Using Kratom as a Stimulant For Energy, Focus And Vitality

kratom stimulant

Using Kratom to boost energy levels is a practice that may be thousands of years old. In the lush tropical forests of Southeast Asia where the Mitragyna Speciosa tree grows indigenously, native peoples traditionally have chewed on the leaves to achieve energy to assist in daily work. Today, modern users also enjoy the powerful natural energy boost that a wide range of stimulating kratom products supply. By creating an intense psycho-physiological stimulation, kratom sets itself apart from opiates and other depressive narcotics. Instead, this all-natural herbal medicinal delivers an organic lift to all systems of the mind and body.

Effects of Kratom – Stimulating and Energizing

Inside every leaf of kratom, naturally-occurring compounds we call alkaloids form organically. When ingested, these alkaloids enter into a “conversation” with the receptors in our cells. Through the dialogue, the alkaloids inspire our sympathetic nervous systems to react, resulting in effects that we can feel. One of the main functions of these alkaloids is stimulation. As opposed to depressants which slow down the body and mind, kratom stimulants for energy bring clarity, efficiency, and power.

How does the stimulant effect of Kratom feel? Users report a sharpening of mental focus. Concentration upon tasks becomes easier and more natural. There is an organic sense of inspiration and motivation to embrace all of the day’s activities with zest and passion. Some describe the emotional state as a place of euphoria and optimism. Worry is banished, as are any symptoms of depression a user might normally feel. The body also experiences a wealth of sensations. Muscles feel relaxed and nimble. Chronic pain or stiffness disappears. Athletic performance is enhanced. Many people also will experience a boost in sexual desire and stamina. Creativity is also said to flower.

Who Uses Kratom Stimulants?

For all of the above reasons, kratom powder is used and loved by a wide variety of people. Anyone who plans to have a day full of work or play activities can benefit. Around the internet, we’ve heard many glowing reviews of the use of kratom for energy from businessmen, students, artists, and athletes. It seems to work quite well for people who are traveling and need lots of fresh energy to keep them on their toes throughout their adventures. The stimulant strains of kratom are also well known to reduce social anxiety, which make them very popular among people who are going to extremely social events like parties, concerts, or bars. Kratom has also been used successfully to reduce the jitters when going on a date. Anytime one needs confidence and an energetic boost, kratom can be a quite helpful addition to any day.

Important Dose Information
Getting the dosage right is important for any successful use of the kratom stimulant. However, some newer users hold the common misconception that more always equals better. One of the very unique qualities of this herbal medicinal is that its effects vary based upon how much you take. In most cases, kratom will be at its most energizing in lower doses. When you take a dose that is at the higher end of general dosage guidelines, the effect is the exact opposite – the more relaxing, sedative qualities of kratom kick in. This applies across most kratom capsule products, even the ones that are legendary for providing maximum stimulation.

So, when you choose your dose, if you want a more stimulating experience, stick to the lower doses. Start with 3-5 grams of any non-extract kratom powder. This constitutes a strong median dose for most people. As you start to go beyond 5 grams, you’ll feel more relaxation. This isn’t a bad thing – in fact you will probably really enjoy it – it just may not be what you have planned if your day requires fast-paced energy.

Best Stimulating Strains of Kratom

There are many forms of kratom, with varieties grown in all different kinds of climates and terrain. When looking for the perfect strain for pure energy, try to stick to white veined leaf products. These plants, like the popular White Borneo, are a huge hit with anyone looking for the most energizing benefits that kratom has to offer. Green leaf variants are also very popular for energy. In fact, many Kratom strains will provide stimulant effects for enhanced energy if you stick to a lower dose. Then simply get out there, and have a great time.