Kratom XL Reviews and Product Effects

kratom xl

Several stores online stock versions of products carrying the Kratom XL name. It is unclear if this is indeed a trademarked brand, or simply a descriptive term that is being used haphazardly by a variety of sources to describe all different kinds of products. For this reason alone, every buyer should use caution when trying these types of flashy hyped brands like Kratom XL capsules or powders. Never forget that true kratom is simply a humble leaf that has been growing in Southeast Asian forests for thousands or even millions of years. It is not made in a factory, and thus brand names should always carry very little weight – they are usually just a marketing scheme and not an indicator of quality.

Kratom XL Effects

When researching this review, we were very surprised to find the main producer and vendor of Kratom XL to be marketing it as a supplement for muscle-building gym workouts! This is definitely a new twist on the marketing of this ancient herbal remedy, which existed millennia before the first dumbbell was ever lifted.

Does kratom have health benefits that fit the lifestyle of someone who works out at the gym? Yes, definitely. The more energizing strains can boost both motivation and muscle response, encouraging you to go for it, on the track or in the gym. More relaxing strains can have the reverse effect, helping you calm down after a day of intense physical activity.

Unfortunately, the products marketed on this website appear to be of unknown quality. Zero information is given on where or how the products were cultivated. There appears to be almost no specific knowledge about the real history, chemistry, culture, and use of kratom. There are no other products offered, and the few Kratom XL versions that are for sale are all re-branded with very generic labeling.

Overall, the presentation is very suspicious, and does not represent the kind of informed medicinal use that true kratom fans all of the world participate in. This is clearly a cash grab moneymaker site thrown together by business people who don’t know very much about what they’re selling – they simply were able to come up with a marketing hook, and hoped that some people would be too uninformed to ask questions first.

Kratom XL only comes in capsule form. The standard price seems to be around $30 for 20 capsules. This is roughly double what you would pay for a comparably sized bottle of capsules from a well-known and established vendor, like these Red Bali Capsules from Arena Ethnobotanicals

The wild overpricing of XL Kratom products seems to go hand in hand with the rest of their website and concept – squeezing as much profit as possible from newer users who don’t yet know they have better options. This is really too bad, because price gouging like this will unfortunately turn off a lot of people who would really benefit from kratom but don’t want to pay high prices to website that doesn’t feel completely authentic.

User Reviews

A funny thing happens on user-driven kratom message boards whenever someone new offers a review of Kratom XL. More experienced users are generally hip to newfangled marketing schemes and can tell the difference right away between authentic product sold straight from the source, and bad rebranded products from unsure sources. In general, the reviews of this product are quickly dismissed, before discussion returns back to reviews of true kratom powders and extracts. This is not exactly snobbery – it’s more a case of experienced kratom enthusiasts trying to keep the discussion serious and informative, for the betterment of the total global community.

That being said, does Kratom XL work? The results seem to be hit or miss. As it is unclear where the products were grown or what exact strain they are, users are left to guess at dosage and how to set other conditions for a kratom session. Some report generally good effects from some Xl products, but not from others. Without being able to calculate precise dosages, effects are all over the map. One thing is for sure – not one user review mentioned using the product as the website suggests, as a workout enhancer.

Final Grade

Kratom XL doesn’t present itself in a serious way that is respectful to either the history or modern community focused around kratom. With very high prices and a bizarre main website, there is no way to recommend using or even trying this product. Your money would be far better spent by patronizing a well-known and proven vendor for the classic range of true kratom products, straight for the jungles of Asia.

Final grade: C-