How Kratom Fusions & Blends Deliver Powerful, Specialized Results

kratom blends

You can spice up the efficacy and benefits of your experience with kratom fusions & blends. The history of botanical remedies is rich with harmonious combinations. There are countless examples of plant life in nature that achieve an almost alchemical potency when mixed with other flora. In fact, the science of the apothecary was founded upon this very understanding of how plants work together. Now, you can boost the effects of your favorite kratom strain by sampling blended or fused versions of the classics.

Different Types Of Kratom Leaf Produce Different Results

Even the novice user knows that effects can vary greatly depending on the nature of each individual type of plant. Factors to consider that influence the quality of kratom’s effects:

  • Country of origin.
  • Quality rating (Super, Premium, or Enhanced).
  • Color of leaves.

These are just the basics, but they all play a role in influencing the alkaloid content of the plant. First, build a general understanding of which types of kratom you like and how your body and mind respond to different varieties. Then, get ready to explore an even more sophisticated way to appreciate the benefits of Kratom blends.

Does Mixing Strains Increase Their Effects?

Kratom works by delivering powerful, naturally occurring alkaloids to the bloodstream. Some of these alkaloids, like mitragynine, are known to be powerful stress relievers, while others like epicatechin are thought to work as anti-oxidants. The benefits you receive depend on which and how many of these alkaloids you consume. In fact, in traditional settings, it is more common to use mixture of different types of Kratom leaves as opposed to taking just one variety at a time.

So, it makes sense that Kratom connoisseurs can increase the variety of their alkaloid intake and fine tune their results with custom blends. For example, some users have paired Borneo White Vein, thought to be an excellent booster of focus and concentration, with Malay Green Vein, often reported to bring high levels of euphoria. These two blends, dosed appropriately, could produce an effect that was both euphoric and mentally focused. One can also achieve nuanced results by mixing Red and Green Kratom leaves from the same strain.

Where To Purchase High Quality Blends

Even if you’re not yet at the advanced connoisseur level, you can still dip into the world of kratom fusions & blends with a pre-mixed powder combining different plants that are known to work well together. Scan product descriptions for the buzz words “fusion” and “blends” – these are industry-wide terms which indicate a product combining multiple strains. However, be sure you are purchasing kratom from a trusted online source. Check out two of the most popular internet destinations for kratom and other herbal medicinals, Arena Ethnobotanicals and Bouncing Bear Botanicals. Featured blends like the Blended Borneo Kratom have been pre-mixed for your total convenience. This fusion contains red, white, and green vein Borneo leaves all in one. The extreme popularity of blends means that products like these usually sell out almost as soon as they are offered, so keep an eye out for deals as they arise.

Create Your Own Kratom Fusions & Blends

As you become more experienced with kratom use, it’s natural to get curious about all of the different variations from regions across Asia. But for the true kratom lover, just sampling nature’s bounty isn’t enough. You can indeed create your own personal kratom fusions & blends of different leaves and powders. Just follow these basic easy steps:

  • Know what you’re buying. Some vendors don’t adequately label their products or use terminology that’s easy to understand. Make sure you purchase kratom from a trusted source that gives a clear description of each product.
  • Start by mixing strains produced from the same country. For example, mix and match red, green, and white kratom from Malaysia. You may find that these “cousins” achieve a nice harmony when consumed together.
  • Choose the appropriate total dose for you. A moderate dosage that most people find to be potent falls between 4 and 8 grams. For this example, we’ll set the total dose at 8 grams.
  • On a clean, flat surface, use a spoon to make two small piles of the different strains of kratom, at a measurement of 4 grams each. Now, push the 2 piles together with a small knife. Congratulations, you’ve just created your first of many custom kratom fusions & blends!
  • Consume the blend by the method of your choice right away, or store the mixture for later.

With kratom fusions & blends of your own, there is no need to be limited by what Mother Nature has originally provided. Build upon her beautiful gifts by getting creative and experimenting with one-of-a-kind blends that deliver new and fresh benefits.