Maeng Da Review – Is This the better Thai Kratom Strain?

maeng da review

Every new Maeng Da review confirms it – this powerful strain is consistently among the highest rated Kratom products world-wide. As colorful as the effects it produces, Maeng Da kratom has earned its raves one user at a time. Most report world class energy and phenomenal potency. It is a surprisingly cerebral strain of the Kratom leaf, able to enhance your mental performance, concentration, creativity, mood and sense of well-being. But it can also alleviate tension and pain if used in the right way. Available in powder or capsule form, the word in most Maeng Da reviews is that this is a “can’t-miss” variation from the family of Thai blends.

Maeng Da Kratom From Thailand

The bright green color of the Maeng Da leaf is your first indication that what the Maeng Da kratom reviews say is true – this is a very intense product. The name literally translates into “pimp grade.” This edgy catch-phrase is your next clue as to the fine, intense quality of this brand new strain.

What are the effects of Maeng Da kratom? Like all great kratom strains, Maeng Da is loaded with bioactive alkaloids, which are naturally forming compounds that interact with your physiology to offer a broad range of health benefits. But ittruly stands out in the intensity, speed, and sophisticated quality of its effects.

One Maeng Da Thai review notes the lightning fast onset of effects felt after just a single gram was ingested. This seems to be a common theme in Maeng Da reviews. But it’s the ultra-potent character of the effect which impresses reviewers most.

Every User Log Notes Strength

Reviewers of Maeng Da have been simply blown away by the powerful relief this medicinal herb provides, in all parts of mind and body. Chronic pain sufferers report dramatic freedom from pain in muscles and joints. Those who are living with depression-related symptoms report an almost instant lifting of the weight and despair associated with that debilitating illness. And some former opiate addicts have turned to Maeng Da to relieve withdrawal symptoms with spectacular results, allowing them to restore their bodies to balance, with the help of this all-natural plant-based remedy.

What gives Green Maeng Da its now-famous potency? Growers say that every batch is hand selected from among all of the best kratom leaves for maximum strength. However the farmers are filtering their selections, it seems to be working, as Maeng Da is consistently commended for its power.

Dosage Guidelines

As noted, the typical Maeng Da experience log notes that most doses between 1 and 3 grams will be sufficiently strong for the majority of average users. This may sound like a small amount relative to the larger doses that other strains may require. But most reviewers agree that optimum doses should stay below 3 grams. More than that is not typically necessary for a successful kratom experience, and will deliver the full benefits.

Share Your Own Maeng Da Review

Does Maeng Da live up to the hype? You can read reviews on message boards all day long, but ultimately the only way to be sure of the quality of Maeng Da is to try it for yourself. Select online kratom sellers like Arena Ethnobotanicals are now offering Maeng Da powder, so you can investigate and come to your own conclusion. If you don’t like it, return it for your money back.
Another option you might want to look into are Maeng Da kratom capsules. As some users have pointed out, Maeng Da is the perfect strain for any exciting outdoor, all-day activities. Being able to take your Kratom on the go in pill form, perhaps for a day at the beach, a mountain climb, or playing ball in the park, is recommended by kratom fans as the ultimate way to enjoy the day. The versatility of capsules means there are no limits – you’ll be liberated from having to measure or prepare powder.

We all have our favorite strains of kratom. In the end, the only Maeng Da Kratom results that matter are your own. Does Maeng Da deserve the name “pimp grade”? Try it and you tell us!