Thai Kratom Effects and Strain Reviews

thai kratom effects

By far the most famous across all strains, Thai kratom effects reliably deliver excellent user experiences. Thailand is the original home of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, mother of the alkaloid-rich kratom leaves full of health-boosting properties. The plants have grown indigenously there for thousands of years or more, and have been used in Thai folk medicines for much of that time. Now the modern user can enjoy the celebrated Thai Kratom effects across a range of products. The best part is you don’t have to journey all the way to Thailand to do it.

Thailand’s Colorful Kratom History
Many people know that kratom originates in the Southeast Asian nation of Thailand. But few know the fascinating political history surround this medicinal plant. News reports lately have focused on the illegality of kratom use in its mother country of Thailand. This seems like an ironic twist, especially given the new global popularity and acceptance of the herbal remedy for a wide range of mental and physical therapies. In fact, kratom use has been banned in Thailand since 1943, but not for the reason you might think.

No, Thailand’s kratom ban has nothing to do with health reasons or any danger to the public. Time and again throughout history, kratom has been proven to be both safe and effective for wide scale use. So why the ban? It’s just business. Thailand’s main export in the 40s was the illegal drug opium. Kratom leaves, providing a safe, natural, unrefined and non-addictive alternative to opium, were considered “the competition.”

So, to protect the illicit drug trade of opium, officials conveniently declared kratom illegal. To this day, the law has stayed on the books. Fear-mongering media outlets may now offer the Thai ban as some kind of evidence of kratom’s danger, but as you can see, those fears are actually completely unfounded. That’s just business as usual in the often nonsensical world of politics.

Most Potent Thai Kratom – Maeng Da Powder
When discussing the best Thai kratom effects available on the market, it’s best to start right at the top. Legendary for its strength and dramatic effects, the Maeng Da strain stands atop the rest. The name literally means “pimp” grade, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the class and style of this very hip strain.
Users of Maeng Da Kratom can expect very potent, very long-lasting effects that come on very quickly. Some effects noted by users include powerful pain relief, very natural feeling all-day energy that helps inspire intense focus on work tasks, and a good-natured sense of euphoria that pervades all activities. You can see why this strain is so popular, keeping Thailand at the head of the class for Asian kratom nations.

Most Relaxing Thai Kratom Strains
On the other side of the spectrum, excellent Thai kratom effects can be achieved for users looking for a deeply relaxing experience. Red vein leaves are known to produce the most soothing, calming sensations in the body, with an easing of muscle tension and joint pain. The effects in the mind are similar, with users reporting a total relaxation of stress and anxiety, and a complete lack of worry.
This Red Thai variety is considered a very reliable representative of what Thailand’s nitrogen-rich soils and balmy, warm skies are capable of producing. Red Thai kratoms can transport the user to the serenity of those gentle shores, almost immediately.

Thai Kratom Effects from Extracts
Either of these energizing or relaxing effects can be intensified with the use of extracts and enhanced powders. An extract is simply a large amount of kratom leaves that have been boiled down into a dense, alkaloid-heavy resin and then crushed into powder. The effects are like more exaggerated versions of what the source leaves provide, so Thai extracts can be counted on to deliver even more of the same balanced, intense sensations that Thai fans already love.
The tradition of herbal folk remedy use in Thailand stretches back to before recorded history. Now, as the alternative wellness movement takes hold across the world, we can benefit from these ancient traditions and incorporate them into our lifestyles. Sample the legendary Thai kratom effects for yourself, and be a part of a tradition lasting across thousands of years.