Kratom Supply

kratom supply review

Building a comprehensive home kratom supply requires a good understanding of all of the options that are out there for fans of the popular herbal medicinal. Many people feel overwhelmed when first exploring the incredible range of choices available. With so many different strains and preparations, grown in so many unique regions, each producing their own set of health benefits and effects, it’s easy to have more questions than answers. But as one’s appreciation of kratom grows, these questions turn into a healthy curiosity to try everything. Keeping an excellent array of kratom products in your arsenal is the best way to make informed decisions about dosage and strain, fight tolerances, and become a true connoisseur.

Diversity of Strains

While all kratom is indigenous to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, there is still an incredible amount of variation from country to country and tree to tree. All serious kratom supplies should contain plant products representing the major growers of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant.

Top Regions:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Borneo
  • Sumatra
  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • Vietnam

Next, you will want to sample each of the main strain types. Note: not every region naturally grows every strain, but you should aim for a good cross-section.

Strain Types:

  • Red Leaf – Relaxing
  • White Leaf – Energizing
  • Green Leaf – Hybrid of all effects
  • Maeng Da – Maximum strength pimp grade

Want to take your kratom supply to the next level? Now that you’ve got a representative of every region and strain, try exploring blends and fusions, which are artisan combinations designed to maximize and fine tune benefits.

Extracts and Tinctures For Your Kratom Supply

Different strains aren’t the only way to diversify your kratom supply. Branch out by sampling some of the many different preparations that are on the market.

Extracts are one of the most popular forms of kratom. These highly concentrated powders are up to 15 times as potent as traditional powders, though you will sometimes see even 50x extracts sold. They can be taken on their own or added as “sweeteners” to other products.

Tinctures are ultra-concentrated liquid extracts, taken via dropper under the tongue.

Resins are the dense, rock-like results of boiling down large amounts of raw kratom leaves. You can grind resins into extract powder, or chip off sections to consume directly.

Capsules – this convenient format lets you take kratom in the form of easy to swallow and measure pills.

Buying in Bulk

If you are embarking upon creating an excellent personal kratom supply, price is going to matter. Even when you are able to find great deals, adding all the different strains and preparations to your medicine chest could become expensive. Especially since Kratom may not last very long if it is not stored properly. That’s why it’s important to not only become an expert in types of kratom, but also in ways to buy it affordably. Bulk shopping is an avenue only recently opened to the public. Previously, only large scale distributors had access to bulk deals on kratom, but now some wholesale websites are passing that savings on to the consumer.

By buying a range of your favorite strains in bulk, you can lock in excellent per-dose prices for months or even years in advance. Typically, savings of 30 percent or more can be found just for buying an extra few ounces or capsules. As your knowledge of kratom grows, you’ll get better and better at spotting these deals and pouncing on them.
Sources to Buy Your Kratom Supply

Variety of strains, various forms of preparation, and bulk deals are the hallmarks of the best online vendors. You should always insist upon all three. Furthermore, the more business you do online, the more you’ll want to make sure your personal information is safe, and the quality of your purchases is guaranteed. Do not patronize any kratom supplier who does not offer all of these features.

One excellent site offering wholesale prices on a superb range of kratom products is Arena Ethnobotanicals. After browsing many online kratom sellers and exploring user reviews, this site continues to lead the pack. Scoring high marks on product quality, shipping speed, and customer privacy, Arena is one vendor we’re proud to link to.

Just a little bit of background knowledge goes a long way in helping you choose the best range of products for your kratom supply. Draw upon the wisdom of other users, as well as the recommendations of trusted online vendors, when making choices about what to buy. These two groups have the most intimate knowledge of the benefits and effects of this wondrous herbal medicinal, except maybe for the farmers of Southeast Asia themselves. But even those original kratom enthusiasts learned about their crops the same way you will – by patient, curious exploration. As you put together your own ultimate collection of herbal remedies, have fun learning about everything that kratom has to offer your life.