Review: Is Lucky Kratom a High Quality Product?

lucky kratom review

Lucky Kratom is the private brand name for a line of kratom-based products, as well as the website which sells them. Branded kratom is a relatively recent phenomenon. The herbal remedy from Southeast Asia has primarily only been available in a more raw form directly from growers and traditional farmers. Lucky Kratom offers liquids, capsules and other formulations of some of the best-selling strains of Mitragyna Speciosa. Are products which receive additional processing, labeling, and the like here in the U.S. as pure and trustworthy? Unfortunately, it seems like this site makes consumers pay through the nose for the privilege. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this commercial supplier of “candy” versions of a classic plant-based health supplement.

Update: We have recently become aware of reporting that the owner of Lucky Kratom, Lincoln Park resident Michael Pilney, was recently arrested for solicitation of murder charges. According to, “Michael Pilney, allegedly offered undercover DEA agents seven pounds of cocaine to kill [his business rival]… Pilney was charged in DuPage County and is currently free after posting an $800,000 bond. Pilney distributes Lucky Kratom, and police sources said they found illegal drugs like cocaine and ecstasy in a home he was using to store drugs in suburban Lincolnwood this past June.” Given this development, we recommend that you avoid this vendor and do not place any orders with Lucky Kratom for the forseeable future.


The old fashioned styling of the labels on Lucky Kratom products makes them easy to identify on the shelf of a head shop or on a web page. This company has branded a few dozen products with their logo, but the branding doesn’t stop there – apparently they process, extract, refine, and re-package all products after they’ve been exported from Asia. Not a lot of information is given as to procedures and goals of these processes, so we are a bit in the dark as to whether quality standards are maintained.

Lucky Kratom’s selection is divided between a range of liquid extracts, jumbo sized capsules, and traditional powders.

Buyer beware: Most of the packaged capsules on this site come in very tiny quantities. For example, the Maeng Da Full Spectrum product only has 2 capsules in the package, and the mysteriously named “Full Spectrum Alkaloid Capsules” only has three. That can’t be more than a dose or two at the most, with prices in the $16-26 dollar range. The image of the package looks very large, so we wouldn’t blame any buyer who just clicked on it and expected a traditional jar full of capsules, only to be terribly disappointed when the tiny dose arrived.

Lucky Kratom Pricing

Price conscious consumers are warned to stay very far away from Lucky Kratom liquids and capusles if getting a good deal is important to them. Frankly, we were shocked by the high prices this site charges for just regular, traditionally prepared kratom powder. Check out the difference between this site and its nearest competitors:

Lucky Kratom: 25 grams of red vein Borneo kratom for $27.50.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals: 25 grams of Red Borneo
kratom for $10.00.

Lucky is charging nearly three times the price for the same product! You’ll find this type of extreme pricing throughout the Lucky website, on products that carry their brand name as well as on the basics. There is no reason to ever pay prices like these, especially from a site that is based in the U.S. and has substantially lower import costs.

Unfortunately, it looks like Lucky is leveraging its social media presence to promote paying more than customers have to. If someone who is brand new to kratom sees an ad on Facebook, they may not know that there are many, many better options out there. It just takes a tiny bit of research, though, to uncover the truth.

User Reviews For Lucky Kratom

Lucky Kratom has built a brand and respectable presence on Facebook and other social media. By most accounts, they practice fair business procedures, and will not scam consumers out of money. But this should not be an extreme claim – we expect that all kratom vendors conduct business professionally and respectfully. What do users say about product quality?

The ratings are in: The Lucky brand kratom products do not get very high reviews for effects and potency. This is possibly in large part to the exaggerated claims on products like 30x strength extracts or 1 ounce tinctures which claim to be as strong as 36 grams of Maeng Da. While these extracts no doubt are potent, true extractions are simply not possible above about 20x, and any more than that is just marketing and hype. So, is it any wonder that consumers feel let down by Lucky Kratom products?

As far as Lucky Kratom’s signature products like the Lucky Lotus pink lotus flower extract, zero information is given as to contents, and many user reviews note that this makes them afraid to try the product. With good reason – when was the last time you took medicine without knowing what was in the bottle?

Most significantly, kratom fans do not like Lucky’s prices. With so many choices online, there’s no reason to pay the exorbitantly high prices on this site.

Final Grade

While we give Lucky Kratom points for investing in a good-looking marketing plan, with clever matching labels, we cannot recommend their product line. Heavily inflated claims of efficacy and strength on extracts and liquids are a bad sign. The traditional kratom powders that are offered seem like they are of decent quality, but for some reason they are priced as high as triple their competitor’s prices for the same strains. Perhaps all of the marketing and label design was expensive, and that cost is now being passed on to consumers. True kratom fans are wise to the flash and dazzle approach and would prefer very pure, raw kratom leaf and powder straight from the source, with no intervening processing once the material is imported.

Final grade: C