UEI Kratom Review – Is Ultra Enhanced Indo the Strongest Kratom?

ultra enhanced indo kratom

As most users and they will tell you there is no stronger kratom product than Ultra Enhanced Indo available in the world today. All kratom leaves contain powerful alkaloids which positively impact mind and body. But the extremely concentrated nature of UEI kratom delivers professional-level effects that are not appropriate for most novice users. What gives Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom its famous power? Here are the facts about how this enhanced strain boosts potency to record levels. We’ll also review possible side effects and how to use this product for the desired effects. Is an enhanced Kratom leaf or powder worth it or are you better off using the regular strength products?

Alkaloid Levels in UEI Kratom

Any time you see the label “Enhanced” on a kratom product, it means that the potency has been boosted by adding a highly concentrated extract into the mix. This extract is created by boiling down a dense kratom resin. In the case of Ultra Enhanced Indo, up to 1500 additional milligrams of pure alkaloids are added to already potent Indo strains.

Is an Enhanced kratom powder right for you? That depends on your experience level and personal tolerance/body type. However, most new users do not need to start out at the Enhanced level to receive the full benefits and enjoyment of the Kratom herb.

Typical Effects of Ultra Enhanced Indo

Ultra Enhanced Indo is widely reported by users to create both intense sensations of euphoria and intense feelings of sedation, perhaps more than any other strain. The difference lies in the dosage. As with most Kratom types, lower doses tend to produce stimulating effects, whereas higher doses tend toward more relaxation. In the case of UEI, the most desirable effects tend to be in the lower dose ranges for most users. Many experienced kratom enthusiasts claim that UEI is often too strong, unless a very minimal dose is taken.

How To Adjust Dosage For Enhanced Strains

With UEI Kratom, less is most definitely more. Whenever you use any enhanced kratom products, it’s a good idea to set aside your normal dose preferences and start fresh. At 20 times the potency, a normal dose would be far too extreme to enjoy for most users. So, scale back to more conservative measurements, even if at first they seem like too little.

Enhanced high quality Indo is effective when a single gram is ingested. This equates to as little as an eighth of a teaspoon. Many users report that they actually prefer half of this dose, starting with .5 grams. These are experienced users. To ensure you have the best possible experience with enhanced Indo kratom, start with a very small dose and add more in increments of .5 grams over several sessions if you want to experience more dramatic effects. However in most cases, this will not be necessary.

Is It More Expensive Than Other Enhanced Kratom Products?

One of the main drawbacks with enhanced Indo is price. Though market conditions vary, this product is often priced substantially higher than regular kratom capsules or powders. This is usually the case with enhanced products, which makes sense as the concentration of the kratom means you have to use far less per session.

Is Ultra Enhanced Indo worth the added expense? This product is so powerful that most kratom fans report it is not ideal for regular use. It is generally thought of more as “special occasion” strain, used infrequently as a break from more moderate kratom powders or other strains like Red Indo Leaf. A good strategy with enhanced products is to purchase some to have on hand for infrequent use, as a supplement to a larger supply of non-enhanced powder more suitable for daily/weekly use. UEI Kratom is so strong that it is sometimes considered exotic, and is not always available in stock.

A better bet is to pick up some very strong but not overwhelming extract powder. This concentrated powder, which is what is used to create enhanced kratom, is often sold separately, at strengths up to 15x. This popular Kratom 15x Powder from Arena Ethnobotanicals is a good example. With your own extract on hand, you can experiment with making your own version of UEI Kratom, by simply adding extract to your personal appropriate dosage of premium powder, to comprise about 10-20 percent of the total weight. This way, you can create your own Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom experience, without producing effects that are too strong for regular use.