The Kratom King Review, Prices & Coupon Codes

kratom king review

Check out what users have to say about a well-traveled online vendor in this Kratom King Review. This fairly simple, no frills web vendor deals exclusively with kratom and no other herbal remedies. Has this focus on getting back to basics created a wealth of good deals, or do the choices seem limited? Is the product authentic and trustworthy? Read on to find out if this King is worthy of the crown, or if it is just another fly-by-night seller cashing in on the kratom craze.

Selection of Products at Kratom King

As you browse the somewhat sparsely designed pages of the Kratom King site, you’ll find a pair of simple sections devoted to Bali/Indo and Thai/Malay strains, plus extra pages for extracts and blends. We’ve seen a few ethnobotanical sites online recently that offer outstanding selections not just of kratom but of a broad variety of popular and rare herbal remedies. Arena Ethnobotanicals and Bouncing Bear Botanicals are excellent examples of this. So, you can understand why the selection on Kratom King is immediately underwhelming. Most Kratom King reviews reflect this.

The site is kind enough to provide a very helpful stock report, which lets visitors to the site know if the product they want is currently ready for purchase. Often at kratom vendors, very popular items sell out and may take much time to replenish, as stock must travel from overseas. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, only 7 kratom powders were actually available. This does not constitute a very large selection.

There is also a small selection of capsules in some interesting strains. Bali, Maeng Da, Thai, and the mysterious “Gold Reserve” extract are sold in amounts ranging from 50 grams to around 250.

Product descriptions are comprehensive and intelligent, which is always appreciated, and photographs of the actual products are helpful for the consumer to know what they’re getting in advance.

Kratom King Review of Prices

For the items that they do carry, Kratom King does offer some good price deals. They have a couple of strains which sell for less than $10/ounce. Perhaps the site got a deal on these items, as the more popular Maeng Da strain retails here for at least $22 an ounce, which is a very average price and nothing unique among many vendors. At certain points in the year, you can also find Kratom King coupon codes and promotional discounts offered by this vendor. For example, you can get 5% off just by liking them on Facebook.

Capsules are also sold at prices which are comparable to most major sites. The Gold Reserve capsules are somewhat pricey. This is an extract that gets talked about online from time to time, but it is not clear what strain it is actually made from. At $75 for 20 pills, it’s hard to tell if consumers are getting a deal without more information about the product. Unfortunately, none is supplied.

This supplier does offer three blends at very low prices. The prices are so low, in fact, that this Kratom King review wonders if these blends are perhaps the unused leftovers from larger parcels of kratom that didn’t sell in another form. It seems like a bit of a risk to invest even a small amount of money in a hodgepodge of leftovers, so proceed with caution on this one.

User Kratom King Review

Just about every Kratom King review online praises the site for authenticity and trustworthiness. There are no accounts of any business improprieties, and they seem to deliver products as described.

However, many users complain about the very limited selection on this site. This element seems to be the main drawback for Kratom King, which is preventing it from being lauded as a favorite site. With so many options to choose from, limited or not very interesting product selections can be the difference between okay reviews and stellar reviews. We have yet to find any kratom fans championing this site as one of the best.

Kratom King Final Grade

There is not a lot to complain about in this Kratom King review. The site is fair and trustworthy, offering reasonable deals. Unfortunately, the limited selection is a major drawback which can’t be ignored. All of the good intentions in the world can’t overcome a modern consumer’s need for adequate choices. Check out one of the comprehensive ethnobotanical sites listed above the next time you’re browsing for kratom for sale or any number of other natural herbal remedies. Don’t ever sacrifice selection when it comes to your health.

Final grade: B+