Kratom Tea Review: How to Use and Typical Results

kratom tea bags

kratom tea bagsKratom Tea is mind and energy -enhancing beverage with a storied history of use. Though little known about in the Western world, it has long been a stable in Southeast Asia especially among ethnic populations in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In these locals, Kratom Tea hold a place similar to that of coffee and it is consumed by workers to give them more energy and promote positive feelings. This traditional tea is made from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree which contain several natural compounds capable of stimulating the brain while relaxing the body. You can chew or simply swallow the leaves to get the same effect, but drinking Kratom Tea has become popular because it tends to taste better and you can continue to consume it all day long. In this article, we will look at how to use Kratom leaves in a tea as well as some of the effects of this herb in general.

Using Kratom Tea

When preparing the tea, the goal is to extract the active alkaloids from the leaves and absorb them into the water. You can start with either fresh leaves, dried and crushed leaves, or some type of Kratom powder. It has also been popular recently to use extract products like Kratom resin which contain a higher concentration of the active alkaloids and easily dissolve into hot water. There are some vendors who do carry pre-packaged Kratom tea bags, but they are few and far between due to FDA regulations. Under US law, Kratom has not yet been approved for human consumption which means that packaging it in tea bags or capsules is a legal grey area that may cause problems for the suppliers.

Depending on the type and potency of the leaf or extract you are using, you will require a different dosage to brew your tea. Some individuals will brew only a small amount at a time and use between 7-10 grams of leaf or powder. Others may brew three or more cups at a time and may use as much as 15 or 25 grams per pot. You can also affect the concentration of the tea by using different amounts of water; 500 mL of water boiled with 10 grams of crushed Kratom will produce a fairly mild tea while the same amount of water with 20 grams will carry a powerful punch.

How to Make It

It will take at least 20-30 minutes for the tea to properly steep, so you may want to prepare it ahead of time so you are not waiting as the water is boiling. Unlike green tea or other herbals, Kratom needs to be boiled at a relatively high temperature with some intensity in order for the leaf to break down and release the all-important alkaloids. Because it does require some work to make the tea, it is common to brew a large batch at a time and store the rest for future use. There is nothing stopping you from making your Kratom leaf tea a few days ahead of when you want to use it and then storing it in the fridge to heat up as needed.

You can make the tea only using Kratom or you can mix in other tea leaves or flavoring compounds to try and improve the taste. Some users say that they like to combine iy with a strong black or chai tea to mask some of the bitterness of the Kratom leaves. Most people will find the tea unpleasant to drink unless they sweeten it with honey, sugar or a natural product like stevia. You might also want to have a “chaser” at hand of juice or water to wash away the aftertaste which can linger for some time. There are some excellent Kratom tea recipes posted online for people who want to get inventive with how they prepare this beverage.

Effects & Benefits

Like other forms of Kratom, the tea can be energizing at lower doses while it can relax and sedate you at higher doses. If used in small amounts, Kratom tea makes for an excellent replacement to caffeine. You can drink it for all-day long energy that is consistent and does not come with an afternoon crash or low. Most people describe this tea as making them feel more awake and clear-minded without causing restlessness or anxiety. If you continue to drink Kratom towards the end of the day, as the alkaloids build up in your system you will start to naturally experience the other side of this herd as a sedative, mood booster and sleep aid. Large doses can cause you to feel at peace with the world, put you in a state of tranquility, contribute to positive thoughts and unwind.

One of the major differences between using the tea versus a toss and wash method is that you will receive your dosage of Kratom alkaloids spread out over a longer period of time. Most individuals will take at least 15 or 20 minutes to drink a hot cup of tea which means that the herb will take effect more gradually and not all at once. The makes the tea better suited for individuals using Kratom as a stimulant or a mild relaxant as opposed to taking it for pain relief or anxiety prevention. Some people say that the tea makes them feel less nauseous than if they were to chew or swallow the leaves while others say it makes them more nauseous. You will have to experiment a bit for yourself to determine what the best way to consume the Kratom plant is. On the whole, Kratom Tea is highly convenient and allows you to spread out the effects over a longer period of time.