It is Legal to Purchase Kratom in the UK?

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Use of Kratom in the UK has recently reached all new levels of social prevalence and interest continues to grow. Always on the vanguard of culture, fashion, and music, the UK is no stranger to cutting edge ideas. The modern adoption of alternative health and healing products is no exception. All-natural kratom leaves, grown in Southeast Asia and exported to the world, offers a wealth of mood-enhancing, stress-relieving, energizing benefits that are a perfect fit for fast-paced life in the UK. But will Kratom soon face a tough legal battle in Britain? Let’s check in with kratom’s current status in the U.K.

Kratom Use On The Rise in the UK

As a healthy, safe, natural alternative to chemical prescription drugs, to illegal opiates, as well as to dangerous legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes, kratom is poised to lead a new revolution in herbal health consciousness.

Great Britain has a long history of experience and struggle with narcotic and stimulant abuse. Along with many great modern cultural movements also came exposure to the hazards of drug abuse. Now, people in the U.K. are finding a natural alternative to harmful substances. Kratom – a tree whose natural, unrefined leaves are the botanical source of all kratom remedies – offers powerful pain relief, stress-reduction, and abundant natural energy. In short, it’s the perfect antidote to modern life.

With the advent of the internet, more British residents have been able to learn about and try this incredible herbal medicinal. Of course, any new supplement to hit the scene will be subject to misguided media fears and political misinformation that could threaten the public’s freedom to enjoy it.

Kratom UK Laws 2014

As of this writing, Kratom is still 100 percent legal in the United Kingdon. Throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, Kratom fans and new users alike are free to purchase it online, have it in their homes, and use it as they see fit. There are some restrictions that control how it can be marketed to customers and the claims that vendors are allowed to make in regards to its benefits. But by selling bulk Kratom powders as research compounds and ethnobotanicals, retailers are able to avoid some of the potentially prohibitive government policies.

At this time, kratom use is not threatened in the UK. However, plans may be afoot to undo the legality of so-called “legal highs.” These low-quality, often chemical products found in some head shops, are possibly unhealthful and toxic. Kratom is not in this category whatsoever. Its safety and efficacy have been documented time and again in the modern era – with not a single serious health issue connected to its use, worldwide, ever. That’s with as many as a thousand years of wide use or more! So, the inclusion of kratom with any list of harmful retail products would be utterly unfounded. Kratom fans in the UK are advised to keep an eye on the current situation, and make sure their rights aren’t needlessly threatened.

Most Popular Kratom UK Strains

Of all of the strains of kratom people enjoy in the UK, the biggest local sellers tend to come out of Malaysia. Over and over again kratom fans in Great Britain cite the many strains of Malaysian Kratom as a favorite, for the potent, long-lasting sense of emotional euphoria it produces.

When the pace of life gets too hectic, many local enthusiasts give great marks to kratom strains and products that originate in Bali. Red Bali kratom is known to produce one of the most relaxing effects of any kratom strain. Users love its anxiety-busting properties, which can be deeply therapeutic for residents of bustling urban metropolises. The perfect antidote to stressful jobs, traffic, and city noise is a warm cup of tea made from Red Thai. The people of the UK are already famous for their love of tea, so it makes sense that they would explore kratom tea made with red veined leaves, one of the more popular methods for consuming kratom. This drink is particularly effective and comforting on cold and rainy days, of which the UK certainly has its fair share.

Another frequently celebrated kratom strain is Indo. This product of Indonesia promotes maximum stimulation, especially in social settings. This strain might be so popular because it makes a great ice breaker for the famously reserved and subtle British people. Of course, there are countless kinds of interesting people and ideas in the UK beyond the cliché – each no doubt with a unique kratom strain that makes the perfect match.