Kratom Forest Store and Product Reviews

kratom forest

Kratom Forest is a minimalist vendor website devoted to selling kratom without a lot of frills. Unfortunately, we need at least some of those “frills” – like thorough product descriptions and good deals on products. Without these, it’s very hard to gauge if what is being sold here is worth the higher prices that are being charged. Many kratom sites have come up recently which have gotten on the bandwagon of this popular herbal remedy, but haven’t necessarily done the legwork to adequately represent their products. Let’s scan the inventory of this Kratom Forest and see if there are any good values for consumers.

Products Offered at Kratom Forest

Visitors to the Kratom Forest homepage will be treated to a vast collection of photos of the kratom powders they sell. Lined up in nearly identical looking plates, the products represent some strains and regions we know well, like Borneo, Bali, and Thailand. There are also a large number of products with names that are not widely known, like “KX,” “ZK,” “Majestic,” and so on. When clicking through to find out more information about these mystery products, we are given only a brief marketing phrase boasting platitudes like “Wow!” or “Best ever!” That’s all well and good if it’s true, but no serious kratom connoisseur would ever buy a product so poorly described. We have no idea what these powders which make up the bulk of Kratom Forest inventory are, or what to compare them to.

Instantly, we are forced to ask these basic questions:

  • Are these mystery products safe?
  • How do I know what dose to take if I don’t know any info at all about the strain?
  • How can I tell if it’s worth the money?

Given the expense and time involved in having any Kratom product shipped over the internet, is it really worth risking getting a product that either doesn’t do what we want it to do or doesn’t work at all? Obviously not. Compare the Forest’s vague descriptions with a proper kratom vendor like Bouncing Bear Botanicals’ clear and comprehensive product listings. The difference is very obvious, which is why we absolutely trust a site like Bouncing Bear but are rightly suspicious of Kratom Forest.


Kratom Forest offers most of its products in very large bulk quantities, like quarter and half kilograms, with many products over the $100-200 line. Some are going for as high as $380 for a kilogram. This could actually be a good deal, again, if we knew more about what the product was composed of. As is, it’s just a guessing game.

This site does have some familiar product strains in very small quantities for reasonable prices. But what are we to make of a kratom simply labeled “house” at $10/ounce? Maybe it’s a deal, maybe it isn’t. The description only notes that it is “nice.” To truly analyze pricing, it would be nice if this vendor would treat its customers like adults and tell them what is in the products they are selling. The lack of detail on basic sites like this certainly contributes to kratom not being taken seriously in the mainstream media or medical community. Kratom is safe and effective, so why hide the product info? Unfortunately, the only conclusion for a smart shopper is – this brand has something to hide.

User Reviews for Kratom Forest

What are the users saying about Kratom Forest? On each and every listing on their website, there is an area for user comments and user star ratings. This would actually be a very useful bit of information, given the scarcity of info provided by the vendor.

Well, guess what – these review sections are blank. All of them – across the whole site. Not a single product has been rated or given any stars. This leads us to believe that either not a single user was motivated to give their opinion (which would be frankly shocking in this day and age) – or this site was only recently and hastily thrown together, and is not meant to be a part of the true kratom community. With exactly zero reviews to go on, we cannot grasp what consumer reaction is to this product, and it would therefore be impossible to recommend it.

Final Grade

While Kratom Forest does seem to sell legitimate products of some kind, we have absolutely no idea what a lot of those products are, including where it was grown, strength, and value. There is also limited selection in terms of Kratom capsules, extracts, resins or tinctures. We are supposed to just trust the seller that the products are “nice” without any real information to back it up. This is unacceptable, especially in the community of legitimate herbal supplements and remedies. As is, purchasing from this site seems like it would be a huge risk – both health-wise and financially.

Final grade: D+