Way to Take Kratom – Prepare and Ingest Mitragyna Speciosa Leaves

best way to take kratom

In ancient cultures of Southeast Asia, the best way to take kratom was pulling a leaf off of a nearby tree and chewing it. In modern times, many of us live thousands of miles away from the nearest Mitragyna Speciosa tree. So, today’s kratom enthusiasts have experimented with countless new and innovative ways to ingest the dried, powdered forms of the plant. By keeping an eye on dosage while getting creative, there will definitely be a method that’s right for you. Let’s explore some of the best ways of taking kratom according to users all over the world.

Start By Figuring Out The Right Dose
Before you start to experiment with ways to eat kratom, it’s essential to calculate the proper dose for you. Aside from which strain you choose, dosage is the single most important part of using kratom as an herbal medicinal. The numbers can vary wildly based on the strength of the powder you choose, whether or not an extract has been added, and whether you want a more energizing or relaxing experience. Personal tolerance also comes into play, along with general body type, how rested you are, and even your emotional frame of mind.
Be sure to consider all of these factors when calculating a dose. It may take many sessions over weeks or months before you have your exact perfect Kratom dosage figured out, and that’s okay. Just be respectful of the process, and in general try to err on the side of too little, when possible. The threshold amount for most strains is a single gram. That is always a good starting point.

Good rule of thumb: Smaller doses produce more energizing effects. Larger doses are known to have more of a sedative quality.

How To Take Kratom With Food Or Drink
There are two factors most people have to overcome when ingesting kratom – the taste, which may be too bitter for most palettes, and the amount of powder that must be consumed. Getting down even a tablespoon of very dry powder can be awkward, so many people opt to use food and drink to help them do it.

The most popular and some say best way to use kratom is by mixing it with orange juice and drinking. The sweetness of the juice goes a long way in masking the taste. Some prefer grapefruit juice to mask the flavor with a more acceptable form of bitterness. You can also mix the powder into a smoothie, or even a virgin Bloody Mary.

Many people enjoy brewing the powder into a potent kratom tea. A great product for this is an all-around great powder like Green Borneo. Simple tea is easy to make – just add your dose into a pot of softly boiling water. Lower the heat to a simmer for 15 minutes, then strain the liquid into a mug, throwing the gritty matter in the strainer. You can drink it hot or save it on ice for later.

If you’d like to have even more fun and variety, try mixing it into solid foods or using Kratom recipes. The most simple and popular method for this is adding powder to a mug full of chilled applesauce. More daring kratom chefs have blended the plant powder into oatmeal, stirred it into yogurt or pudding, even baked it into cookies. The sky is the limit, though getting a good flavor combination will rely on the right ratio of powder to food product.

Note on efficacy: User reports indicate that there is no loss in potency whether you drink powder with beverages or eat it with food. It may take slightly longer for effects to set in if you eat it with any kind of heavy meal, as the alkaloids within the powder must first be digested before entering the blood stream.
Beat The Taste With Capsules
If you’re not interested in risking any bitter taste at all, or simply don’t have the time to measure out and prepare kratom edibles, consider ordering powder that has already been placed into capsules. Products like Red Bali Capsules couldn’t be any easier to ingest. Just as you would with any other vitamin or supplement, simply swallow the right number of capsules for you, with a little water or juice. For anyone with sensitive taste buds, this is certainly the best way to take kratom. With capsules there is no taste whatsoever, and effects should start to manifest within about 30 minutes. With this very convenient method, you won’t have to weigh out any doses – caps usually come in weights of .5 grams, which makes taking the proper dose simpler than ever.
Tinctures and Resins
There are also some specialty methods for taking these herbal remedies which deliver even more intensity. By boiling down the kratom leaves to their essence, you receive boosted levels of alkaloids, which can produce very potent effects for mind and body, quickly. Many experienced users find this to be the easiest way to take Kratom.

When Mitragyna leaves are boiled for long periods of time, they eventually reduce down to a dark, dense, rock-like substance known as resin. Kratom resin is rated according to how much leaf matter was used to create it. For example, this 8x Resin took 8 grams of leaves to produce every gram of resin. As you might expect, the result is extremely potent. You can break off a tiny amount and ingest, or grind the resin into a fine powder, which is known as an extract.
For a liquid delicacy, try this Kratom Tincture, which is made by dissolving the leaves in ethanol alcohol. This highly concentrated liquid only takes a dropperful under the tongue to create a very powerful effect. Be sure to look for tinctures that are labeled “Full Spectrum,” as these are known to retain the broadest mix of bioactive alkaloids possible.
Starting With Quality Product
When you are ready to figure out your own best way to take kratom, start by researching and selecting the perfect strain for you. With so many varieties to choose from, the fun really begins with finding fantastic, high-quality products. Check out well-stocked, reliable vendors like Bouncing Bear Botanicals for the latest deals.