What are the Varieties of Kratom for Sale?

kratom for sale

If you have been looking for Kratom for sale online, chances are you have noticed that there are several different forms that you can buy it in. In addition to determine which vendor is the best and what strain to purchase, it is important to find the type of Kratom product that best suits your needs. Formulations of Kratom for sale can vary widely from purchasing bulk powder to pre-made capsules to the raw leaves as well as more processed options like extracts and tinctures. Each of these options has their own unique pros and cons and you may find that your needs favor one over the others. What are the most popular forms of Kratom to buy and how should you decide which of these makes sense for you?


Kratom powders are one of the top selling options available today. These powders feature ground up leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa that have typically been de-stemmed. Removing the stems and sinewy veins of the plant is important as these components are believed to contain ingredients that can lead to nausea. Powdered Kratom can be mixed into liquid to be consumed, made into a tea or encapsulated using a pill capping machine. The powder tends to be one of the cheaper ways to buy this herb, especially when comparing it to capsules which can sometimes cost two to three times more expensive than the bulk ingredient. Users will typically see results when taking between 2 – 8 grams of the powder.

Even though Kratom for sale in powdered form is quite cheap, it is known to have a bitter taste that is unpleasant to many. The taste is so bad that some say they need to cap their powder in order to avoid it coming into contact with their taste buds. While some will chose to purchase the powder anyways and make their own capsules, you can save yourself some effort by purchasing encapsulated products. These products do tend to be more expensive, but for some the added cost is worth it for the convenience factor. Another benefit of purchasing capsules is that your dosages will be pre-measured for you so you do not need a scale or a set of measuring spoons in order to get the right amount.

It is still possible to purchase Kratom in the traditional form as either whole leaves or a crushed leaf product. The leaves can then be made into a tea or chewed in order to consume the active alkaloids. There seems to be some false information circulating on the internet that you can smoke Kratom leaves; this is not the case as smoking the leaves has been found to offer no benefits to the user. The leaves are often identified by different strains and potency levels as well as the color of the vein in the leaf. For example, Green Vein Kratom products are known for being quite stimulating and can last up to 6 hours. Conversely, White Vein strains are recognized as being shorter lasting but giving more mental energy, reducing anxiety and increasing alertness. Finally, Red Veined leaves are associated with alkaloids that produce more analgesic effects, relaxation and euphoria.

kratom saleMore recently, it has been possible to find Kratom extracts for sale online. Extracts contain a higher potency of alkaloids to plant matter and are made using acetic acids as well as boiling water. The leaves are boiled in the water to evaporate the liquid so that a purified plant resin remains with more concentrated alkaloids. These extracts are often signified as being 15x or 50x Kratom, though there have been some investigations suggesting that the alkaloid content is not consistent enough to make such determinations. Extracts are marketed as being more powerful, but cost quite a bit more and are associated with greater risk of tolerance, addiction, side effects and other health concerns. Closely related to the extract is the Kratom Tincture which is simply a liquefied version of an extract designed to be consumed easily. Again, these products face criticism for increased risk of side effects and unpredictable potencies.

What form of Kratom makes sense for you to buy? Many beginners decide to start off by purchasing capsules so they do not have to worry about measuring out the appropriate dosages or mixing their powder. You will find that more experienced users prefer the powder or crushed leaf options as they tend to be cheaper and offer more choice in the marketplace. Most experts recommend staying away from extracts and tinctures due to the potential for greater risk of side effects. Ideally, whichever vendor you decide to purchase from should offer several different choices for acquiring this herb. When looking for Kratom for sale on the internet, make sure you purchase from an established supplier that has a long history of reviews and that has a reputation for providing quality products.