New Kratom Products Reviews and Recommendations

kratom products

All kratom products originate as leaves on the branches of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. This tall, sturdy plant grows to fifty or even a hundred feet in the sky, and has been a natural resident of various Southeast Asian regions since long before the formation of nations like Vietnam or Indonesia. For perhaps thousands of years, the incredible medicinal benefits of these leaves were only known to local people, who used kratom as a folk medicine. Now, the secret is out. A booming export business has brought the herbal remedy to the shores of every continent, in many new forms. The following is a basic rundown of the popular forms of kratom for sale that in use today.

Powder – The Most Common of All Kratom Products

Initially kratom was simply chewed as a raw leaf. This method would work worldwide if the trees grew anywhere other than the balmy climates and fertile, nitrogen-rich soils of countries like Thailand. In order to transport the leaves across great distances, the practice of drying them and grinding them into a powder became prevalent in the mid 1800s.

Without any additional processing, this crushed leaf powder is highly potent when consumed. When shopping for powders, you’ll want to refer to both the region of origin, and the color of the leaves. These colors are excellent indicators of the types of effects you’ll experience. Here’s a quick summary:

Red leaf strains, like the immensely popular Red Bali, are known to produce wonderfully relaxing, stress-relieving effects.

White leaf variations like the Indonesian classic White Borneo Kratom are known to boost energy levels and aid in generating intense concentration and focus.

Green leaf products like Malaysia’s Green Malay combine maximum stimulation with maximum relaxation, promoting strong clear energy with a strong clear mind.


Once you’ve gotten the basics down, there are also a full range of kratom products which have been formulated to increase efficacy, power, and duration. These super-powered choices are effective in very small doses. For that reason, they are typically more expensive initially, yet vastly more economical when compared dose for dose with traditional powders.


Maximum strength Kratom extract is first created by boiling a large number of leaves down until all moisture is evaporated and all that remains is a hard, smooth, substance known as resin. This resin is dense with high-potency alkaloids, the naturally-forming plant compounds which give kratom its power.

Extract Powder

Resin can be made more versatile by grinding it into a fine powder. This powder, known as “Extract,” is rated according to how concentrated it is. For example, this 15x Extract is equal to 15 times its weight in kratom leaves.

Enhanced Powder

When a small portion of extract powder is added to conventional kratom powders, the product is known as “enhanced.” With at least 25 percent extract included, these highly potent enhanced powders are meant to be consumed in smaller doses, to provide more dramatic benefits.


A liquid form of extract can be made by dissolving the leaves into an ethanol alcohol solution. This produces an incredibly potent Kratom Tincture, which can be ingested easily on-the-go with the use of a dropper.

The Easiest To Use of All Kratom Products – Capsules

Finally, those who wish to avoid the taste of kratom, as well as skip the preparation, may want to explore pill-like products such as Red Thai Capsules. These pre-packaged .5 gram caps can be taken just like any other supplement, and have the exact same effect as consuming the related kratom powder. They are also available in different strengths, like these 15x Extract Capsules, which can be added incrementally to normal doses of other strains.

There is no shortage when it comes to innovative ways to try kratom capsules, powder, extracts or even to make your own recipes at home. As with any alternative medicinal, it’s important to get informed and choose brands, strains, doses, and formats that are right for your body and your goals. Safe, legal in most countries in the world, and with little or no side effects, it’s easy to experiment with all of the different ways to try kratom. Then you can figure out the best kratom product for you.