OPMS Kratom: Review of Capsules and Liquid Effects

opms kratom review

Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa – known more commonly as OPMs Kratom – is a leading brand of Kratom extract capsules and tinctures. This brand is revered as one of the strongest available due to its proprietary extraction method. Many reviews posted online cite this as the best Kratom for sale in 2014 with excellent effects for pain relief, anxiety, euphoria and treating addiction. Before buying OPMs Kratom, you should consider the fact that it is more expensive and it may lead to a higher risk of side effects and tolerance than other similar products.

What is in OPMs Kratom?

OPMs is a highly concentrated extract form of Maeng Da Kratom that is sold in either capsule or liquid tincture form. The hallmark of O.P.M.s. Kratom is a specialized extraction process which they say involves high pressured cold water as opposed to the typical hot water or alcohol solvent. This reportedly produces an extract that preserves as much as 95% of the alkaloid content of the leaf. OPMs claims that this “is more than any other known extraction process to date”.

This claim seems to be supported by its many customers who have posted glowing reviews of the product on a number of web communities dedicated to Mitragyna Speciosa. However, there are some missing pieces of information that would be good to know prior to purchasing this extract. Reliable vendors and suppliers should tell you the extraction factor achieved with their Kratom leaf. For example, most extracts will be marked as being 15, 25x or 50x potency but we do not get this information from OPMs. This can make it difficult to know the precise dosage to you.

Buying OPMs Kratom capsules

O.P.M.S. Kratom is also one of the most expensive extract products we have ever seen. On the Kratom-K website you can purchase it in packages of 2 capsules for $14.95 which is an effective price of $7.48 per capsule. Many other high quality extract capsules will sell in the $2 – $4 range each, though again we would need to know the prices extraction factor in order to make an appropriate comparison. The tincture is even more expensive with 8 mL of liquid Kratom selling for $19.95 per bottle. They say that this amount contains the extract alkaloid content of 12 grams of Maeng Da leaf.

Here it is worth noting the economics of purchasing OPMs versus purchasing crushed Maeng Da leaf or powder. You can buy non-extract Maeng Da powder for $22 per ounce which works out to an effective price of $8.80 per 12 grams. That means if we compare directly with the tincture, you are paying almost 2.3x more to buy OPMs liquid extract versus the raw material. For some, this price may be justified for the convenience or the perceived higher strength of OPMs Kratom. But for regular or semi-regular users, it ends up making a lot more sense to buy the cheaper crushed leaves or powder.

Extracts vs Non-Extracts
There seems to be a common misconception in Kratom marketing to suggest that extracts are somehow better or give a stronger effect than unaltered Kratom powder or crushed leaf. This is somewhat misleading: an extract consists simply of the alkaloids from the Kratom leaf that have been removed from some of the plant matter so that they are more concentrated. In other words, if you are using a 15x extract, instead of consuming 7.5 grams of powder, you would only need 500 mg of extract in order to get the same effects.

The effects are not going to be that different (unless the powder has been enhanced with some type of synthetic alkaloid… in which case you want to avoid these products entirely). It’s just that you will need to take a smaller dosage to achieve your desired results. It also makes the packaging process much easier since the average capsule can hold 500 mg of powder. If you were to use regular strength powder, you would need to swallow 15 capsules as opposed to only one for a 15x Kratom extract.

OPMs Review

In closing, we would like to repeat that ratings for this product in the Kratom community have been very positive and there are a number of testimonials online that praise its effects. This should certainly be taken into account when deciding whether to buy OPMs. However, you should also remember that OPMs is a natural non-enhanced extract that is made from Maeng Da leaf. This means you should experience the same effects if you were to use the equivalent amount of Maeng Da powder versus OPMs Kratom capsules. There is also a lot of evidence that using extracts makes it more likely you will develop tolerance to Kratom alkaloids or experience side effects due to excessively high dosages. It may not be worth paying the higher price for this product – especially if you are intended to use it over a long period of time.

One other point that we would like to make is that it is clear that the acronym OPMs Kratom is intended to imply a connection between this leaf and opium. We have some qualms against the marketing of Kratom as a “legal high” or an opioid substitute. It leads to potentially unsafe use of these products and also threatens the future legality of all Kratom. It is more likely to be made illegal if the perception in the general public is that individuals are using it as a drug instead of an herbal health supplement. We would prefer if the marketing of Kratom focused instead on the natural benefits of this plant and did not forge a further connection with opioids.

Note: OPMS Kratom should not be confused with Kratom OPM (Organic Pleasure Management) which is a completely distinct brand of extracts. Of the two, OPMS is the more established brand. The OPM products have largely been stylized to resemble the original, but they are two separate companies. Some vendors have posted warnings about the presence of counterfeit OPMs Kratom in the marketplace and have warned users to always look for the serial and lot numbers printed on the front and back of the authentic packages.