Deep Jungle Kratom Review – Can you Trust this Company?

deep jungle kratom review

Deep Jungle Kratom is a long-standing vendor that claims to have the lowest prices on bulk Kratom powders. But how does this claim stand up in the ultra-competitive online marketplace? Though their prices are on the lower end of the spectrum, some vendors do have better prices. In addition to this, their selection is not as high as several other vendors and they do not accept payment by credit card or other online payment methods. They do have positive ratings from many of their customers, but until they offer a better ordering process, it seems like they will not be able to compete with the larger retailers.

Deep Jungle Kratom Review

Deep Jungle carries a selection of several popular Kratom powder strains including Green Malay, Borneo (or Bali) Red Vein, Sumatra Red Vein, Sumatra Green Vein and Sumatra White Vein. They also have Red and Green Riau Kratom in stock which is a lesser-known strain from the Southwestern region of the island of Sumatra. Riau leaf is said to possess a blend of the uplifting qualities of the Sumatra strain and the sedating effects of Borneo leaves. This strain is also purported to have a more pleasant smell and taste over

Though this selection gives a good sampling of red, white and green strains of Kratom, they are missing some of the popular names favored by experienced users. For example, they do not carry any Thai Kratom, nor do they have Maeng Da or Ultra Enhanced Indo powder. They also do not sell any extracts, resins, tinctures or capsules which today are truly must-have items for most stores to carry. That being said, if you are only interested in using the powdered Kratom products then the lack of these other options may not concern you.


What about the assertion that they sell Kratom at the lowest price? The first thing to keep in mind is that the minimum order from Deep Jungle Kratom is 114 grams or 4 ounces. This is much larger than other retailers which is why new users might not be as keen to order from them. All of their strains are priced at $40 for 114 grams which is low, but you can in fact buy it at cheaper prices from better established vendors. For example, Arena Ethnobotanicals sells 4 ounces (equivalent to 114 grams) of their Premium Bali powder for $39.99 and they sell 4 ounces of Premium Indonesian Kratom for $35.99.

Criticism about Payment Methods

The greatest concern with Deep Jungle Kratom is that their order process is quite convoluted. They do not have a traditional e-commerce store and you cannot order by credit card or PayPal. Instead, you have to e-mail them to place your order and then wait for them to send you an invoice. You will them have to mail them a money order or a cashier’s check in order to make payment. Only once this is received by the company will they then ship your order.

As you can imagine, this does add some delay time into the ordering process. It means that it may take an extra week for your Kratom leaves or powders to make it to your doorstep over traditional vendors who do accept credit card payments. This is also not a particularly secure way of ordering online as you will have no recourse in the event you do not receive what you have ordered. Furthermore, some customers have complained that Deep Jungle does not reply to order e-mails promptly. One reviewer said they ultimately decided to take their business elsewhere due to the slow response.

While Deep Jungle Kratom does receive high marks for quality and price, the inconvenient method of ordering makes it hard to recommend this vendor. There are other companies you can look to that will provide the same quality at the same price and allow you to order by credit card. If you are interested in trying Red or Green Riau Kratom, then this would be the best place to buy it. But for other strains, we would recommend Arena Ethnobotanicals or Bouncing Bear Botanicals as two trusted vendors that supply high quality Kratom at fair prices.