Kratom Infusion Review – Tea Bags On The Go

kratom infusion review

Kratom Infusion places a full line of standard kratom products in the background behind its most hyped offering – pre-made kratom tea bags. This product is a unique twist in the marketing of this much sought-after ethnobotanical. We all know that brewing a hot mug of kratom tea is one of the most celebrated ways to ingest Mitragyna Speciosa. The beverage is actually quite simple to make on your own. So is this pre-packaged variation worth the price? In this Kratom Infusion review, let’s see what’s in the box and hear what people are saying about the latest spin on an ancient herbal remedy.

Infusion’s Star Product – Kratom Tea Bags

Traditionally, kratom tea is made by simply boiling leaves or powder in a kettle, then simmering for about 15 minutes. Then the liquid is poured through a strainer into a mug and is ready to drink.

The technique is the same if you are using a tea bag. Kratom Infusion is designed to be placed in a pot of water, brought to a boil, and then simmered on lower heat for about 15-20 minutes. The main advantage of this method is not having to strain it. After the time is up, you simply remove and discard the tea bag. This does lead to less work and less mess for the average tea drinker.

What’s inside a bag of Kratom Infusion tea? This product is said to contain a blend of three different strains of kratom – Red Thai, Indo, and Maeng Da. No doubt, this blend will produce a potent effect, but here we see a significant limitation of the product. Most of us have very particular likes and dislikes as far as kratom strains go. We also have different needs based on time of day, our emotional state, and what activities we’d like to do after taking kratom. When you are making your own tea, you can modify the ingredients to your precise needs every time, every cup. With Kratom Infusion, you are 100 percent locked in to their very specific blend, every time you want to drink the tea. So unfortunately, the gains in convenience are cancelled out by the losses in choice.

  • More convenience.
  • Less choice.

Kratom Infusion Review of Pricing

Does the price point of these tea bags help or hinder their desirability? A box of 25 Kratom Infusion tea bags retails for $29.99 plus tax and shipping. Each tea bag contains 2 grams of standard kratom powder. For most people, it will take 2 or more tea bags to brew a single cup. This is even pointed out on the website. So the total price comes out to around $3 per dose.

How much would it cost to make the same amount of tea on your own? Let’s check in with one of the top online kratom vendors, Arena Ethnobotanicals. On this site, we see Red Bali, a famously relaxing strain that is highly recommended for use in soothing cups of tea, selling for $12.99 for an ounce, which would produce 7-10 doses. That comes out to less than $1.50 per dose.

So, if you’re willing to hold a strainer over your mug as you pour the hot tea in, you can save half of your money when you buy loose powder! Our Kratom Infusion review suggests this not so much as an insider tip, but simply as common sense.

Users’ Kratom Infusion Review

Does the average user’s Kratom Infusion review paint a picture of a product that works? The reviews that have been posted confirm that this is a quality product. It delivers classic kratom effects as advertised. The only problem that users have pointed out is that the effects are not very focused in one direction or another. They are neither extremely energizing, nor extremely relaxing. It is a pleasant combination of the two which never really takes off either way.

The other problematic issue for some users is dosage when using tea bags. For more experienced users who want to take 6 or more grams in a single session, individual tea bags become quite cumbersome, and even less cost effective. Try squeezing 3-4 tea bags in a single mug and there will be no room for liquid. And they are hard to work with if using a conventional tea kettle.

Final Grade

Most Kratom Infusion reviews find the idea behind pre-made tea bags to be a good one. We like anything that cuts down on mess and trouble. However, there are several impracticalities connected to pre-made tea bags which make this product difficult to recommend. Users are locked in to one tri-blend, which produces somewhat unfocused effects. Dose per dose, this product is twice as much money as loose powder, which has been easily brewed into easy Kratom tea recipes with a simple procedure for hundreds of years. The company is reputable, with good intentions and real kratom, but unfortunately these tea bags just don’t make sense for most users, who would be better off buying the loose powder of their choice, as described above.

Final grade: B