Where to Purchase Kratom in Seattle & Washington State

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Given that the West coast is known for liberal politics, the legal status for Kratom in Seattle and Washington was not previously in question. However, recent efforts by lawmakers in the state have thrown the basic civil rights of kratom users into jeopardy. Will Washington State be the third U.S. state to enact a kratom ban, after Indiana and Tennessee? If ignorance and misinformation are allowed to dominate on this issue, easy access to kratom could become illegal. For now, let’s talk about how this still-legal herbal medicinal is faring in the Pacific Northwest.

Popularity of Kratom in Washington On The rise

Before any talk of a legal ban even began, the statistics painted a new portrait of kratom popularity in the Northwest. As reported by local head shops across the state, use of Kratom powders and capsules has been way up. Store owners report that kratom is eclipsing all other products to become one of the most widely-enjoyed herbal supplements available. Some say the recent scandals involving dangerous “legal highs” like bath salts have literally cleared more shelf space for the powdered products of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. With more access and visibility, more patrons have had a chance to try kratom for the first time, and most become avid repeat customers.

The Push By Lawmakers For A Ban

Of course, those recent scandals, while utterly unrelated to the average kratom experience, have also had some negative repercussions. Nervous politicians have seized upon the latest hyped fears being reported in the media to create another hot-button issue to stoke the nerves of voters. This is one of the oldest tricks in the playbook of old politics – create a fake problem, stoke fear about the problem, and then pretend to solve the problem. So, many herbal remedies have been targeted by lawmakers in many U.S. states, like Senator Crowe of Louisiana, and Representative Baudler of Iowa. Many fear that Washington state legislators will be soon behind.

What’s the only “problem” with this problem? Kratom is not harmful. It is not synthetic, like those other “legal highs”, and in fact it has a broad range of documented health benefits. There is no scientific evidence supporting the need for a ban whatsoever – it is strictly political.

The Thailand defense. Some lawmakers are quick to point out that Thailand, the natural birthplace of kratom trees, has itself banned the substance. This is offered as some kind of proof about kratom’s supposed harmful effects. Except, as has been pointed out every time this defense is voiced, Thailand only banned kratom in 1943 because it was a direct and harmless competitor to the illicit opium trade. So in fact, the Thailand ban only supports kratom’s value as health aid, not the opposite.

The Truth of Kratom’s Safety Record

While Kratom is still perfectly legal in Washington and the city of Seattle, it’s important to re-state kratom’s flawless safety record. Over the past 200 years of modern use, do you know how many documented reports there have been of serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths from the use of kratom? Zero. Absolutely none. And furthermore, kratom has been used safely for as many as a thousand years before that, as a common folk medicine in many parts of Southeast Asia. These facts make talk of a kratom ban in Seattle sound even more ridiculous.

How To Legally Purchase Kratom in Seattle and Washington

If you are uneasy shopping in head shops and have fears about any impending encroachments upon your legal rights to buy and use kratom as you see fit, then the best option might be to shop online. This way, your purchases remain 100 percent legal and 100 percent confidential, as they should be. Not only that, but purchasing from a reputable vendor online will offer you a far greater selection of quality products, and money-back guarantees to give you peace of mind. Online stores are also often a lot cheaper than if you were to buy Kratom in Seattle local shops.

Quality kratom vendors like Arena Ethnobotanicals offer residents of the USA an easy way to comply with the law and get high-end kratom delivered swiftly and privately to their door. While kratom users in Washington have no reason to hide their use of this safe, traditional herbal remedy, sometimes it’s easiest just to skip the drama and get straight to the benefits your mind and body deserve. Let the politicians keep and enjoy all of the drama for themselves.