Kratomite Review – Do Kratomite Shots and E-Cigs Work?


You may have seen the obnoxiously bright ads and in-store displays, but as this Kratomite review will suggest, avoid this questionable product at all costs. Anyone who knows the long history and traditions of the famous Mitragyna Speciosa tree from Southeast Asia can appreciate the incredible cultural and medicinal benefits of kratom leaves. However, due to the recent upswing in worldwide popularity of the remedy, some clever companies including Kratomite have tried to get on the bandwagon by marketing kratom products as some kind of party drug.

Kratomite is the perfect example of this strategy with both their Kratom shots and e-cigarette offerings. You can see it in their advertising and website design, as well as in the faux-psychedelic packaging of their products. Any true kratom enthusiast should run in the other direction when they see these things. Real kratom, from the source, is a complex, natural, ethnobotanical remedy that deserves the respect of its users – and its vendors. Here’s a quick breakdown of why you should never waste your time and money buying products like Kratomite.

What’s Inside? Contents of The Shot

Herein lies the central mystery and biggest complaint of this Kratomite review – we have no idea what exactly is in the shot. The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to produce an eye-catching, swirling and colorful label. However, they have chosen not to give very specific information anywhere on their website as to what type of kratom is used in the shot and in what amount. This seems like an important omission for a health supplement. Instead, the label promotes the “party” content of the shot – a childish marketing hook that denies true kratom lovers the ability to judge if the contents are safe and in what dose they should be taken. For this reason, any users are instructed to proceed at their own risk.


Here we have the next sub-par aspect of Kratomite – the taste. Users have widely reported that this concoction has a famously foul flavor. Most say it is quite difficult to get down fully without gagging. Now, kratom is known for the bitterness and strength of its taste. However, we suspect that Kratomite’s nasty taste is a result of chemical additive and artificial flavors. Natural kratom powder may be a strong and acquired taste, but it is never toxic and chemically processed. You must listen to your body when it tells you that a commercial product you are consuming is foul.

Kratomite Review – User Effects

What about the effects? Most Kratomite reviews rank the product as producing very weak effects. There is mild relaxation and mild stimulation at best, but no user has described it as strong or potent.

So, here is a summary of user’s opinions on this product:

  • Unknown ingredients.
  • Chemical additives.
  • Terrible taste.
  • Weak effects.

That’s a terrible report card for any product.

Kratomite Review – Final Recommendation

Taking kratom as a shot or beverage is a very fun way to experience the plant’s amazing benefits. Taking an herbal supplement doesn’t have to be a chore. But one should always know exactly what ingredients are contained in medicinal products they consume – that’s just good common sense. Here’s how to make your own delicious kratom liquid shot:

  • Add 3 grams of powdered kratom to a third of a glass of warm (not boiling) water. Stir it up gently.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir.
  • Now add a little more warm water and keep stirring.
  • Add a generous splash of your favorite soft drink – orange or grape soda work very well, but you can experiment with colas or ginger ale too.
  • Drink quickly, like a shot.

This super delicious quick drink will be just as potent as any other method of consumption. Most importantly, you get to choose what strain of kratom you like, what dosage is appropriate for you, and what mixer suits your palette. There will be no surprises – just a delicious and fun drink!

As this Kratomite review has pointed out, no one who is really interested in exploring the comprehensive body and mind benefits of kratom should waste their time on slickly-packaged products like these. The classification of kratom as a party drug is insulting to the millions of users worldwide who employ it as part of a thoughtful therapy for total wellness. Products like Kratomite also contribute to a misperception in the media and among lawmakers which could threaten all of our civil liberties. It is always better to patronize respected, trustworthy kratom vendors who sell the real thing.