BikHuk Kratom Reviews – Concerns & Complaints Regarding Customs

bikhuk kratom

BikHuk is one of the largest wholesalers for Kratom leaves and powders for sale today. Depending on where you have ordered this herbal product in the past, you may have already sampled some BikHuk Kratom from a reseller without even known it. Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, this supplier is well-situated to seek out the highest quality Kratom growers and to purchase leaves from several famed regions. They tout “skilled harvesting and drying techniques” as well as access to the freshest leaves from the best trees to deliver a potent product with high alkaloid content. In this review of BikHuk, we will look at the strains that they offer, how to order online and share some consumer testimonials.

Strains Offered

BikHuk specializes in Indonesian Kratom strains which makes sense given its geographic location. They sell a range of the most popular leaves such as the relaxing Borneo Red Vein, the stimulating Sumatra White Vein and the euphoric Green Malay strain. You will also find a Premium Red Thai Kratom powder, a Stem and Vein powder and an Extra Radical Indo Kratom Extract offered for sale. They also supply both Red and Green Riau strains which is a lesser-known leaf that comes from the Riau province of Indonesia. Another product they offer is an “All In One” pack with 8 different strains of Kratom powder to allow the newer user to sample a few different experiences at once.

Recently, there have been some comments in online forums complaining about lower quality of Kratom powders sourced from BikHuk. Some vendors have decided to stop carrying their products due to the perceived drop in quality. While they do have some devout fans and have collected many positive reviews over the years, the consensus seems to be that other vendors are better if you are looking for the highest possible quality product.

Ordering from BikHuk

Most consumers will find it impractical to order directly from BikHuk International Trading Company due to the high minimum purchase requirements they set. After all, this company primarily deals with business-to-business sales and they are not set up to be direct retailers. For most of their products, the minimum quantity for sale is 800 grams or 28 ounces. If you are using Kratom in responsible amounts and taking frequent breaks to prevent tolerance, this amounts to buying a year’s supply of a single strain at a time. At this point, there would be concerns as to the perishability of the product.

Some individuals may decide to purchase directly from PT BikHuk if they are able to split their order with friends. This would allow you to capitalize on the cheaper bulk pricing without having some of your own supply lose potency or deteriorate in quality by the time you are able to use it. However, one of the hurdles which BikHuk themselves acknowledge on their website is that delivery times can be long and customs officials will sometimes delay or deny their packages from crossing the border. There are unfortunately many stories of packages being seized and destroyed by customs – sometimes with no justification offered as to why they would destroy a legal product in the intended country of destination.

For this reason, BikHuk will not ship orders to customers who live in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Denmark, New Zealand, Romania, Poland and Ireland. They also will not ship orders to the following US states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Idaho, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah or Washington. Their website states that current legal issues prevent them from being able to deliver products to these locations due to the fact that they are shipped out of Indonesia.

Purchasing from Resellers

Depending on where you live, it will likely make more sense to place an order through a domestic BikHuk reseller. You should ideally try to find one that is based in your country. In the United States, DeepJungleKratom, Shamannation and Kratom Wellness all carry these products. In the UK, you can order from KratomSupply or Natural Chemistry. And in Canada, the company Galactic Kratom stocks all of its strains from BikHuk. While some of these vendors are well-regarded, others have collected a fair number of negative reviews and should be avoided. You should not be afraid to shop around between different companies to compare on price, selection reviews and shipping policies.