Are Head Shop Brands Like Purple Sticky Kratom Safe and Effective?

purple sticky kratom

As kratom becomes more popular, new brands like Purple Sticky Kratom have started to appear in local retail head shops. Many new users who have read about Mitragyna Speciosa, the herbal remedy from Southeast Asia, are eager to try it but don’t have a lot of experience with various different products. Can they trust the kinds of products that appear next to “legal highs” in head shops? There are several reasons that the flashy packages and catchy names of some of these retail products may not be such a great deal after all. For safety, efficacy, and price, there may be some much better options out there.

Are Branded Remedies Like Purple Sticky Kratom As Potent As Natural Products?

Is Purple Sticky Kratom as potent as the true products exported directly from Asia? Unfortunately, there’s no real way to know. This is the first issue a consumer must face when shopping for retail herbal remedies. The colorful labels typically give almost no detailed information about the contents. Which region was the plant grown in? What color are the leaves? What types of physical and mental effects could a user expect? What dosage is appropriate? These are all very reasonable questions that should be asked when making any medicinal purchase. Yet, products like purple sticky Kratom powder or extract are all flash without much depth. Beyond the fun name, there is frequently a lack of the detailed info that every user needs to know before consuming any substance.

The Problems With Buying Purple Sticky Kratom

Price. Some retail prices for kratom are astronomically inflated in shops. In many cases, we’ve seen reports of pricing at up to five times what a consumer would pay at a reputable online vendor.

Weight. Without any way to confirm the weight of a product besides the labeling and guessing when holding it in the hand, a head shop customer is forced to take a leap of faith, and believe that a gram on the label equals a gram in the package. Unfortunately, reports widely indicate that weight measurements are often way off with products like Purple Sticky Kratom leaf.

Quality. Will this kratom be strong enough for your needs? Will it relax you when you want to be energized, or vice versa? In busy head shops, employees are tasked with maintaining hundreds of different products. It’s unlikely that they will be experts in kratom, or even know anything about the quality of the goods they sell. With nothing else to go on but the label, you take a real risk buying this way.

No Guarantees. If you don’t like what you’ve bought at a head shop, chances are you’re out of luck. Most shops like these do not offer money back guarantees if the product doesn’t work as advertised. And at these prices, when the kratom is weak, underweight, or the wrong strain, it really hurts your wallet. Is your health, enjoyment, and budget really worth the risk?

The Unethical Marketing of Head Shop Kratom

There is another issue with products like Purple Sticky Kratom which is worth considering. By branding the remedy with a name that is specifically used in order to forge a connection with marijuana, manufacturers and vendors do a great disservice to users and the global kratom community. Kratom, neither purple nor sticky, is not equivalent to marijuana and has countless virtues which make it a unique and invaluable herbal medicinal in its own right. It has been used successfully and safely for thousands of years, and does not have to hyped as a “legal high” to be valid and appealing. This kind of misinformation unfortunately fuels the kind of misguided drug hysteria we see in the media. This panic leads to unnecessary bans on Kratom plants, which harm us all.

How To Purchase Naturally-Grown Kratom Right From The Source

Luckily, we have another option for obtaining pure kratom from the nations and farmers who produce it. There are a handful of excellent online vendors who offer reliably quality products, with detailed explanations of how and where it was produced, as well as the exact contents and weight. With customer service reps available to answer questions and pages of testimonials and fan reviews, Arena Ethnobotanicals stands out as one such trustworthy seller. With same day shipping from offices within the U.S., the incredible convenience of sellers like these negates any advantage a neighborhood head shop might provide.

Products like Purple Sticky Kratom are indeed a sign of the growing popularity of this traditional herbal remedy. But the savvy consumer has access to and deserves the finest, purest, and safest products available – making informed buying decisions with trusted and knowledgeable kratom dealers is always the safest bet.