A Practical Guide To Using Kratom

use kratom

Even though Kratom is well-documented as offering stress-busting, immune-boosting, pain-relieving benefits and is safe and legal in most countries, many people are still in the dark when it comes to practical methods for using kratom. Experiencing the therapeutic properties of this traditional herbal medicinal couldn’t be easier. But it is also important that you use Kratom in the right way to avoid side effects and prevent a tolerance from developing. One of the nuances of Kratom is that how you use it can completely change the way it affects you. Here are some hands-on tips for bringing the healing power of kratom into your life today.

It’s All About The Alkaloids
Kratom derives its medicinal power from vitality-enhancing alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are simply naturally occurring plant-based compounds. These Kratom alkaloids are unique to the Mitragyna Speciosa plant and possess fascinating mechanisms of action in the body. When these compounds enter the blood, they can provide a vast array of organic protection, repair, and stimulation to the body and mind.

The most efficient way to get alkaloids into your bloodstream is by ingesting them as opposed to smoking Kratom. The ancient method to ingest kratom, as practiced in Southeast Asia for thousands of years, was simply to chew on the raw leaves. But for modern kratom users, the true challenge is adjusting to the taste. What does plain kratom taste like? Many people find it to be quite bitter. The solution? Crushing kratom into a fine powder allows for a broad range of innovative, versatile methods for consuming the leaves, while losing none of the benefits.

Kratom In Pill Form – The Total Convenience of Capsules
Many new users to Kratom prefer to consume it in pill or capsule form. While you can buy pre-filled capsules from some vendors, not everyone carries them and they can be more expensive. Making your own kratom capsules is an easy and inexpensive way to have kratom ready on-the-go, no matter where you are.

  • 1. Be sure to purchase your kratom as a powder or extract powder. Or, create your own powder by grinding crushed dry leaves in a blender.
  • 2. Visit your local health food store for a package of empty gelatin capsules. Choose a size that will be easy for you to swallow, as you may need to swallow several capsules in one sitting.
  • 3. Create a clean, dry, flat workspace.
  • 4. Untwist each empty capsule with your fingers.
  • 5. Measure out your desired amount of kratom on a scale, and use a teaspoon to gently fill each capsule with the powder.
  • 6. Pop the capsule top back on, and store the finished pills safely in a well-marked container.

Then, simply swallow the capsules with a few sips of water, using kratom just like you would with any other supplement or vitamin. You can also purchase a very cheap pill capping machine to make this process a lot more efficient.

Down The Hatch! Try Using Kratom In These Easy and Tasty Beverages
Kratom is also widely used as an additive to liquids. It’s as simple as measuring out the proper dose and then stirring into the delicious drink of your choice.

  • Orange juice. Most people love the flavor combination of kratom and juice.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. Multiply the anti-oxidant power of kratom by adding it to blended smoothies containing berries. When combined with a scoop of flavored protein powder, you probably won’t taste the kratom at all.
  • Kratom tea. Make a warm cup of kratom tea by boiling kratom powder with water, and straining the liquid before drinking.
  • Get experimental! Kratom enthusiasts around the world have reported success mixing kratom powder with coffee, soft drinks, even milkshakes!

Adding Kratom To Your Favorite Foods

Another clever way to use kratom is by adding it to food. Plain, dry powder can be difficult to chew and swallow, so look for inventive ways to moisten and blend it with your favorite snacks. Here are just a few popular suggestions for Kratom recipes:

  • Mix well with butter or honey and smear on toast
  • Stir into peanut butter
  • Blend with apple sauce
  • Fold into a lettuce wrap

Of course, you can always try the no-frills method for using kratom – swallow the powder raw, followed by generous gulps of water or juice. This technique is strictly for the adventurous!

Can I Smoke Kratom?
While the experience of smoking kratom may be on par with any herbal cigarette, there are no dramatic health, potency, or taste benefits to smoking it. In fact, smoking kratom leaves is the least optimal method for delivering kratom’s powerful alkaloids to the bloodstream. Your best bet for using kratom is to follow the traditional methods handed down through the generations – either chew the leaves, or ingest kratom powder in any of the methods listed above.
Dosage and Safety – Using Kratom Responsibly

No matter how you choose to ingest your kratom, ensure you achieve the desired effect by consuming the correct dose. As there can be great variation in the strength and effect of different kratom strains, be sure to follow the instructions on any given package of product. Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • 2-25 grams. All safe kratom dosages fall within this general range. While under 5 grams is considered very mild, dosages around 25 grams will produce far more powerful effects. A good rule of thumb is to start with a small dose, and take note of the effect. The next time you try kratom, adjust accordingly.
  • Kratom extract is concentrated. Made from very potent resin, kratom extract powder is far more potent than kratom powder made directly from crushed leaves.
  • Kratom color indicates effect. Choose from red, white, or green-veined kratom leaves to produce effects that are more stimulating, more relaxing, or a blend of the two.
  • Possible side effects are mild. Most people do not experience significant side effects from responsible kratom use within suggested dosages. If you feel overly exhausted, nauseous, or achy while using kratom, simply take a break from using it for a week.

While it has not been proven to be habit-forming, try to ingest kratom no more than once a week or month. Let your feelings be the guide, and have fun inventing new and creative ways to incorporate it into your routine. Using kratom responsibly, you can experience powerful mood-lifting and life-enhancing benefits.