Kratom For Depression – A Natural Alternative to Anti-Depressants

kratom for depression

More and more people are turning to all-natural kratom for depression. Could this powder made from the leaves of Southeast Asian trees hold the key to alleviating one of the world’s most common and debilitating illnesses? While many go undiagnosed, or worse yet are embarrassed to admit to feeling symptoms of depression, our planet has provided solutions that can benefit everyone – with no expensive and awkward doctor’s visit required. As with many alternative herbal remedies, kratom powder is a wholesome resource that delivers powerful relief for the mind and body as nature intended. It is highly uplifting for your mood, produces a positive state of mind and in some cases is said to cause euphoric feelings. But whether or not you choose to treat depression with kratom, you should never hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

An Epidemic of Illness, An Epidemic of Over-Medication

Did you know that at least 350 million people are currently suffering from depression world-wide? The symptoms are so ubiquitous that many assume that being depressed is simply a normal function of modern life. Do you feel any of the following on a regular basis?

  • Low energy.
  • Chronic sadness.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Erratic appetite.

Unfortunately, along with the rise of these common symptoms, a new menace to health and happiness has grown up alongside depression – over-use of prescription anti-depressants. Marketed as a cure-all for any emotional imbalance in life, this avalanche of pills is also a gargantuan money maker for the pharmaceutical industry. Astoundingly, at least 1 in 10 Americans aged 12 and over are taking some form of anti-depressant. But we have to look no further than the gifts of Mother Nature for alternatives like taking Kratom capsules that are not made in a factory, nor to line the pockets of corporate profit machines.

Try Kratom For Depression – A Wonder Medicine As Ancient As The Rainforest

The humble kratom leaf has been used for thousands of years by traditional Southeast Asian cultures for a long list of physical and emotional maladies, including as an analgesic, an energy booster, and even to aid in easing opiate withdrawal. Over the past century, modern users have favored crushing the dried leaf into a fine powder and ingesting it to receive the amazing mind and body benefits. Now, first-hand anecdotal reports from kratom users all over the world point to its power and efficacy in fighting depression. Here are just some of the depression-relieving properties being reported about the kratom experience:

  • Mood enhancer – Sadness, worry, and anxiety are gently lifted after ingesting kratom powder. With the weight of these heavy emotions lessened, you’re able to see your life’s challenges with a clearer and more optimistic perspective.
  • All-day energy and vitality – Kratom is known to give a gentle, organic boost to energy levels, allowing you to move through the day without heaviness.
  • Concentration – The powder from Kratom leaves sharpens the mind, making focus on a long day of work enjoyable.
  • Aid for relaxation – Different strains and doses of kratom have been shown to induce easy, relaxed states of mind.
  • Erase aches and pains – Depression is not just a mental disorder – it often also manifests as pain in the body. Kratom offers clean, chemical-free pain relief.

Choose The Right Type of Kratom For Depression

While all forms of kratom provide relief for the mind and body, different types of kratom leaves can be used to fine tune the exact result you’re looking for. Depending upon your unique symptoms, try the strain that best describes how you’d like to feel.

Red Kratom: Named after the color of the veins running through the actual plant leaves, red kratom is known as the most soothing variety. If you are feeling high strung and are having trouble focusing, give the red kratom a try. You can expect a calming, sedative-like effect, which can ease the high-energy stress of frenzied worry and anxiety.

White Kratom: If your depression has you feeling slow, listless, and lacking motivation, try white kratom. This variety can create a natural blast of all-day energy to help you make the most of a work day, and shake off any case of the blahs. White kratom like this White-Veined Borneo powder also delivers a joyful, euphoric feeling, giving you a powerful emotional lift when you need it.
What’s The Appropriate Kratom Dose To Take For Depression Symptoms?

What Kratom powder dosage should you be using to address your depression symptoms? Of course, every body is different, and each case of depression is influenced by a variety of physical and emotional factors. Use common sense when trying kratom for depression – begin with much smaller doses, and patiently evaluate how your mood changes. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Light feelings of daily depression: 1-5 grams
  • Moderate, chronic symptoms: 5-15 grams
  • Severe, acute episodes: 15-25 grams

When it comes to depression, finding an effective treatment may involve sampling many different varieties of kratom at various dosages to see what works best for you. In many cases, you’ll find instant improvement for most of the hallmark symptoms of depression – without a visit to the pharmacy. Herbal remedies have been used throughout the history of human culture for a reason – the natural solutions to our problems are often growing right from the ground beneath our feet. If you are privately suffering from this very common ailment and are looking for a holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals, consider drawing upon the resources that the planet provides. Using kratom for depression just might help you release your worries, and shine a gentle new light in your life.