Kratom-K Review: Is This Vendor Trustworthy?

kratom k review has become a go-to destination for anyone looking to buy Kratom online. This California-based company has distinguished themselves by providing a large marketplace which offers almost all of the popular extract Kratom brands sold today. While their unbranded Kratom capsules and powders are slightly more expensive than other vendors, they do carry the largest selection of strains and products compared to any other store online. User reviews on quality and customer service are consistently positive as well.

Kratom-K Review

Kratom-K is an ethnobotanical retailer operated by Nine2Five LLC in Oceanside, California. Their model appears to be to operate as an Amazon-like hub for the sale of Kratom products, bringing together a wide range of brands, extracts and types of leaves along with consumer reviews. You can also purchase other medicinal herbs from them including Salvia, Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric), Ayahuasca, Kava Kava and moe. They are popular for offering free shipping on all orders over $75 and for accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

The list of Kratom strains you can buy is indeed extensive and there are many varieties you can find here that you may have trouble finding elsewhere. They sell three different Bali strains as well as Red, White and Green Borneo strains, Green Malay Kratom, three types of Maeng Da, an Indo Kratom, Sumatran strains, Thai, Vietnam, Bentuangie and Riau Kratom leaves. They also carry several blends, a host of extracts such as Golden Reserve, UEI Kratom, Full Spectrum Isolate Extract, several liquid tinctures, 20x resin, and Kratom tea bags. Finally, you can also purchase many of the top-selling branded Kratom products from popular names such as Captain Amsterdam, Kratom Infusion, and Kratom Therapy to more obscure extracts like XXX Kratom, White Rabbit Kratom, and Club 13.

Pricing & Buying

The wide-ranging selection truly is the trademark of Kratom-K with no other vendor coming close. It will allow even the most discriminating of consumers to find something that suits their needs. They also regularly add in new vendors and stock to prevent anyone from getting bored too easily. Prices across the board are generally on par with other vendors, though if you are not interested in branded Kratom and want to purchase the plain leaf or powder, you can usually find better deals if you are willing to shop around a bit. As illustration, they sell 28 grams of Red Vein Thai Kratom powder for $20.95 while you can purchase 30 grams of the same strain from Arena Ethnobotanicals for $13.99. (That being said, there are some strains for which Kratom-K offers cheaper prices than Arena such as the Vietnam strain capsules.)

We have one criticism to raise regarding Kratom-K which has to do with the fact that they carry products marketed and sold more as legal highs than herbal health supplements. However, this is indeed more of a criticism of the promotional tactics for some of the “head shop” brands as opposed to a direct reflection of the philosophy of Kratom-K. In general, we would prefer if this website and others did not stock these products and particularly those sold by Mayan Kratom and Lucky Kratom in order to protect the public image of this herb. The former of these companies is owned and operated by a convicted felon and the latter is owned by an individual who was recently charged in an alleged assassination plot (I kid you not) pursued against the owner of the former company. The industry as a whole would be better off if these vendors were not associated with the public reputation of Kratom users.

On the whole, if you do decide to purchase your Kratom powders or extracts from, you can rest assured that this is a respected company with many fans in the world of experienced users. The products they carry are viewed as high quality and with fair pricing. In addition, they have developed a reputation for fast shipping and good customer dealings. If you have had any experiences shopping with this online vendor, please share your comments and ratings below to help out your fellow Kratom users.