Is Kratom Legal in New York & NYC? Current Status

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Alternative health practitioners all over the world are asking, is kratom legal in the state of New York? As the financial and cultural capital of the world, the Big Apple’s legal trends are often indicative of where the country is headed. Luckily, kratom use is still legal in all of New York. However, a few surprising recent developments have thrown into question how long that legal status will last. For this reason, you may not be able to buy Kratom locally in New York City and may instead have to purchase it online. Read on for an account of the latest hurdles New Yorkers face in keeping kratom legal in NYC, and by proxy, the world.

Raids On New York Head Shops

Kratom is legal in New York state and no laws have been passed to control its possession or consumption. Then why have there recently been a series of raids targeting kratom in NYC head shops? Over the last year, the Attorney General of New York has mounted a campaign specifically targeting head shops. The scene has been the same all over the city – state police suddenly storm smoke shops and confiscate a wide range of products – including kratom.

Are these cops mainly interested in busting a safe, all-natural plant that grows wild throughout the jungles of Southeast Asia? No. The stated goal of the raids to is to collect bath salts and similar products, including any synthetic drugs or herbal incenses. For some reason that has not been explained, they grouped kratom powder in with these categories, even though it absolutely has nothing to do with those other questionable “legal highs.”

Why would they confiscate a product like kratom, which:

  • has nothing to do with bath salts.
  • is not a synthetic cannabin.
  • is non-toxic.
  • is not a hallucinogen.

Who suffers from raids like this? Firstly, the local store owners, who will be fined, or possibly even prosecuted. This could lead them to shut down their shops, or at the minimum, drastically reduce the range of inventory they carry, even of harmless products like kratom. Ultimately, the public suffers, as ignorance once again inspires a restriction of personal freedom.

Can you Purchase Kratom in NYC? Ask The FDA

Some say the reason kratom is under threat in New York is because of interference from the Food and Drug Administration. This government agency is tasked with ensuring the safety of food products that are sold to the public. Why are they interested in banning kratom? Because they fear it is being marketed as a food product.

While kratom is all-natural and non-toxic, it is not a food item. Yes, it is best delivered into the body by ingestion, meaning swallowing. But that does not make it a food. It is clearly an herbal supplement, intended for use just like any other medication or vitamin. Therefore it should not be subject to the FDA’s requirements for handling and packaging food.

Unfortunately, many local head shops are not experts in kratom products, nor the intricacies of these legal issues. If they don’t label or shelve their products appropriately, we all might inadvertently suffer the consequences of unnecessary bans and raids.

Perhaps, head shops are not the appropriate place for kratom in the long run.

How To Purchase Kratom Legally And Safely

The easy way to avoid the controversy in New York is to buy your kratom products from a fully legal, safe, and reputable online vendor. There are several reasons why this method is preferable to head shops.

  • Legality is assured.
  • The broadest selection possible.
  • Money-back guarantees for your satisfaction.
  • Lower bulk pricing.
  • Expert customer service.
  • Fast, private shipping.

Be sure to browse user forums and get recommendations for everyone’s favorite sites. One site we love is Arena Ethnobotanicals. The combination of legal, high end product and lightning fast shipping from the U.S. is pretty tough to beat. You can order from New York itself or anywhere else in the world where kratom is legal and protected.

While kratom users in New York have nothing to hide or be secretive about, it is far easier to stay out of the legal fray and patronize online vendors instead. Then, as the vast number of satisfied kratom users grows world wide, local lawmakers will get the message that unfettered access to this benevolent herbal remedy is a top priority for the people they represent.