Red & Green Riau Kratom Effects, Review & Buying Online

green riau kratom

Riau Kratom is a newly commercialized strain of Mitragyna Speciosa leaf carried by a small number of online vendors. This strain comes from the Riau province of Indonesia, on the Southeastern coast of the island of Sumatra. While previously obscure or sold under the generic name of “Sumatra Kratom”, we are now starting to hear more about this strain as users show increasing interest in trying rare products from off the beaten path. Both Red and Green Riau Kratom leaves have some interesting properties that make them a worthwhile experience for any of the adventuresome readers of this site.

Riau Kratom Information

According to BikHuk – one of the largest wholesale suppliers of Riau Kratom powders – this strain, is harvested from wild grown trees in the primary and secondary rain forest of the Riau area. The powder of the dried leaves is the result of our advanced harvest, drying and processing techniques.” The ideal climate of Riau produces a Mitragyna Speciosa tree that has broad commonalities with both the Sumatra and the Borneo regions of Indonesia. Many of the effects of this strain are closely related to other Indonesian strains, but with a unique flair that is discernable to experienced users. This strain is also much sweeter in smell which is why it is often sought out by individuals who find Kratom to be overwhelmingly unpleasant to taste.

Red Vein Riau
Like other Red Veined Kratom Strains, Red Riau is relaxing in nature and effective as an anxiolytic and analgesic. This Indonesian leaf is said to be less intense than some of its closest rivals such as Red Bali or Red Thai, but it still offers a host of benefits as a muscle relaxant, a mood enhancer and natural anti-anxiety treatment. It shares much in common with the widely available Red Veined Sumatra powder and is equally euphoric, though reviews suggest it is more calming. User reviews characterize it as a mellow strain with pleasant effects on both the mind and body. Riau Kratom has also earned the distinction of being more pleasant and less bitter to the taste buds which makes it better for consuming it raw or preparing herbal teas.

Green Vein Riau
At the other end of the spectrum is Green Vein Riau Kratom which is marked by having a greenish colored central vein as opposed to a reddish one. This coloration means that there are different alkaloid concentrations within the leaves which can produce moderately different effects. In general, Kratom leaves with a green central vein are more energizing and stimulating especially when used at smaller doses. They may have a “headier” experience which is more mental as opposed to physical and can be accompanied by deep focus and motivation.

Compared to other green strains, Riau powder is said to have a shorter lasting set effects and to be more relaxing and euphoric in character. Some users will shy away from Green Veined Kratom strains such as Super Green Malay if they suffer from General Anxiety Disorder or insomnia due to the potential for over-stimulation. For those individuals, Green Riau is a welcome option as it is less edgy and more sedating than your typical green veined leaf. According to reviews, it manages to keep a balance between making you more alert while also promoting a sense of centered self and concentration. One reviewer commented that it was “like a warm blanket of mellow euphoria and sedation.” Another cited that it produced an “energizing and clarifying” effect on the mind.

Update: You can now get Riau Kratom from for $15.95 for 28 grams. They sell red, green and white Riau powder as well as capsules online. This is a trusted vendor with a good reputation and they also offer free shipping on all orders over $75.

At present, a relatively small number of established vendors carry the Red and Green Vein Riau Kratom leaves due to the fact that it remains less popular than related Sumatran or Borneo strains. However, as more consumers share their positive experiences with these leaves, we expect that more companies will begin stocking them. For now, smaller websites such as Green Leaf Kratom, Kratom Collection, and Deep Jungle Kratom are three of the sources you can purchase it from. We have concerns about some of these vendors which is why we choose to not link to them here, but if a more reliable source for Riau becomes available we will update this post to reflect that information in the future.

The Definitive List of the 5 Kratom Strains

best kratom strains

The best kratom strains get called out by users again and again for potency, quality of effects, duration, and overall experience. Sure, everyone has their own favorites. Lots of factors go into why some strains click more than others with certain people, including body chemistry, tolerance, caliber of product, and dosage, among others. However, there are some kratom products that seem to transcend those details and deliver reliably superb results to a broad range of users. Here is a brief compilation of the 5 strains of kratom that never disappoint.

1. Maeng Da Reigns Supreme

Let’s start with the biggest and newest star in town. Once a rarity only known in very remote regions of Thailand, Maeng Da Kratom has quickly risen in esteem to become the most frequently cited strain on the internet. Why is it so popular? Most users agree that Maeng Da is a powerhouse of strong effects. The experience is so strong in fact, that most vendors advise that only experienced kratom fans give it a try.
Effects: You can expect to feel a very strong blast of natural power in this high energy strain. Users report intense feelings of euphoria, the best pain relief of any strain, and a very long duration of effects.

2. Red Bali – The Most Relaxing Strain On Earth
At the other extreme, we asked users what the most relaxing strain of kratom powder was on the market. Of the best kratom strains, hands down users sing the praises of the famously calming Red Bali kratom. Research has indicated that this unique strain actually is grown in Borneo, not Bali. The name was given to the strain many years ago by farmers who had to travel from Borneo to Bali to ship their product to the world. But the name won’t matter to anyone who wants to experience the maximum relaxation that any kratom strain can provide.

Effects: Users of this strain will feel stress levels cut dramatically. They will feel a gentle release of anxiety and worry that plagues the mind. Muscle relaxation and pain relief will go hand in hand to create a powerfully soothing experience, leading to excellent sleep.

3. Indonesia Makes The Cut
The massive group of islands known as Indonesia boast many native habitats for the kratom tree. This balmy tropical paradise is the perfect climate for nurturing wild Mitragyna Speciosa plants, the mother of all Premium Indonesian Kratom products. Also known as “Indo,” these strains produce a classic range of kratom effects that are known to be among the longest lasting of all strains.

Effects: Indo strains are well-known as the most “social” of all strains. They stimulate the kind of natural energy and confidence which dissolves social anxiety. Anyone who gets tongue-tied or shy in public settings could benefit from this strain.

4. All-Around Favorite – Green Borneo
Often thought of as the “best of both worlds,” green veined kratom strains like Green Borneo are known to wed the most relaxing kratom effects with the most energizing. Rather than fight one another, these elements harmoniously complement each other, for a sophisticated effect.
Effects: Incredible pain relief, intense mental focus without stress or jitters, and the energy to excel at every task the day present are just a few of the effects users love about Green Borneo.

5. White Borneo – A Classic, Fun Strain
One of the most enduringly popular varieties out of the best kratom strains has been used traditionally for as many as thousands of years.White Borneo was used by ancient cultures as a potent stimulant to make the work day more productive and enjoyable. Modern users around the globe still love it for the same reason.
Effects: This strain provides bright, clear energy, plain and simple. You’ll feel incredible mental focus, the drive and passion to get out there and enjoy life, and very pleasant, high energy euphoria.

There is no clear winner among the 5 Best Kratom Strains as reported by users. Each one has its own strengths, depending entirely on when and how you’d like to use it, and what types of effects are most desirable for you. Picking favorites here is not an exact science, so it’s best to simply use popular opinion as a flexible guideline that starts you off on your own exploration of which products work best for you. Be sure to sound off on your new favorite strains as soon as you figure it out!

Borneo Red Vein Kratom For Relaxation and Pain Killing Effects

red vein borneo kratom

A legend all over the world, Borneo red vein kratom has been consistently named the most relaxing strain available for decades. Grown naturally for, at the very least, thousands of years, this variant of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is indigenous to the ancient island of Borneo. It is known to produce a sophisticated and long lasting relaxation effect. Regardless of background or experience, most users report extremely pleasant experiences resulting from its consumption. Check out the legendary past and beloved present of this excellent red veined kratom strain from Borneo.

Borneo – The Ancient Home of Kratom

How long have you been living in your house? Even if you reside in a home that’s been in the family for generations, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to how long the kratom tree has made its home in the jungles of Borneo. This is no tiny island paradise, nor is it a recent addition to planet Earth. Borneo is in fact the largest island in all of Asia, and the third largest in the world. Its rainforest is over 130 million years old. This spectacular setting is home to more than 3000 known species of trees, of which kratom is one of the star residents. We don’t know how long it has been growing on Borneo, but as long as a thousand years ago or more, humans started using the leaves of the trees for medicinal purposes. That’s quite a genealogy!

Borneo Red Vein Kratom Effects
Today, people use Borneo red vein kratom powder for all of the same reasons that traditional cultures used it over the years. This strain is well-known to be extremely relaxing and calming to body, mind, and spirit. It can be used to address some of these serious health issues:

  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Fybromyalgia

The red veined leaf powder can also be used when there are no serious health issues to address. Many people enjoy the overall uplifting qualities of the supplement, and find that it dramatically increases their enjoyment of life.

How does it work? Borneo Red Kratom leaves are dense with naturally-forming plant compounds known as alkaloids. These bioactive substances enter the bloodstream when you ingest kratom products. They interact with cell receptors within the body, and send messages to the sympathetic nervous system. Via this communication, the plant is able to help you reduce blood pressure, relax muscles, and clear the mind of harmful stress and anxiety. The effect can last for many hours, and will feel gentle and natural to the user – never artificial or forced.

What dosage should I use? Of course, every body is different, and dosages will vary from user to user. However, with a quality kratom product, even a dosage as small as a single gram will produce a threshold effect. This will lead to a very mild and light effect. Most users enjoy a dosage in the range of 3 grams to 5 grams. This is a good median level to start with and should produce a nice relaxing effect for several hours. As with all kratom powders, the higher doses will produce even more relaxing effects. Experienced users can try 5-10 gram dosages. However, at the upper ranges, you may feel sleepy and not wish to perform your usual high-energy activities, so be sure to schedule some time in your day which is dedicated to total relaxation.

Why Use Borneo Red Vein Kratom?
Borneo red vein kratom capsules are popular across a broad range of people from all walks of life. Our modern days can be filled with all sorts of stressors and tensions. Whether work life, family life, or love life are the culprit, even the activities that are most important to us can cause us to feel high strung, anxious, and unable to relax. Kratom is an all-natural solution to this very common condition. Perhaps it is the ancient and inherently calm wisdom of the old growth island rainforest coming into play – but Borneo kratom is here to help you relax.

Where To get Red Vein Borneo Kratom
Luckily, you don’t have to fly halfway around the world to Indonesia to experience the power of this wondrous plant remedy. Now, Red Vein Borneo Kratom is available to purchase safely and legally online. With no customs to deal with, you can generally have it shipped to you within days. Then you can quickly get onto the fun part – serving your body the sophisticated total relief it deserves.

Thai Kratom Effects and Strain Reviews

thai kratom effects

By far the most famous across all strains, Thai kratom effects reliably deliver excellent user experiences. Thailand is the original home of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, mother of the alkaloid-rich kratom leaves full of health-boosting properties. The plants have grown indigenously there for thousands of years or more, and have been used in Thai folk medicines for much of that time. Now the modern user can enjoy the celebrated Thai Kratom effects across a range of products. The best part is you don’t have to journey all the way to Thailand to do it.

Thailand’s Colorful Kratom History
Many people know that kratom originates in the Southeast Asian nation of Thailand. But few know the fascinating political history surround this medicinal plant. News reports lately have focused on the illegality of kratom use in its mother country of Thailand. This seems like an ironic twist, especially given the new global popularity and acceptance of the herbal remedy for a wide range of mental and physical therapies. In fact, kratom use has been banned in Thailand since 1943, but not for the reason you might think.

No, Thailand’s kratom ban has nothing to do with health reasons or any danger to the public. Time and again throughout history, kratom has been proven to be both safe and effective for wide scale use. So why the ban? It’s just business. Thailand’s main export in the 40s was the illegal drug opium. Kratom leaves, providing a safe, natural, unrefined and non-addictive alternative to opium, were considered “the competition.”

So, to protect the illicit drug trade of opium, officials conveniently declared kratom illegal. To this day, the law has stayed on the books. Fear-mongering media outlets may now offer the Thai ban as some kind of evidence of kratom’s danger, but as you can see, those fears are actually completely unfounded. That’s just business as usual in the often nonsensical world of politics.

Most Potent Thai Kratom – Maeng Da Powder
When discussing the best Thai kratom effects available on the market, it’s best to start right at the top. Legendary for its strength and dramatic effects, the Maeng Da strain stands atop the rest. The name literally means “pimp” grade, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the class and style of this very hip strain.
Users of Maeng Da Kratom can expect very potent, very long-lasting effects that come on very quickly. Some effects noted by users include powerful pain relief, very natural feeling all-day energy that helps inspire intense focus on work tasks, and a good-natured sense of euphoria that pervades all activities. You can see why this strain is so popular, keeping Thailand at the head of the class for Asian kratom nations.

Most Relaxing Thai Kratom Strains
On the other side of the spectrum, excellent Thai kratom effects can be achieved for users looking for a deeply relaxing experience. Red vein leaves are known to produce the most soothing, calming sensations in the body, with an easing of muscle tension and joint pain. The effects in the mind are similar, with users reporting a total relaxation of stress and anxiety, and a complete lack of worry.
This Red Thai variety is considered a very reliable representative of what Thailand’s nitrogen-rich soils and balmy, warm skies are capable of producing. Red Thai kratoms can transport the user to the serenity of those gentle shores, almost immediately.

Thai Kratom Effects from Extracts
Either of these energizing or relaxing effects can be intensified with the use of extracts and enhanced powders. An extract is simply a large amount of kratom leaves that have been boiled down into a dense, alkaloid-heavy resin and then crushed into powder. The effects are like more exaggerated versions of what the source leaves provide, so Thai extracts can be counted on to deliver even more of the same balanced, intense sensations that Thai fans already love.
The tradition of herbal folk remedy use in Thailand stretches back to before recorded history. Now, as the alternative wellness movement takes hold across the world, we can benefit from these ancient traditions and incorporate them into our lifestyles. Sample the legendary Thai kratom effects for yourself, and be a part of a tradition lasting across thousands of years.

The Energizing Power of White Vein Kratom Strains

white vein kratom

White vein kratom is well known as the most energizing of all varieties from this famous herb. The battle for top favorite among all of the strains of Mitragyna Speciosa won’t be settled any time soon – users from across the spectrum each have their own picks. These preferences are often highly personal and are influenced by countless factors including lifestyle, quality of product, and tolerance. However, all users agree that white veins are the most exciting of all kratom strains. Let’s explore why with some basic background on this very popular stimulant.

White Vein Kratom Vs. Red Strains
Any discussion of kratom benefits begins with a color. This is not a marketing ploy thought up by an advertising executive. In fact, the actual veins in the leaves of every kratom plant are given a color by nature, and this inherent identifying mark will give you a strong indication of the effects of the plant. The two main “brands” of kratom, from mother nature’s perspective, are red and white. The veins running through each leaf bear these distinct colorations.

Red vein kratom is the quieter and more low key of the two types. Its effects are known to be deeply calming and relaxing. Symptoms of stress and anxiety disappear, replaced by an overriding state of mental and physical restfulness. Pain relief from both short and long term causes contributes to this feeling of pure relaxation.

On the other hand, white vein Kratom powder is like the exciting and fast-paced older brother of the red. White leaves are known to be intense stimulants. They can erase chronic pain just like the red leaves do, but the overall sensation a user can expect is high energy. Concentration and focus are said to be increased, and sexual desire and performance are said to be powerfully heightened. White leaves are also regularly taken to ease social anxiety and depression-related symptoms. For this reason, it’s known as the more social of the two strains.

Why Do People Use White Vein?

  • It provides all day energy for work.
  • It gives mental focus to finish creative projects.
  • It serves a confidence boost for attending a party.
  • It delivers enhanced sexual stamina.
  • It offers a way out of debilitating depression.
  • It cuts the chronic pain that prevents people from enjoying physical activity.
  • It promotes wakefulness for people who feel lethargic.

Best Strains of White Vein Kratom Review

Even though white vein Kratom leaf is very popular among users, you may have trouble finding as much of it online for sale as the red strains. It is known as the slightly rarer of the two. So, when you find a strain that you like, it might be a good idea to stock up.

One of the most popular varieties of white leaf, year in year out is White Borneo kratom. This well-established strain has a long lineage on the island paradise of Borneo in Indonesia. Users love its natural and balanced feeling energy. Some have described it as similar to the ultimate cup of coffee, except without coffee’s famous jitters or late day crash. In fact, white kratom is regularly substituted for morning coffee by many users. Its effects are far more long-lasting and smooth, and enable a full day of fast-paced, productive activities.

Are Enhanced White Leaf Products Too Strong?
One of the popular variations in commercial kratom products are called “enhanced.” This name simply means that a regular strength kratom powder has been “sweetened” by adding up to 25 percent of a highly concentrated kratom extract. As a result, you need a smaller dosage of White Kratom leaf. When you are already starting with a high-intensity, high-energy product like white leaf, what will enhancing the powder do? Of course, exact effects depend on the strength and strain of the extract, but the combination will mainly serve to intensify the effects you are already feeling from the white leaf, give them a faster onset time, and extend the duration of the effects.

Anyone who is experienced with white vein kratom capsules or powder will most likely enjoy these enhanced effects. However, there is a catch – as you increase the dosage of any kratom product, the benefits tend to become more sedative in nature. This is even true for the white variations. So, if your dose leans toward the higher end of the spectrum, you may lose some of the more energetic qualities that have drawn you to white leaves in the first place. So, as with any herbal remedy, proceed slowly and make chances to your routine (like adding extracts or enhanced powders) thoughtfully and respectfully of the signals your body sends you. And if you need a breather from the thrills that white kratom provides, change up your routine and try a red strain – it will definitely help you relax.

Green Vein Kratom Effects – The Most Balanced Strain

green kratom effects

Striking a happy balance among all reported benefits, green vein kratom provides users with the comprehensive Mitragyna Speciosa experience. As kratom use grows more popular everyday, we’re all starting to become armchair experts in the various varieties and methods for consumption. But are you having trouble figuring out which strain is right for you? Most of the herbal and medicinal benefits from this plant sound advantageous, so it’s normal to face a little confusion when choosing a product. Green vein Kratom strains might offer the perfect synthesis of benefits that all users will appreciate.

What Leaf Color Indicates
There are two main methods for determining the qualities of a kratom strain. The first is identifying the region it was grown in. Local conditions like weather, soil type, farming methods, and even cultural history will inform the character of the end product. The other vital piece of information is the color of the leaves themselves. These leaves carry the potent alkaloids which are responsible for kratom’s famous health-enhancing effects. The veins running through each leaf deliver these substances into the plant and are naturally color-coded as to their properties.

Red vein – Promotes relaxing effects, and any benefits to mind and body that could be classified as “calming.” This includes stress and anxiety relief, muscle relaxation, lowering of blood pressure.

White vein – Promotes energizing effects, and all benefits that fall under the category of “stimulating.” This includes physical and mental energy, euphoria, increased concentration and focus, and pain relief.

All of those benefits sound great, so many users will question why they have to choose at all. Luckily, nature has provided an option that weaves together the best of all worlds – green vein kratom.

Green Vein Kratom Effects
Considered by many to a naturally-occurring hybrid of the other two main strains, green kratom is known to provide a harmonious blend of all reported benefits.

Green vein strains are powerful calming herbs that simultaneously provide all-day energy. Users report that the remedy allows them to perform all normal daily activities at maximum levels of productivity, while maintaining a very relaxed inner state. Pain, either chronic or temporary, muscular or skeletal, is eliminated. Users often describe a sense of total euphoria and optimism, free from worry and normal mental stress. This potent and exciting blend of effects makes green vein the perfect choice for just about all users. Its incredible popularity is a testament to this.

Dosage Information
When selecting a dosage for green vein kratom strains, it’s important to weigh factors like personal sensitivity to herbal remedies alongside quality ratings of any individual product’s strength. In general, green leaves are among the more potent varieties, and dosages may tend to the smaller end of the spectrum. For most people, 1-3 grams constitutes a light dose, while 3-5 grams is an excellent, strong median dose. Dosages of 5-10 grams and above are only recommended for experienced users.

As with all kratom products, lower doses will produce more stimulating effects, while larger doses tend toward more calming, sedative properties. A little experimentation over many session may be required to find the right dose for you.

Most Popular Green Vain Kratom Strains
One of the most well known and loved green strains is Green Borneo kratom. Over a long history stretching all the way back to thousand year old local tribal culture, Borneo plants have been a reliable source of every important physical and mental kratom benefits. It’s a very well rounded strain.

For a green product that tends more toward the stimulating types of benefits, take a trip to nearby Malaysia to try the classic Green Malay strains. Users report that Green Malay’s effects come on gently but are very energizing once they arrive.

One of the newest and most popular strains to appear on Western coasts is the wildly effective Maeng Da Kratom. This variety is well known to be the strongest of all green strains. Effects are powerful, fast, and long lasting. You should definitely start with conservative doses of this variety and gradually work your way up to your ideal dose.

There are many other unique strains of kratom to choose from like Green Vein Thai Kratom and more. But you’ll feel consistently powerful benefits across greens produced in all regions. A favorite for thousands of years, modern green vein Kratom strains make choosing the right strain a whole lot easier.

Reviews of Borneo Kratom – Red, White and Green Strains

borneo kratom review

One of the most enduring popular herbal remedies on the market, Borneo Kratom – derives much of its power from the land it is grown upon. Borneo is not the remote and tiny paradise some Westerners may assume it to be from TV and movies. In fact, Borneo is the 3rd biggest island on earth. It’s number one in Asia alone, with nearly 20 million residents and 300,000 square miles of gorgeous island terrain. It was here that the Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom tree naturally began to grow thousands or even millions of years ago. Since then, fans of this powerful plant-based remedy have embraced its health-enhancing and mood-lifting effects. Before you seek out your own taste of island life, let’s clear up what people mean when they refer to Borneo kratom.

Is Borneo Kratom The Same As Bali?
The most important factor of any alternative healing regimen is learning about the supplements you are taking. Sometimes remedy names themselves can be both enlightening and confusing guideposts on the journey to health. Borneo Kratom is also sometimes referred to as “Bali.” That’s because when kratom first started to be exported from Indonesia to the west, some Borneo-grown products were taken to Bali ports for shipping. Over time, both names were used to refer to the same product. So, if you’ve read about Borneo products and can only find Bali available online for purchase, or vice versa, it’s a good bet that both refer to product grown in Borneo.

The good news is, both Borneo and Bali-named products are considered sophisticated, high-quality varieties with a wide range of desirable effects for mind and body. Simply select the plant color known to produce the affects you are looking for and you can’t go wrong.

Red, White and Green Borneo Kratom Strains
The color of the central vein in the leaves of a kratom tree holds the key to the types of effects you’ll experience when you consume it. As online reports sometimes criss-cross the colors with general effects, let’s simply break down what you can expect from each type of Borneo leaf.

Red Borneo – Take this strain when you are seeking maximum relaxation. Red strains like Red Bali are known to have a more sedating, soothing effect. They are also the best pick for pain management. The smooth analgesic qualities of red leaves from Borneo are well-known.

White Borneo – The less common White Vein Borneo form of kratom leaf is best taken to alleviate feelings of depression, lethargy, and lack of focus. You can expect all-day energy from this strain, without the jitters of coffee.

Green Borneo – The excellent all-around Green Borneo Kratom variety encompasses the best of both other color strains. Most users take it to enhance overall mood, often elevating to euphoric levels. Green Borneo is also widely known to remove aches and pains from chronic conditions. It allows for work-ready focus, while taking away stress and anxiety. For these reasons, it is a very popular strain year-in, year-out.

Combine Strains of Borneo Kratom in Blends
Can’t choose among strains? This is a common phenomenon. Sometimes when we read lists of indications for an herbal medicinal, some or all symptoms/desired effects may apply to us across multiple varieties. One great way to get the best of all worlds is to try a blend. Whenever you see the word “blend” on a kratom product, it indicates that the leaves of several different type of plants have been combined to create one product. So, in the case of a Borneo Blend, the medicinal powder will be comprised of red, white, and green leaves.

What prevents the effects of a blend from counter-acting one another? As with all elements of the natural world, when using all-natural plant based products, the overall effect tends towards harmony. The individual effects of each strain complement and in fact boost one another, instead of cancelling each other out.

Whether it is called Bali or Borneo Kratom, all of these beneficial plant products from the biggest island in Asia are beloved for the same reason: natural feeling relaxation, smooth and lasting energy, and a host of mood-improving benefits including stress relief and the easing of depression-related symptoms. That makes this one tropical island vacation you won’t want to miss. Borneo Kratom powders and capsules might not be as strong as other strains like Maeng Da, but they are still an excellent choice for new users.

Super Red, White and Green Indo Kratom Reviews and Effects

indo kratom

With many powerful strains to choose from, Indo Kratom (Super Indo, Ultra Enhanced) offers a sampling of Mitragyna Speciosa’s full range of effects, potency, and price. Hailing from Indonesia, a massive Southeast Asian nation comprised of more than 17,000 unique islands, Indo varieties of kratom have been a fixture in the global community since being introduced to the West over the last hundred years. But not all Indo Kratom leaves are alike. In fact, there are dramatic differences from product to product which will affect dosage and results. Here is a complete rundown of the various forms you’ll find online, including “supers” and UEI.

The Different Types of Indo Kratom (Super Indo, Ultra Enhanced)

Indo Kratom: This term, short for Indonesia, is generally used to describe traditional kratom powder made from dry crushed leaves. The color of the leaves and quality of each vendor will determine the exact nature of effects this family of products generate. Indo strains like Red Vein Indo Kratom are known as excellent all-around varieties. This name is applied somewhat generically and you may find that there are quite a few different products that all carry the same name.

Super Indo Kratom: Any time you see the word “Super,” it indicates a particular production technique. Plants are specifically selected which have the largest, super-sized leaves. These bigger leaves are more rich with the bioactive alkaloids which produce the physical and mental effects of the plant. Therefore super products are thought to be more potent and require less weight per dose.

Premium Indo Kratom: The word “Premium” again refers to a harvesting technique. In this case, stems are carefully removed from the leaves before they are ground into powder, resulting in a higher concentration of alkaloids. Premium gives you the best balance of high quality with reasonable prices and is ideal for beginners.

Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom: When you see the word “Enhanced” on a product, it means that the traditional Kratm powder has been mixed with at least 25 percent highly-concentrated extract powder. While not quite as strong as a pure extract, UEI is still considered quite potent, and is best for more experienced users.

Note: Many of Indonesia’s islands are home to indigenous growths of kratom trees. Some of these areas have produced unique strains, which although also technically from Indonesia, do not fall under the name Indo Kratom (Super Indo, Ultra Enhanced). These include Bali and Sumatra, which are known to have a very different character.

Among All Indos, Is UEI Worth The Price?
When selecting the right strain for you, of course price will be right at the top of the list of considerations. Just as there is a range of potency across Indo Kratom (Super Indo, Ultra Enhanced), there is also a broad price range. It makes sense that the more concentrated a product is, the higher the cost will be. As you will require less per dose to achieve the same effects, the average price will even out for each session.

Is using enhanced forms of Indo worthwhile? Most users enjoy spicing up their regular routine from time to time with an enhanced or UEI product. The added intensity of effects that can be achieved will definitely break the predictability of any routine for the body or mind. For this reason, spending a little extra to have a supply of enhanced kratom capsules or powder on-hand is a great idea. However, users should be aware of the risk of tolerance with such concentrated products.

How to Avoid Building A Tolerance To The Stronger Strains of Indo Kratom

Our bodies and minds can adjust rapidly to regular behaviors of any kind. This certainly applies to the use of herbal medicinals like Kratom extract or powder. What’s the sign of a tolerance? Dosage amounts that previously generated a desirable effect no longer seem to have the power they once had. Kratom side effects can increase, and more money must be spent to keep increasing doses. Here are some simple guidelines which will help you avoid building tolerances.
No re-dosing daily. A single session per day should be more than adequate for all users.
Limit back-to-back days. Try to allow at least a day in between session.
Stick to the same dosage. Once you find your ideal dose, try not to increase the dosage on your next session.

Sample a broad range of products. Don’t always use the exact same strain. Try alternating different colors and regions.

Don’t over-use extracts and enhanced products. These highly potent items are known to build tolerances faster.

Vary the kinds of activities you enjoy while using kratom. Indo Kratom (Super Indo, Ultra Enhanced) is enjoyable indoors and outdoors, day and night, while being active or just chilling out. Don’t get bogged down in one set routine.

Which Is The Most Popular All-Around Indo Variety?

Most users enjoy striking a happy medium – they want a product that is potent, long-lasting, and produces a wealth of positive effects, without being too strong and too expensive. Hands down, the most popular variety among all Indo Kratom is Premium Indonesian Kratom with Super Indo and Ultra Enhanced following closely behind. This product is cultivated by hand from old growth Indonesian forests, and carefully prepared from large, healthy leaves packed with alkaloids. Stems are sifted before the powder is created, resulting in a very pleasant powder that is dense with body-boosting, mood-enhancing power. These qualities make it one of the most well-loved products on the market from any country that exports kratom.

Bali Kratom Powder and Capsules

buy bali kratom powder

Known as the most relaxing strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, Bali Kratom is an outstanding iteration of the herbal medicinal drawn from this Southeast Asian tree. The name Bali itself conjures up a gorgeous tropical scene of gentle waters, swaying palm trees, and gentle island life. Fans around the world report similar physical and mental sensations when sampling Kratom from Bali. Once unavailable in the West, Bali is now a favorite “go-to” kratom strain whenever one wants the most peaceful, worry-free experience possible. Let’s take a brief trip to the islands and find out why Premium Bali Kratom powder is so enduringly popular.

Bali – The Small Province With Legendary Kratom

Bali is the smallest province in Indonesia, encompassing a giant main island as well as some smaller surrounding islands. The 4 million who populate Bali are not a large number of people relative to Sumatra’s 50 million, but the Balinese people have a wonderful reputation as friendly, kind, and gentle. It has been suggested that this spirit has somehow been infused into the kratom plants that grow in the islands of Indonesia. However in a strange twist, it was discovered recently that most of the so-called Premium Bali Kratom does not actually grow on the island of Bali itself! The strain may indeed grow on nearby Borneo. But the recognizable calming, nurturing qualities of the “Bali” strain remain unquestionably wonderful.

This brings up an interesting issue for kratom enthusiasts who enjoy participating in the global discussion about this plant. With the proliferation of exports in recent years, it is not always possible to trust claims of efficacy, production techniques, and even the named source of the products. As kratom lovers, we have three powerful assets in the quest for knowledge – the informed reviews and testimonials of our fellow aficionados, our own direct personal experience with the products, and the confidence that trusted, reputable vendors can inspire. Together, this team forms the basis of the world-wide kratom community. Hopefully this community can continue to share information, and opinions of excellent products like the beloved Bali strain.

Typical Effects of Bali Kratom
As one of the classic varieties of kratom, Bali’s effects have been well-documented among experienced users. It is known to reliably produce the following effects:
Quick onset of effects. The onset will vary slightly based on which method of consumption you choose, but in most cases, users describe the appearance of physical and mental effects to be rapid.

Intensity. Bali is not as subtle as some other strains. It has been said to feel very intense throughout the body.

Shorter duration. Perhaps the trade-off for such intensity is the relatively shorter duration of Bali experiences. The total duration of the experience tends to last 3-4 hours.

Excellent pain management. Bali Kratom powder is one of the top analgesics among all strains.

More sedative effect overall. Premium Bali, especially the red strains, are said to produce a predominantly calming energy.

Used frequently to help manage opiate withdrawal. It has been used successfully by those suffering opiate withdrawal to ease symptoms and speed cessation of drug use.

Mixing Kratom From Bali With Other Strains

Due to the generally shorter duration of its noticeable effects, Bali leaves are often paired in blends with other strains of kratom. Blending is simple – any combination of kratom powders or even capsules can be safely combined, as long as total dosage weight is kept in mind.

Many users have blended Bali with Indo kratom, in order to bring Indo’s well-known longer lasting effects to Bali’s pain control and calming sensations.

Good ratio for combining Bali kratom: 70 percent Bali, 30 percent Indo. Bali may also be combined with Sumatra in a similar ratio. For even longer lasting effects, reduce the amount of Bali to 50 percent in either mix.

Where To Buy Bali Kratom
Whether Bali strains literally come from the island province of Bali or from neighbor Borneo doesn’t matter to those of us who want to try it in the U.S. and Europe. A more important question is, where is the best place to buy high quality Bali kratom? Short of flying to Indonesia, the best place to buy Bali strains is from a trusted online seller like Arena Ethnobotanicals. They sell some of the freshest Red Bali kratom powder available, crushed weekly from fresh raw leaves and exported swiftly to the U.S.

How are the Many Different Kratom Strains Named?

kratom strains differences

Having trouble trying to decide which of the many different variations of Kratom products you should order for your first experience? Naming kratom strains is based upon an easy to understand set of criteria. The multitude of product variations may at first seem confusing, but once you understand the basic glossary of terms, you’ll be able to tell quite a bit about each product from a few simple words. Looking for a super strong and stimulating powder? Prefer a stress-busting capsule you can add to food? Read on to get the lingo which will help you identify the names of kratom strains and choose the exact right product every time.

Naming Kratom Strains By Geography
One of the most important factors for naming kratom strains is the geographical region in which it is grown. All kratom is native to Southeast Asia, but within that designation, there are more specific regions famous for growing this ancient tree. These include the nations of Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Within Indonesia, kratom is indigenous to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. So, may kratom powders will indicate this place name right on the packaging. For example, Borneo Kratom comes from the island of Borneo. Simple enough, right? It can get a bit complicated because Bali Kratom also tends to come from Borneo and some strains labelled “Premium Indo” might not make it clear which island of Indonesia the leaves are grown on. But these distinctions tend to be minor on the grand scale of things.

Why is geography important? Different micro-climates in each region have encouraged the kratom to evolve over countless thousands of years to have specific chemical and molecular structural traits. Namely, each geographic type has a different concentration and variety of alkaloids embedded within its leaves. These natural plant compounds are the substances that interact with your body’s cell receptors to create kratom’s famous effects. So, kratom from Bali will have slightly different alkaloids than the same plant from Vietnam, leading to different effects in the body.

Naming Strains By Color

Another vital piece of information contained in kratom names is color. By looking at the color of the central stem and vein in each individual kratom leaf, we are able to predict the character of the effects it will have upon the body. Here’s a quick guide:

White: Indicates a more stimulating, high energy effect.
Red: Red leaves tend to produce a more sedating, relaxing sensation.
Green: Green kratom is known to deliver a comprehensive physical and mental experience that incorporates elements from both of the other colors.

For example, a product listed as Green Malay indicates kratom made from green leaves from Malaysia, and will have an effect that is both naturally energizing, mentally uplifting and relaxing.

Terms For Form and Intensity of Kratom
Now that we know where this herb is from and what the character of its effects will be, we can also use cues from naming strains to determine what form the actual product will be in. This will be valuable information that will help you plan how you will ingest the kratom, and what amount/dosage you’ll need to experience the desired benefits. These are the most common forms that it is commercially available in:

Powder – The most common form, Kratom powder is made by grinding crushed, dried, raw leaves. The result is a fine dust-like powder that can be easily added to food or drink.

Extract powder – This highly concentrated form of kratom powder is created by boiling leaves down into a hard resin, then crushing that resin into powder. It is often 8-15 times as concentrated as conventional powder, and will typically be marked as such.

Blend – This type of kratom is a mix or fusion of multiple different strains. Kratom is often blended across strain to produce a more sophisticated and specialized effect.

Capsules – For convenience, some kratom powder is packaged in easy to swallow capsules. This is one way users avoid kratom’s sometime bitter taste.

Resin – This hard, dense form of kratom is made by boiling down the dried leaves until their alkaloids are extracted and left in a purified paste to solidify. It is highly concentrated.

Tincture – Kratom can be prepared as a liquid by dissolving it in alcohol. Extract tinctures are ingested with a dropper placed under the tongue, and are generally very potent.

Production Quality Ratings
The final bit of terminology you might see in the names of kratom products is a rating of production quality. These terms give you a picture of how the kratom was prepared for use, which can indicate strength.

Premium – This method for preparing kratom sifts out the stems of leaves, which have less density of alkaloids. The resulting powder is considered more alkaloid rich.

Super – Kratom marked Super is made primarily from only the largest uppermost leaves of a tree. This is done to boost the available surface area of alkaloid-rich leaves.

Enhanced – Kratom powder that has a highly potent extract powder added into the mix, usually at least 25 percent.

When it comes to naming kratom strains, most manufacturers use these common terms to give the consumer a good idea of the type, strength, quality, and form of the product. Though you may find inconsistencies across products from different countries, for the most part these names will be extremely helpful in determining if a kratom product is right for you.