What are the Beneficial Effects of Kratom Stem & Vein?

kratom stem and vein

Formerly thought of only as waste, kratom stem & vein is now being viewed by some as a viable source of health benefits. In our eco-conscious modern world, we are perpetually looking for ways to waste less and get the most out of all of our resources. Kratom is no exception. As with many herbal remedies, there may indeed be uses for all parts of this healing plant from Southeast Asia. The effects may be able to balance out the mechanisms of normal kratom powder and capsules and may help with tolerance symptoms. However, the availability of kratom stems and veins may make them a rare treat for most. Here are the facts about this latest mini-trend in kratom usage and where to get this product online

What Is Meant By Stem & Vein?

Every leaf is composed of 3 elements – the thick stem connecting it to the tree, radiating veins which deliver nutrients, and the flat, broad tissue containing most of the leaf’s bioactive compound.

Anyone who has cooked with organic greens like kale or chard are familiar with the process – we separate the leafy tissue from the thick central stem and veins before eating. Intuitively, we know that these sections will be less dense with nutritional power, and kratom is the same way. For this reason, kratom farmers have developed the harvesting practice known as “premium,” in which the leaf tissue is intentionally separated from the stems and veins, which are then discarded.

But this organic matter is not devoid of healing power. In fact, there are special, naturally-forming alkaloid compounds within these sections which may not exist in the same concentrations anywhere else in the plant.

How Unique Alkaloids May Influence the Effects

Unfortunately there has been very little serious research into the exact composition of this material, but we do know that there are enough unique alkaloids to create the effects of kratom stem & vein. There is a higher concentration here of Uncaria alkaloids like Mitraphylline, Rhynchophylline, and Corynantheidine. These alkaloids act as µ-opioid receptor and Betag-2-adrenergic and antagonists in the body.

Many people believe that the effects of kratom and the reason it works are not due to any single alkaloid, but rather the interaction of all of the more than 40 alkaloids present together. This would be a compelling reason to retain the entire leaf during the harvesting process, but would also discourage the intentional consumption of just stem and leaf. What do users who’ve tried it say?

User Reports on Kratom Stem & Vein

Overall, the user-reported benefits of kratom stem & vein do indeed seem to indicate lower potency. However, there were some interesting quirks to this product:

  • More sedating and relaxing than companion full leaf powders of the same strain.
  • Much longer time until onset of effects.
  • Much longer total duration of effects – as much as 30 percent longer.

Perhaps the longer onset is due to the extra digestion time this denser plant material requires.

Are Stem & Leaf Products Worth the Money?
The problem with assessing the cost benefits of stem and vein is that these products are not as widely available as processed Kratom powders or even capsules. There is simply a much larger market for de-veined Kratom. In fact, they are only carried on a few reputable online vendor sites, like the high quality Borneo Stem & Vein product from Bouncing Bear Botanicals. When you are able to find this rarity online, be sure to grab a decent supply before it disappears again.

Most users agree that these variations are very interesting, with unique benefits, but may not be potent enough to use on their own. Some have suggested that mixing kratom stems & veins into regular powder will boost the duration of effects nicely, adding a warming and deeply relaxing quality to any other strain. Usually a ratio of 20-40% stem and vein will work in this regard.
Most people believe that the entire kratom tree is a gift from nature that we can use to improve the quality of our lives. As such, all parts of this gift have value and should not be discarded. The effects of kratom stem & vein are not negligible and should no be treated as waste. For the average kratom user, they will be best employed via mixing with other favorite full leaf strains, enhancing the proven power of kratom leaf and the traditional powders we make from them.