Kratom Therapy Review of Strains, Prices and Service

kratom therapy review

Kratom Therapy brings a California “hippy” vibe to the world of online vendors. Through the design and message of their site, they offer a relaxed style, with an emphasis on the holistic health aspects of kratom use. This is a refreshing change from many of the more crass “cash grab” sites we’ve been seeing lately, which seem to be produced by businessmen and not true kratom enthusiasts. But does Kratom Therapy also offer the products that true kratom fans are looking for, in addition to the positive attitude? Let’s take a look at the content and see.

Quality of Kratom Therapy Products

The general philosophy of Kratom Therapy seems to be a focus on fewer high quality products, as opposed to a larger selection. Indeed, they only have 4 strains on offer we’ve heard of, plus one that is a complete unknown – the mysterious Superior Red Dragon Kratom.

Now, while this philosophy sounds noble on paper, it is sometimes the case that a vendor who can’t provide a large selection will try to spin their limited inventory as a perk. Unfortunately, savvy modern web shoppers don’t really fall for this one anymore. With every passing year, we are becoming accustomed to more and more choice. We literally have the whole world at our fingertips – and there are no justifications for limited selections, period.

So, as much as Kratom Therapy’s focus on health and healing should be lauded, the selection does not back it up. Check out an ethnobotanical site that is truly invested in the holistic use of plant remedies, like Bouncing Bear Botanicals. You won’t believe your eyes when you look though the selection of unique kratom products, plus a treasure chest of formerly rare plants and seeds from all over the world. It’s one thing to talk about being devoted to the holistic use of plants as Therapy does, but another thing entirely to put your money where your mouth is and offer a comprehensive selection of real remedies. In a head to head matchup, we’d have to give this round to Bouncing Bear.


Unfortunately, the “holistic” approach does not apply to Kratom Therapy’s prices. On average, the pricing of their limited selection of products is several dollars higher per ounce, across the board.

For example, they are offering Bali powder at $16/ounce, while other top sites like Arena Ethnobotanicals are selling ultra high quality Bali kratom for only $12.99/ounce.

One would think the focus on less variety would at least pay off in lower prices for customers, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Kratom Therapy Reviews from Customers

There is one area that Kratom Therapy gets high marks from user reviews. By offering sampler packs of their 5 strains, the site has picked up some new fans. Users love the option to try smaller amounts of each variety before deciding which one to buy a proper quantity of. Of course, we can’t help but think this is more popular because the site’s normal prices per ounce are so high that people are reluctant to drop the cash on full orders so quickly. That being said, the per dose price when buying sampler packs comes out to be even higher!

Otherwise, web surfers are responding well to the site’s focus on kratom as a medicinal supplement and not a party drug or “legal high.” Whether or not their pricing is competitive, it’s still good to know that there are some vendors out there who respect and protect the products they sell. What’s the ultimate way to respect the medicinal, healing, health-enhancing, mood-lifting potency of kratom? The answer must be to focus on delivering the highest quality product possible. External details like packaging and site philosophy are almost beside the point.

The alternative medicinal movement will only grow as more high quality, highly effective products become available to the people. There can be no substitute for this, no matter how artfully worded.

Final Grade

Kratom Therapy reviews suggest that this site is a great concept that somewhat fails in the execution. We think that full-service ethnobotanical sites like the ones mentioned above are far more representative of a progressive, open-minded approach to plant remedies than the simplistic California wordplay of the Therapy site. Furthermore, enjoying a great and varied selection is not mutually exclusive from progressive ideals – in fact, they should go hand in hand.

Final grade: C