can be avoided easily by adjusting dosage.

Historically there is an excellent health record. Kratom has been used in many forms by people dating back at least a thousand years or more. In modern times, use has become popular and widespread. In all of that time, there have been exactly zero documented cases of severe injury or illness linked to ingesting kratom leaves. This is a powerful testament to the safety of the remedy. Furthermore, Kratom has been shown to be much less dangerous> than prescription pain killers which often pose a legitimate risk of serious complications, abuse or addiction.

What Types of Pain Can Kratom Treat?

You can use kratom for pain relief whether your symptoms are very mild or very severe. Human bodies can be delicate. Over the course of our lives, we all will experience injuries and ailments which cause pain. Some of us will even develop chronic conditions which cause pain over long periods of time and which are largely immune to traditional therapies. All of these situations can be benefitted by kratom use.

  • Light injuries – scratches, cuts, etc.
  • Pulled/torn muscles.
  • Joint inflammation.
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Sore tendons.
  • Back pain.
  • Arthritis.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Scoliosis.

Cost Comparison – Kratom for Pain Relief Vs. Prescription Pills

Especially when it comes to chronic pain that lasts for months or even years, pain management can become a very expensive burden for the sufferer. It’s bad enough that anyone has to endure regular pain in their bodies, but adding a huge pharmacy bill on top of that just adds insult to injury. When you factor in the monthly cost of maintaining health insurance – which many people do solely to make pain medication affordable – it’s easy to see how healthcare is responsible for a mountain of debt.

It’s a huge relief to hear there are affordable alternatives. As you might expect, a plant-based remedy like kratom, which simply grows from the ground and is dried and crushed, is less expensive than a pharmaceutical requiring an elaborate chemical production process. Dose for dose, you can go the natural route and save anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of what you might pay for prescription medications. When you factor in the bulk discount deals that are available on some kratom wholesaler websites, the prices get even better. Kratom for pain relief is simply the most affordable option.

The best part? You don’t need a prescription for Kratom powder. You don’t need to pay for health insurance. And unlike medical marijuana, another alternative pain management approach, you don’t need to register for a card, be seen by a doctor, or alert any government agency to how you are treating your pain.

Which Type of Kratom Is good For Pain?

As with any herbal remedy, there are many variations, plant-types, harvesting methods, and regional differences which will impact the kinds of effects you can achieve with kratom leaf. Everybody is different, and the sources of our chronic pain are influenced by a variety of individual factors. For that reason, finding the right product for your situation may take some experimentation with strain and dosage.

There are two standout kratom strains that are cited over and over again by users for their excellent pain relief properties. Either of these will make a good place to start on your natural journey towards feeling better when you take kratom for pain relief.

If you are looking for help resting and relaxing, you’ll want to try a kratom strain known as a gentle and powerful sedative and pain reliever like Red Bali. This product of Indonesia is renowned for its subtle and sophisticated effects, and will cut pain immediately while allowing your mind and body to rest peacefully.

If you need to manage pain in order to preserve your active and busy lifestyle, consider a more high-energy variety like Maeng Da Kratom. This extremely potent pain killer will grant you the freedom to get on with a busy work or play schedule, without the inhibition that chronic pain can bring. You’ll experience all-day energy that gives you the flexibility in your body and worry-relief in your mind that will enable you to do everything you want to do, every day.

Clearly more natural, more effective, safer, and more affordable than chemical pharmaceuticals, it makes perfect sense to try kratom for pain relief. Used as a part of healthy lifestyle including good diet and exercise, kratom can allow all of us to work, play, and do everything that makes us most happy in life, free from pain. Kratom also carries much lower risk of side effects, abuse and addition compared to prescription pain killers.