The Definitive List of the 5 Kratom Strains

best kratom strains

The best kratom strains get called out by users again and again for potency, quality of effects, duration, and overall experience. Sure, everyone has their own favorites. Lots of factors go into why some strains click more than others with certain people, including body chemistry, tolerance, caliber of product, and dosage, among others. However, there are some kratom products that seem to transcend those details and deliver reliably superb results to a broad range of users. Here is a brief compilation of the 5 strains of kratom that never disappoint.

1. Maeng Da Reigns Supreme

Let’s start with the biggest and newest star in town. Once a rarity only known in very remote regions of Thailand, Maeng Da Kratom has quickly risen in esteem to become the most frequently cited strain on the internet. Why is it so popular? Most users agree that Maeng Da is a powerhouse of strong effects. The experience is so strong in fact, that most vendors advise that only experienced kratom fans give it a try.
Effects: You can expect to feel a very strong blast of natural power in this high energy strain. Users report intense feelings of euphoria, the best pain relief of any strain, and a very long duration of effects.

2. Red Bali – The Most Relaxing Strain On Earth
At the other extreme, we asked users what the most relaxing strain of kratom powder was on the market. Of the best kratom strains, hands down users sing the praises of the famously calming Red Bali kratom. Research has indicated that this unique strain actually is grown in Borneo, not Bali. The name was given to the strain many years ago by farmers who had to travel from Borneo to Bali to ship their product to the world. But the name won’t matter to anyone who wants to experience the maximum relaxation that any kratom strain can provide.

Effects: Users of this strain will feel stress levels cut dramatically. They will feel a gentle release of anxiety and worry that plagues the mind. Muscle relaxation and pain relief will go hand in hand to create a powerfully soothing experience, leading to excellent sleep.

3. Indonesia Makes The Cut
The massive group of islands known as Indonesia boast many native habitats for the kratom tree. This balmy tropical paradise is the perfect climate for nurturing wild Mitragyna Speciosa plants, the mother of all Premium Indonesian Kratom products. Also known as “Indo,” these strains produce a classic range of kratom effects that are known to be among the longest lasting of all strains.

Effects: Indo strains are well-known as the most “social” of all strains. They stimulate the kind of natural energy and confidence which dissolves social anxiety. Anyone who gets tongue-tied or shy in public settings could benefit from this strain.

4. All-Around Favorite – Green Borneo
Often thought of as the “best of both worlds,” green veined kratom strains like Green Borneo are known to wed the most relaxing kratom effects with the most energizing. Rather than fight one another, these elements harmoniously complement each other, for a sophisticated effect.
Effects: Incredible pain relief, intense mental focus without stress or jitters, and the energy to excel at every task the day present are just a few of the effects users love about Green Borneo.

5. White Borneo – A Classic, Fun Strain
One of the most enduringly popular varieties out of the best kratom strains has been used traditionally for as many as thousands of years.White Borneo was used by ancient cultures as a potent stimulant to make the work day more productive and enjoyable. Modern users around the globe still love it for the same reason.
Effects: This strain provides bright, clear energy, plain and simple. You’ll feel incredible mental focus, the drive and passion to get out there and enjoy life, and very pleasant, high energy euphoria.

There is no clear winner among the 5 Best Kratom Strains as reported by users. Each one has its own strengths, depending entirely on when and how you’d like to use it, and what types of effects are most desirable for you. Picking favorites here is not an exact science, so it’s best to simply use popular opinion as a flexible guideline that starts you off on your own exploration of which products work best for you. Be sure to sound off on your new favorite strains as soon as you figure it out!