The 3 Most Potent Kratom Products You Can Purchase in 2014

most potent kratom

The most potent kratom strains all have one thing in common. Even though there are dozens of regional strains of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree across Southeast Asia, the strongest representatives all deliver an end-experience to the user that elevates and enhances all systems of the body into superb function. Everyone has their favorite – personal taste is a combination of body chemistry, emotional state, and quality of product. But several strains stand out as the highest potency Kratom products regardless of external factors. Read on to find out the reigning champs for potency and see if your favorite made the cut.

The Science Behind Strong Kratom

What makes one kratom product stronger than another? It’s all in the leaves. Kratom’s leaves are packed with a naturally occurring compound called an alkaloid. This simple substance interfaces with the cells of your body to impact pain response, mood, and movement of the sympathetic nervous system. Every kratom leaf has at least 40 of these compounds, which come together synergistically to create the effects so many users report in their bodies and minds.

What inspires alkaloid growth? It’s a result of the unique conditions in the specific region where the plant was grown. In the case of the Southeast Asian nations where kratom had grown indigenously for thousands of years, warm, humid air combines with extremely fertile soil to create the perfect growth scenario. Unique seedlings are nurtured by these conditions, and alkaloids naturally materialize as plants mature. Even the character of the wind itself contributes to alkaloid formation. So, no two plants, or strains, are alike.

The way in which kratom is harvested also plays a huge role in the strength of the final product. The strongest potency kratom is facilitated by skilled farmers who use age-old traditions to prepare leaves for export. Size of leaf and amount of stem matter contributes greatly to the potency of the dried powder which eventually results from crushed leaves.

The Most Potent Kratom By Strain

Luckily, most of us don’t have to bother ourselves with the intricacies of how kratom is farmed. To find out the most concentrated kratom strains, we can rely on the experience and wisdom of the millions of users who have come before us. Using their guidance – readily available on message boards around the web – we are able to determine which are the most popular and potent strains available.

Red veined kratom: Time and again, users recommend the magical Red Bali Kratom as the most potent variation of red leaf plants. This strain promises a deeply relaxing experience, with a gradual, natural onset of effects which then last for 6 hours or more. Users report the release of worry, anxiety, and fear. A calm state envelopes the entire mind and body which has been described as utterly peaceful and blissful.

White veined kratom This exciting, dynamic White Borneo strain has been singled out as one of the most effective white strains on the market. Known for delivering a powerful blast of all-day energy, the Borneo strains nonetheless are known for their natural feeling. The high energy benefits never come with the jitters associated with coffee. Depression symptoms lift, intense concentration is achieved, and users report prolonged feelings of total euphoria.

Green veined kratom Green strains are known for their comprehensive array of effects encompassing both red and white leaf sensations. Green Malay products serve users a dazzling range of health benefits, with a simultaneously calming and energizing feeling. Effects come on strong, quickly, and can last for 3-6 hours.

The Power of Extracts

Users hoping to achieve an even more dramatic effect than the most potent kratom should give extracts a try. These hyper concentrated formulations of kratom are made by boiling leaves down into a dense resin, which is then crushed. The resulting 15x extract powder can be added into another powder, or taken on its own in very small doses. Extracts are like super-charged versions of their source leaves, and there’s nothing more powerful on the market.

Strongest Kratom Blends

A new way to boost the power of kratom powders is through the use of blends or fusions. These mixtures, as the names imply, are simply custom combinations of different strains, added together to create totally unique and super-powered effects. Some fusions, like this Borneo Blend, are comprised of red, white, and green strains all in one. The harmonious effects of all three together pack quite a punch!

Whichever form of the most potent kratom you choose, be sure to adjust your dosage to maximize your enjoyment. Remember, sometimes “less is more” when it comes to this herbal remedy, especially if you’re looking for a more energizing effect. When you start with a lovingly harvested, super potent strain, start slowly and work your way up to the proper dose over many sessions. This gentle strategy will not only protect you from side effects and tolerances, it will also prolong the pleasure you get from this amazing medicinal plant.