Kratom Pro Review – Should you Purchase Kratom from this Site?

kratom pro

Kratom Pro is a California-based kratom vendor which offers discount products through a very minimal interface. Minimal is the key word here, as this website offers very little detailed information about its products, including where they come from, what effects they are supposed to create, how much to take, or how materials are handled in local warehouses. This all makes sense because it seems that all they do is repackage and dropship the products of another well-reputed seller known as Arena Ethnobotanicals They key point here is that their prices are marked up from what you would pay if you purchased directly from Arena.

Using only the most basic web template, and offering no real background on the Kratom.Pro company, we are left to wonder about product quality and reliability of the site. Will this venture be here tomorrow? Or is this yet another hastily thrown together web business attempting to cash in on the kratom craze? Here is what little we know about this site so far.

Kratom Products For Sale

Kratom Pro offers a bare bones selection of some of the basic kratom strains, including 4 types of capsules and 4 types of powder. There is no evidence of source in the selection nor in the description of each product. This is further proof that there are simply a drop-shipper that does not carry their own product. Information is kept very generic, and one gets the sense that whoever write the descriptions has never tried Kratom products. This is hardly a vote of confidence for a distributor of herbal remedies meant to be ingested by the public.

Much mention is made of the company grinding its own powders on U.S. soil. But we know this to be untrue since their packaging is the same as Arena Ethnobotanicals. Either way, it is unclear what the benefit of this is, if any. The site doesn’t explain why its additional handling of organically grown product is advantageous.

No additional products are sold besides kratom. There is no mention or consciousness of the larger ethnobotanical movement of which kratom is currently the star player. In fact, the entire Kratom Pro site seems to have a cut and paste feel without any personality, which is at odds with the vibrant and complex culture that has arisen around kratom in recent years.

For a great example of a modern site that totally ties in to the cutting edge ethnobotanical movement, as well as offers deals on superb quality kratom, check out Bouncing Bear Botanicals. This outstanding vendor puts generic sites like “Kratom Pro” to shame.

A top kratom vendor offers more than just the run of the mill selection that can be found on every other site. It should be an exciting marketplace for everything from rare blends to the live Mitragyna Speciosa plant itself. Kratom should take its place among the many and varied plant remedies that planet Earth has to offer. Bouncing Bear is one such site – Kratom Pro is unfortunately not.

Kratom Pro Pricing

The products on the Pro site, much like you might find at a discount warehouse, are indeed on the low side relative to other major sites. But given the above critique of the disconnect between this site and the kratom “scene,” can we really trust that the vendor is offering quality products, or would even know the difference if they were not quality products? Perhaps they are able to charge a dollar less per ounce because corners were cut somewhere else along the line, but without adequate product detail, we can’t know for sure.

Lack of User Reviews Tell The Full Story

Adding to the mystery, there are no consumer reviews available anywhere online for this site. For this reason, we must conclude that it is either a brand new business, or no single consumer was moved to comment upon the quality of product or professionalism of the site, across thousands of pages of user comments on similar sites. Again, we’re left with a question mark. If any users have had successful transactions with this vendor, by all means please chime in with some comments so we can pass that information on to future potential customers. Until then, we have no community opinion to factor in.

Kratom Pro Final Grade

As kratom enthusiasts work to build an ever-growing community of like-minded alternative remedy champions, it’s important to patronize authentic businesses which are not only a part of that movement, but which also work overtime to deliver quality products. Nothing about the Kratom Pro site leads us to believe that it is a site worthy of that patronage. While not as bad as some obnoxious sellers who willfully mislead customers, this site is nonetheless an example of a fairly thoughtless attempt to cash in on kratom, while offering nothing new whatsoever to the conversation.

Final grade: D+